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  1. zx1ninja


    How are thou? Welcome to the flock.
  2. Don't be sorry, That's why I asked. I thought I would even though I am probably going to use relatives. Just wanted another opinion to validate my thoughts. Thank You.
  3. Ah, should have said. I'm staging and taking the photo.
  4. Wanted some input on staging a photo for the cover. Should I get a permission/Authorization/release from the family and/ or friends being used in the photo? I'm thinking yes. People do weird things. Especially when money is involved.
  5. Hope they don't go to a large venus flytrap named Symore.
  6. Unfortunately the thieves have a key to the pump and the skimmer is behind the panel. Usually the honest owner is unaware as the typically do it to the pump farthest away and facing away from the line of site of the cashier.
  7. I've got to ask because the title says from Idaho, been to the potato museum?
  8. Welcome to the flock.
  9. Maybe a book about words and their definitions would be a good story idea. 😉 Oh snap, I think that's called a dictionary. My bad. Thanks Lynn. Now I just have to find a way to use it.
  10. iStock Shutterstock Dreamstime Even pinterest
  11. Most have a limited selection of "free" photos. Not knowing what you're looking for that may help. My experience has been anything useful to me cost. But to be fair some of those were pretty inexpensive for a months access so you can get what you need (like $20.00).
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