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  1. zx1ninja

    Welcome To The Moderating Team, Johne!

    Congratulations @Johne I've not been a member that long but you've always tried to help everyone with suggestions and guidance. I believe that you will be great.
  2. zx1ninja

    Prayers For Nicola

    Catastrophic news. I'll be praying of course.
  3. Data mining. You can't go anywhere without being asked for personal information of some sort. One of the reason I hate going to the Dr. They have more information on you than your bank and are asking for more all the time.
  4. Not to bake, to drink. Got to have milk with cookies.🤗
  5. zx1ninja

    How Do You Handle Taxes?

    Last I was told, been some time now, $500 was the hobby threshold. Better check though. As I understand it, if you keep it separate then the question is "where does the money go? " well of course you get paid from that so now you're probably looking at self employed and the appropriate taxes, which at last peek for me was double being an employee. If you're an employee then the entity has even more taxes, and that doesn't even take into account other government agencies wanting their cut. Keep apprised of your findings.
  6. If that actually worked I'd make them myself and deliver them before they could get cold.
  7. Is it Find a retired English teacher who will read your manuscript for Apple's.
  8. zx1ninja

    Happy Chanukah

    Happy Chanukah. Never had potato pancakes. Might have to try them.
  9. zx1ninja

    Um... Things Look Different...

    Yea, I thought I was loading up the wrong site the first few times this weekend. Seemed to keep changing. I did notice the unread activity selection went away and was replaced by the all activity selection. Just different.
  10. zx1ninja

    I Give Thanks For ...

    You already know but, enjoy it while you can.
  11. zx1ninja

    I Give Thanks For ...

    I give thanks for a God who loves me enough to send His son to come get me. A son who loves me enough to die for me. Both who love me enough to forgive me and still provide all my needs.
  12. zx1ninja

    Random Silly #4 Thanksgiving Edition!

    Then you have to gut it
  13. zx1ninja

    Looking For Recommendations.

    What kind if fiction? If we knew the type (sci fi, fantasy, historical) that might help.
  14. Was thinking "self, what's your inspiration for writing?" Mine was a love for science fiction and God. What is yours?

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