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  1. Welcome to the flock @Spaulding.
  2. @William D'Andrea it would take me some time to read some of your stories, but just from what you've said I will agree with @Nicholas Reicher and his suggestion. Clearly prayer is needed about the writing since even say they're in quarantine. Perhaps after prayer and reflection a discussion with someone may be a good idea.
  3. An unsolicited email offering assistance, how can that go wrong? 😉
  4. Welcome to the club. I did the same thing and received ZERO feedback. Wish I could be help to you.
  5. Glad you weren't hurt and I hope you get your stuff back.
  6. Praise to the living, risen Lord! Happy Easter.
  7. To answer the question, never heard of them either. Just in the quote you posted they're looking for ready to publish books to giveaway and you have to pay them for the privilege. Without looking further I wouldn't trust them.
  8. Well, my observations have been when they reach about 85 you don't have to ask or guess. They proudly proclaim it for all to hear.
  9. Welcome, if you haven't noticed most here get a nickname. As we get to know you I'm sure somebody will tag you with one. Looking forward to reading some of your stories.
  10. Psst, lose the cloak, it'll be easier rushing into rooms. 😉
  11. Lord, D'andrea is in pain. Please relieve the pain, send the right person to help. Knowing that you are the creator and healer, I have confidence that you will do this. In your son's name I pray; amen.
  12. Come on people, everyone knows it's not polite to ask a lady her age.
  13. I wouldn't know where to start.
  14. As we all are my friend, as we all are.
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