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  1. I don't think I use any words that the average reader wouldn't know. That is if I'm using English words. I have written some stories that take place in Mexico, and I'm always careful with my use of Spanish. There was a time when I did a lot of traveling. I spent many vacations in Mexico. While I was there, I always carried a paperback copy of the Berlitz English/Spanish Dictionary with me. I spent most of my times in tourist areas, where the local people who work in hotels, restaurants, shops, or who drive taxis or buses, know enough English so I was able to get along comfortabl
  2. Could you please give us examples of words that are not normally used?
  3. When you say "final verse in the book" do you mean the Old Testament? "He will turn the hearts of parents to their children and the hearts of children to their parents, so that I will not come and strike the land with a curse." (Malachi 4:6) Or do you mean the New Testament? "The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the saints. Amen." (Revelation 22: 21
  4. I now have an idea about something new to write. While watching tonight's evening news, I saw a report about today's Congressional Hearing into the Insurrection that took place on Capitol Hill, on January 6th. Whatever anyone thinks about today's political activities, that attack should never have been done. This has given me an idea for a story. Instead of a violent insurrection, suppose a large groups of non-violent Christian exorcists, entered the Capitol Building, and cast out the Devil? How about non-violent Christian exorcists casting out the Devil from all Federal, State a
  5. I don't limit myself to genres. If I'm going to be writing stories or articles that are acceptable to christianwriters.com, I suppose they should be classified as "Spiritual". Beyond that, I think that most of my fiction writing would be classified as "Suspense/ Thrillers". I do not write to fit in a genre. It's after the work has been going on for a while, I decide which genre or genres it fits in. Frequently, it's more than one.
  6. Now that I'm repenting, I've just decided to ask for prayers that the Lord will give me something new to write, that will be acceptable here on christianwriters.com. In Jesus Name. Amen. Thank you.
  7. I like them! However, this is not a final decision. I'm going through a difficult time. Right after I posted the previous reply, I developed a very badly upset stomach, just before lunch. I thought that might be a warning from the Lord. I went to one of my other writer websites, and not only deleted, I also did what the website calls "Purged" the most offensive stories. Then I had a good lunch, and my stomach is no longer upset. Like I said, I really am going through a very difficult time, and am going to need a lot of prayers.
  8. Yesterday I wrote, "Deleting everything all at once would be too much for me." I received the reply "Why?" I'd already answered that, by saying: "Doing it gradually, one story at a time would be much easier. Also the blessings I'd receive in return, would be spread out over a good amount of time." Also, the writings I haven't posted here are not pornographic trash. They are among some of my finest writings. One of my novels, which Is was originally posted on a different writers website received about 200/5 Star rated/Excellent reviews. Many of my wr
  9. Everything's okay. This morning I got a ride from the wife of a deacon at the church I attend, who have become friends of mine. I think this means that it does pay to go church, regularly. Driving only took us about ten minutes to get to the nearest People's United Bank. There it only took another ten minutes to get a new card. Then another ten minutes to get back home. Thank you all for your prayers. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  10. Deleting everything all at once would be too much for me. Doing it gradually, one story at a time would be much easier. Also the blessings I'd receive in return, would be spread out over a good amount of time. As a matter of fact, a few minutes after I posted this topic, I received a phone call from a deacon at the church I attend. He said that his wife has decided to drive me to an appointment I'm having tomorrow morning. This morning, I'd told them that I'd have to take buses, and the trip would take one hour each way. With her driving, the trips will only take about ten min
  11. I am a committed Christian. I think I might be described as "Devout". I have accepted Christ as Savior. My sins are forgiven, and I have turned away from them, but not completely. I am still tempted, especially when it comes to my writing. There are many writings of mine, on different websites, that I would never even think of posting here on christianwriters.com. I have put those writings in quarantine, and no longer post them on any websites. I do my best to no longer read them, but occasionally I do. A Christian friend of mine has actually insisted that I should go
  12. I have a paperback and hardback Bible on my bookcase shelf. Two paperback New Testaments in my desk drawers. I think that should be more than enough.
  13. Today at the local Stop & Shop supermarket, I discovered that I'd misplaced or lost my ATM card. I have no idea what happened to it. A People's United Bank office, that had been at that location, was shut down about two weeks ago. That's where I had my account. If they were still there, this wouldn't have been too much of a problem. Now I have to go to another branch, to get myself a new card, and get everything worked out. I made a call a few hours ago to someone at a different branch. I do not drive, but I can get there by taking buses. The entire trip only takes about on
  14. I'm logged on to gateway bible. It contains around 150 translations, mostly foreign languages. More than 20 are in English. Since it's on the internet, it cannot rust or corrode. I thank the Lord for all the blessings we receive with today's technologies, when we His people, use them for righteous and godly purposes. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  15. I think I was in the 4th Grade, when I read the classic novel Treasure Island, by Robert Lewis Stevenson, which was recommended reading for children that age. Then I wrote a book report about the novel, as was required. I don't remember what I wrote, or what grade I received. Many years later, when I was in my forties I read it again. I was truly impressed by quality of the writing. Which was not something I would had noticed when I was ten years old. I wonder, are books that are recommended reading for school children today, of the same quality?
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