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  1. I wouldn't get to crazy until it's confirmed. With that said, Lord; your daughters inlaws need your healing hand on their bodies. Your daughter needs strength, patience and understanding too. A diagnosis of cancer has been thrown out, I pray you will reveal the problem to be much less trouble to treat. I ask confident in knowing you will answer and bless everyone with your healing grace. In Jesus name; amen
  2. I think the word you're looking for is oxymoron. 😁
  3. How serendipitous. (Is that spelled right 🤔)
  4. Lord; one of your children is hurting and needs your peace and comfort for themselves and families. Please let them feel your presence. In Jesus name amen.
  5. Sorry it took me so long to do this. Welcome to the flock.
  6. Welcome to the flock from up top. 😁
  7. Because AI is smart enough to make a mistake or two.
  8. Outstanding! You have a great day.
  9. I think there may be plenty of themes in those. Puff the magic dragon Don't blink by Kenny Chesney Me and my arrow
  10. How about; Brandi American pie Cats in the cradle Watching Scotty grow
  11. It never does. But it is sometimes very entertaining. 😂
  12. I can't recall the last time I set a finger on a typewriter key. Computer with MS Word. Easier to overwrite, erase, change and correct. Besides, where do you get a fresh typewriter ribbon? As for the AI coming to Word. Let's get it drunk and see what happens. 😉
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