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  1. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to everyone! I have just released my first children's picture book about the life of Edith Cavell; published by Voice of the Martyrs in Canada. 

    Please check out my website and follow the link to purchase my book. The book is priced at $19 Canadian and is hardcover with beautiful illustrations. God Bless your writing this year. www.beverleyrayner.com

    All comments are very much appreciated. 

    face of courage cover .jpg

  2. Thank you for your comments Tom. Happy New Year to you.
  3. The Promise Anna sat in the temple entrance; shady now: the huge stone slab that supported her aching back still held the heat of the day. The warmth helped to ease the troubling pain in her stooped frame. She liked this time of day. Late afternoon, when the sapping heat of the day had given way to lengthening shadows, for Anna was ancient, tired, and spent, with only a fragile wisp of life left within her. As Anna sat watching the occasional people still mounting and descending the wide stone steps leading to the temple, she mulled over her readings for the day, taken from the Torah of Micha. Micah 5:2* – “But you, O Bethlehem Ephrathah, are only a small village in Judah. Yet a ruler of Israel will come from you, one whose origins are from the distant past.” Anna revered the ancient history and the story of deliverance that God had wrought for her people. She believed the promises written on sacred scrolls by men of God who had heard God’s voice and had applied quill to parchment. For God had kept his word. He had taken the Israelite’s from the bondage of slavery in Egypt and He had brought them safely to a home land of their own; hadn’t Anna’s life in this land been a fulfillment of that promise? These very walls that Anna leaned against had been built, destroyed and rebuilt, each time with numerous men of God foretelling what would happen next. God’s promises had been fulfilled. Anna laid her head back, mumbling “Bethlehem, Bethlehem,” to herself, like the old are sometimes apt to do when some cloudy thought trails within their muddled heads, unravelling like yarn, knotted with age. It was true that her life hadn’t been easy. Only married for seven happy years, and then a widow for let’s see, Anna examined the worn flag stone entrance, polished smooth from the tread of countless sandals, while she counted in her head: 84 years, yes, 84 years she had spent living in the temple. Married instead to God, her Lord, at least that’s how Anna liked to think of it. Never leaving the temple complex, Anna had found a quiet joy and fulfillment in praying, fasting and listening. For God still spoke; of that, Anna was certain. Anna’s thoughts trailed on; this time to the prophet Isaiah. Isaiah, had lived around the time of Micha, almost 800 years hence, and he had echoed Micha’s words telling of a child who would be born. Isaiah 9:6-7* – “For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. And the government will rest on His shoulders. These will be His royal titles: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. His ever expanding, peaceful government will never end. He will rule forever with fairness and justice from the throne of His ancestor David. The passionate commitment of the Lord Almighty will guarantee this!” Some might say 800 years was too long a time to wait for the fulfilment of a promise. For the past 400 years God had been silent. Not a word had He spoken through his prophets or Godly men. Yet, in Ann’s ancient heart, in the inner most chambers of her being God had indeed spoken of a Saviour who would come in the Royal lineage of King David, to reign, and to save his People, Israel. From the base of the steps Anna glimpsed, Simeon, weaving his way through the people to ascend haltingly, his left leg visibly paining him. Now and then he’d stop and view the remaining steps. “Back again, Simeon? And so soon,” Anna said, chuckling, “you’ll soon be residing at the temple like me, for didn’t you just leave less than half the hour hence?” Simeon, dear Simeon, what a good friend he was to Anna. Often running errands for her, making sure she didn’t go without, even though he himself was getting on in years. He, who had been so sick this past winter. She’d thought he was lost to her then. He stood before her now, panting through the thickness of his brown beard that fell to his chest. “Ah, yes Anna, it’s true, but I was still some measure from home before I felt the stirring to return. Why now, I am not sure, but here I am, for when God calls I listen.” Simeon’s lips curled upwards with a warm smile that Anna knew so well. His serene countenance glowed down at Anna, who with watery eyes, almost hidden between deep furrows of skin, nodded back. They were both familiar with the promptings of God. Once, many years ago now, Simeon had confided in Anna. He had assured her with the boundless expectation of youth that God had spoken to him, assuring him, Simeon; that he would not depart from this life without a glimpse of the promised Messiah. Anna had basked in Simeon’s secret with joy, knowing that the reaction of others would have been doubtful at best. Why was Simeon so special to think that after 800 years of waiting, God would fulfill an ancient promise, they would have certainly inquired? Simeon and Anna would have had no answers. But this one thing they both shared: they’d been looking, they’d been waiting, and they’d been expecting; 800 years or not. “Well, whatever the time of day, I’m always glad,”……Anna’s words trailed off as her countenance shifted from Simeon to a spot on the steps behind him. There below, a young couple climbed the steps, he with two turtle doves in a wicker cage clasping a shepherd’s crook in one hand, with the other hand resting on the small of her back. And her? a very young woman, not much more than a girl, with a baby cradled in both arms. Ah, said Anna, a firstborn son, and the young parents, here to present him to the Lord according to the Law of Moses. But Simeon wasn’t listening. He stood intently, watching. “Careful. Mary, mind your step,” the man said, passing Anna and Simeon. The young couple stepped into the shadows of the temple entrance. Simon turned his gaze back to Anna. A speechless look of wonder and expectancy glimmered across his face. Simon, turned into the temple and watched as the priest carried out the ancient familiar rituals passed down from Moses: the offering of two turtle doves, the dedication of the firstborn baby to the Lord. With the presentation before the lord complete the couple turned from the priest. Simeon was already striding purposefully towards them. “May I?” Simeon whispered, stretching his aged arms towards the woman. The mother glanced up at her husband who nodded his consent. Simeon took the bundle tenderly and laid the baby in the crook of his arm. Moving the rough hempen cloth aside he gazed into the watchful brown eyes of an eight-day-old baby. A wisp of dark hair curled on his forehead. The baby lie contently secure in his embrace. And in that moment, Simeon loved him, as pure and as completely as if this child had been born from his own body. Lifting his eyes and the baby heavenward, Simeon’s gravelly voice cut through the stillness: “Now dear God, Now, your servant can depart in peace for as you promised, I have seen the redeemer of Israel with my own eyes. He is your light of revelation for all peoples and the glory to your People, Israel.” The parents exchanged a glance of surprised wonder. As Simeon reluctantly handed the baby back he asked: “What is your name, dear woman?” “Mary, and this is my husband, Joseph. Simeon placed a hand on the shoulder of Joseph and the other he laid on Mary’s arm, then, drawing them into the circle of his presence he blessed them saying, “May the God of Israel; the God of heaven and earth be with you as you raise this little one, for he is no ordinary child. Your son, is destined to cause the fall and rise of many in Israel, and to be a sign to all those who are oppressed, and Mary, Simeon added, my dear Mary, your own soul will be pierced through with a sword so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed. Anna appeared, shuffling forward, calling to those in the temple, “come everyone, come,” she beckoned, “and see this child.” Anna strained forward to see the baby’s face. “What is his name,” she asked, tracing a gnarled finger across his soft baby cheek. “Jesus, Mary said, simply.” Then Ana lifted her shaky arms heavenward and cried aloud saying look upon this child, you people who have come to the temple this day, for God has intended that you meet with him here in the presence of this, his most holy child: his own son, Jesus. All those that gathered were amazed at her words, for she was respected by many, but it was Mary and Joseph who marvelled the most. As they turned to go, Simeon and Anna stood watching them. Anna suddenly jumped and calling after Joseph, she cried, “So your trade is a shepherd then, young man, and from where do you come? “No mother,” Joseph replied turning once more to smile at Anna. My trade is that of a carpenter, from Nazareth. Joseph continued on, taking just a few more steps before halting once more, as if, with an afterthought, he turned again to Anna saying: This staff was a gift from the shepherds on the hills of Bethlehem, who came to greet our newborn son. Ah, yes, replied Anna, nodding and mumbling to herself, as her teary eyes glowed with a renewed flame of love. “Bethlehem, Bethlehem, Bethlehem!”
  4. Awesome Easter Poem. Thank you for sharing.
  5. THANKS .. this is keith in china.. thanks for prayers..please share.. my email is totallylovedbygod59@yahoo.com.. I am british my wife is chinese

  6. Yes, I will pray. God cares about all of his precious saints living in countries where there isn't the freedom to worship like we have here in the West. Father, I pray for Yao Hua fellowship of believers in Jesus name. I ask for your presence to surround every heart. May you guard them, and keep them safe from those who stand against your people, oh Lord. I ask that you be their strength in battle, and that you'll arm and equip them to continue to do your will. Even in darkness may your light shine forth and may those that follow you not be fearful, but know that you are their shield and protector. I lift them to you Father. Thank you for their testimony. Please remind them that they are greatly loved by you. Amen.
  7. writer/author,

    1. Bevaleigh


      Hello Keith and your wife....Hannah? I have been praying for you since I posted your prayer. I am also British, from Lowestoft, Suffolk, but I live on Vancouver Island. I'm very passionate about supporting the persecuted brothers and sisters around the world, and I write for VOM Canada. I will continue to pray for you. Blessings to you both. beverleyrayner@aol.com is my email.

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