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  1. I know it is important to keep our testimonies short, but I would love to hear a little more of your story. Why were you so ready to say yes?
  2. Okay! I will read the rules and download the words.
  3. I love this! It feels like God is using this time to bring healing to the planet.
  4. I tried to get started with this site a few years back because I lived in Sweden and it was hard to find english speaking critique groups. Now I am back in the U.S., but there are no groups meeting. I started writing a testimony of one person's life that takes place in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. It is turning out to be long and I would love some feed-back, but I don't know how or where to download it. Thanks
  5. I like everything but the partial images of the people. The scenery with the un-expected chains grabbed my attention.
  6. I read it out loud like I was reading to a child. Sometimes even explaining words that the child might not understand. Of course, I pray and ask for wisdom and insight.
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