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  1. zx1ninja

    Critique Match

    I did get your point as it is a concern of my own, but until you check it out you don't know. Realistically though I have no illusions about what could happen.
  2. zx1ninja

    Critique Match

    I've done a couple critique now, all you can do is read and insert comments. You CANNOT copy anything as the function is disabled. So far it's an interesting system. I'd like to get a few more in and maybe submit something from me. I'll keep y'all posted.
  3. zx1ninja


  4. zx1ninja

    Saying Hello

    Welcome to Gods writer family.
  5. zx1ninja

    Update: My Cousin's Reply Regarding The Poems

    Not sure what to say except I think we've all been there at one level and/or time or another. I will say keep your focus on the Lord. Remember He never said it would be easy, but He would always be with you. Sounds like a great start with help from your cousin. We're all praying for you.
  6. zx1ninja

    Logos Basic 8 - Free Bible Software

    Ok thanks
  7. zx1ninja

    Prayer Request

    Lord, please provide William peace and comfort in this time of grief. Be with him and his family during this time and remind them you are there, that we are all your children. Amen
  8. zx1ninja

    Greetings From Gary

    Always room for one more.
  9. zx1ninja

    Lat's Talk About Dialog Tags

    I knew that. The real funny part is it's pronounced gooie
  10. zx1ninja

    How To Write Fight Scenes

    Where? Where? I need to read it.
  11. zx1ninja

    Lat's Talk About Dialog Tags

    Does that mean German Under the Influence? LOL
  12. zx1ninja

    tech support Is It Just Me?

    I can select specific text on my phone. Just FYI
  13. zx1ninja

    Hello, It's Catherine!

    Welcome, come on in and sit a spell.
  14. zx1ninja

    I'd Like To Welcome Me To Your Group

    Howdy howdy howdy

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