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  1. Here in the New York Metropolitan Area, most office workers are now "Working from home", using their own computers and phones. So getting through to the local Social Security customer service people shouldn't be a problem.
  2. On packages of Scott toilet paper, are the words "4 Rolls = 4,000 sheets", along with "4 Rolls Last 4 Weeks". That could mean that 167 weeks, are just how long Sam expects the corona virus quarantine to last.
  3. I just sent my Bank the following e-mail message: xxxxxxxxxxx I've been wondering. My entire income consists of monthly Social Security payments. Would it be okay for me to open a new account, in which the SSA could deposit the payments, instead of the old account that's now causing me these problems? Thank you. xxxxxxxxxxxx I'm praying to the Lord that will be enough to get this all settled. In Jesus Name. Amen. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I just received this following reply: Thank you for contacting us. You can open an account through our sales area. The number is 800-894-0300 between 7am and 11pm. You would then have to contact social security to have the direct deposit into the new account. Have a great day. Be safe. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions. Thank You, Beth
  4. I finally found the e-mail link to the correct Bank. I just e-mailed them a copy of the one I sent to the wrong Bank yesterday, then posted a copy here Hopefully, things will finally work out. Thank the Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  5. What I've been praying to the Lord personally, is that this is just wearing me down, and I don't want to have to be going through any of this; and I've been asking Him to just put an end to all of it now. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  6. The Bank is only a 15 minute walk from my house. I might have to wait on line to make an appointment. That might also take almost an hour; but at least it will get me out of the house. To answer your questions about pronunciations: Patchogue is pronounced either 'Patch-og' or 'Pat-chog'. With Yaphank it's either "Yap-hank" or "Ya-fank". As for communities with interesting names here on Long Island. In the New York City Borough of Queens, there is a neighborhood that's actually named "Corona". I think it's on the border of the neighborhood named "Flushing". There's also a Queens neighborhood named "Ozone Park".
  7. Hello again Mike: It turns out that I wasn't making progress. This morning I received a reply stating: "We received your message regarding your Debit card. I was unable to find your information in our system. "You may have mistaken us with another Peoples Bank. We are a community bank located in Northwest Indiana and South Suburban Chicagoland Area. The only offices and ATMs that we have are located in this area." So I'm back to where I was. On Friday when this first started, I tried to make a phone call. I received a recorded message stating that I'd have to stay on line for about 52 minutes. Not wait for a call back. This means that I'd lose a lot of time on my cell phone. With a cell phone, the phrase 'Time is money' is no figure of speech. That'll be another problem. I only have 12 service days left on my cell phone. Getting more service is something else I'd have to pay for. It looks like I'm still in need of many prayers. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  8. That is how I normally greet people, even when there is no pandemic. But unlike that guy in the picture, I smile and act glad to see whoever I'm waving at.
  9. I think I may have probably gotten through on-line, using the Bank's e-mail service. I posted the following message: xxxxxxxxxx Hello: On Friday morning, March 27, 2020, I was in the Stop & Shop Supermarket in Yaphank, New York, where an Office of the People’s United Bank is located. It’s close to where I live, and where I have my account. I went to the ATM machine outside the Office, to check my account’s balance. On the receipt I found the words. “030 STATUS PROBLEM ON CARD BEING USED TRANSACTION DENIED #4195. FOR ASSISTANCE CALL YOUR BANK.” If things were as usual, I’d have gone inside the Office, and had the problem fixed in hopefully less than a half hour. However, with the coronavirus restrictions, things have become much too difficult. When I got back home, I went on line, where I was asked for my Account Number. I copied the number that’s on my monthly Statement of Account, but was informed that the number I posted was incorrect. I’m now unsure what to do. When I’m working with websites, I feel like I’m lost in the wilderness. Would it be possible for us to work out this problem, by just sending e-mail back and forth like this? Thank you. William N D’Andrea xxxxxxxxxxxxxx I hope that will be enough, and that sometime tomorrow, everything will be back to normal. I also ask for all of your continued prayers. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  10. Where I get them, they only cost one dollar a piece, and I only get three a month.
  11. I normally pay my bills with money orders, which I purchase at the Customers Service Desk inside the Stop & Shop. The Bank inside the Stop & Shop charges $5.00 for a money order, while the Service Desk only charges $1.00. So I save myself $12.00 a month that way. Also, the Bank office opens at 10 AM, while the Service Desk opens when the store does, at 7 AM. Your question makes me wonder if my account number might be on the money order receipts. I'll check them out and see. Hopefully that will be enough. Thank you.
  12. Here's something that's made the situation even worse than "funky". I've logged onto the Bank's website, where I'm asked to give my account number. I posted the number that's atop the last monthly statement I received. Then I was informed "Verification unsuccessful. Please try again." I'd posted the number on my bank statement. I don't know what else my account number would be. I think it's possible that this is an attack by the Devil. In the Bible it says, "Resist the Devil and he will flee from you." My problem is that he always comes back. We're also advised to put on the full armor of God to resist all the attacks of the evil one. I'm trying to do that, but I'm not sure what piece of armor I am or am not wearing. I just ask for the Lord's mercy in this. Please pray for God's mercy on me. In Jesus Name. Amen. Thank y
  13. This morning I took the advice I was given here, and used a self checkout machine at the same Stop & Shop. It wouldn't accept my debit card, so I had to pay cash. It was for a very inexpensive item; but small payments added together can quickly become very big. So I'll have to go back on-line again. I ask all of you to keep praying, so I'll be able to work things out as quickly as possibly. In Jesus Name. Amen.
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