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  1. I am now praying for you, and will continue praying. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask God the Father Almighty, to send forth the Holy Spirit, to give full blessings to you AJCat2; so you will receive all the help you need to overcome everything that's distressing you. I ask that the Lord will grant you peace of mind and a sense of well being. I ask this all in Jesus Name. Amen.
  2. Why were Guest John146WTL topics locked down.? He sounds like a person undergoing serious, demonic and human attacks. We should be praying for him, as many of us constantly pray for one another; and letting him know that he's welcomed here. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask God the Father Almighty to grant John146WTL all the help he needs to overcome all the things which are endangering him; so that he will find safety, peace of mind, and a sense of well being in the Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen
  3. Since you're running for Governor of Kansas, you should consider that there may be some members of this website who are citizens of Kansas. Could you tell them your real name, and in what Political Party you're a member?
  4. I also praise the Lord for keeping me in good health throughout this corona virus pandemic. I also thank Him that many vaccines are now being distributed, and the end of all this is coming into sight. I ask all of us to remain patient, while waiting to receive the vaccine, and having our lives return to normal.
  5. I'm truly grateful, and thank the Lord for everything I have to eat. This morning for breakfast I had a bowl of cold Fiber One Cereal, with Equal 0%, calorie sweetener, and milk; a bowl of California Pitted Prunes, along with a mug of Folger's Coffee, also containing Equal 0% calorie sweetener, and milk. I also had a Monterey breakfast burrito, with mild salsa and salt. I thank the Lord for for that truly good tasting and healthy breakfast I had this morning; and the good breakfasts I have every morning. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  6. Don't you start editing before the entire first draft is completed? When I'm writing a first draft, I'm constantly checking and correcting the spelling, and the wording. I make sure that the phrases flow smoothly. I've sometimes said that writing isn't magic. There's no hocus pocus, but there's a lot of hokey pokey: "I put the sentence in. I take the sentence out. I put the sentence back in. Then I shake it all about. I do some hokey pokey, then it turn it all about. That's how it all comes out. Yes sir!" I do the same with every paragraph, every chap
  7. I've been reading a lot about us now living in the end times. I find that to be deeply disturbing. I've prayed to the Lord about it. I've told Him that I don't want all those horrible things happening during my lifetime. Especially not to anyone I know personally, or any of you who I only know on the internet. While I am a committed, or "devout", Christian, I do sometimes find the Lord to be difficult to deal with.
  8. I'm not making any political statements. I'm asking for all of us to pray for the Spiritual healing of our Country. Anyone who's been watching the News for the past year knows what an unbelievably horrible condition the United States is in. With the Corona Virus, and the Political Violence, and threats to everyone's Constitutional Rights, we all need to pray to the Lord for His help and guidance. I'm also planning to go on a Fast along with my prayers for our Country, this Wednesday, January 20th. That is the day when our next President will be Inaugurated. I'm not asking anyone
  9. That's okay. Like I said, I don't think I'd be able to handle one. I'd have to do it at my own speed.
  10. What do you mean by "Skype interview"? When it comes to using the internet, I'm not all that sophisticated. For me it's like making my way through a wilderness. If you want a telephone interview, I wouldn't. I'm not all that comfortable speaking on the phone. Also, when using a cellphone, the phrase "Time is money", is no figure of speech. Just sending written questions back and forth, like we're doing here, is fine with me. When I'm speaking, I'm not all that quick with my words. I'd prefer to take all the time I need to write things down, using words I choose, just the
  11. I agree with you on this. What this Country doesn't need is four more years of Donald Trump, or the next four governed by Joe Biden. What this Country needs is a lot of exorcisms. From Coast to Coast and Border to Border; Including Washington D.C. and every State and Local Government. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  12. How about this opening to my Sherlock Holmes fan fiction story titled: "The Case of the Dreadful Poet"? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The sky over London was overcast. The air that day was chilly and damp. Soot fell like snow, around the clopping horses and rattling carriages that moved along the crowded, narrow streets of the City. My elderly patient should have stayed inside, and nursed her consumption at home; but she was insistent that I bring her along with me, so she could speak in person to my friend Sherlock Holmes.
  13. My 8 hour Fast is completed. I just had the dinner I described in my last posting. It was the best part of the Fast. Now I wonder if I actually accomplished anything, or was it all just a game? Like I also said, I'll just have to wait and see.
  14. I've begun my fast. It started when I finished my full breakfast, around 6:45 AM. The breakfast consisted of one bowl of Fiber One Cereal, a bowl of prunes, along with a mug of coffee. This was followed by two pancakes with syrup and two sausages I plan to eat nothing more until around 4 PM. That will make it an 8 hour fast. I'm being very careful about this. I don't want to risk my health. My dinner today will consist of a chicken patty, one serving of kidney beans, and a serving of chopped turnips, along with a glass of Berocca energy drink. This may be followed by
  15. Like everyone else here, I'm also dealing with depression. It's like I mentioned in an earlier posting. I believe it's part of many afflictions from the devil. The Bible says "Resist the devil and he will flee from you." In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I constantly ask God the Father Almighty, to send forth the Holy Spirit, and cast out the devil The problem for me is that he always comes back, or he just never leaves. About two days ago I read an article which pointed out that Jesus told His disciples, that for this, it requires both prayer and
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