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  1. I despise labeling people with their past mistakes, mishaps, failures, depravity, sin and plain humanity. I dread my labels as well, especially the unfair labels that I know in-depth holds some truths about me. But to face the reality, we all hold titles that we hate, and we give unfair labels to the ones we hate, don’t we! But reading through John’s gospel I see people labeled, so utterly mercilessly labeled as follow, “The Samaritan woman with five husbands” “The woman caught in the act of adultery” “The born blind man” …… I wonder why not calling them, “The woman who had great questions at the well.” “The woman who God graciously forgave” “The man who spoke boldly in Sanhedrin” …. I wondered, why? Why would the beloved disciple of Christ label these poor souls to be identified with their horrible mistakes for years to come? Even after their repentance and healings, they were still addressed as such. More sadly, even after thousands of years we still identify them as these. It is then, I understood, only when we bring to light the depravity, deliberate sin, depressing handicapness of this body, we can clearly show the perfection, grace, and the healing power of our Savior to the world. In that light, this verse makes all the more sense “In your weakness, my strength will be made perfect.” Oh, how I continue to dread the merciless titles yet gloriously see the beauty in it now. And with Paul, I declare, “I will boast all the more in my infirmities.” My friend, you! who cringe deep in your viscera every time you are labeled as one of these, “The girl who got pregnant before marriage” “That parent with a disabled child” “That woman who got divorced twice” “That tall one or the short one or the fat one” “That girl who is always anxious” “That woman who is loud” “That girl who talks too much” “That one with a crossed eye.” “That man who is bald” …………………. Let it be any title that you dread today. May I encourage you, please take a step back with me and see, how in it ALL, His glory shines. I am not justifying labeling someone, on the contrary, I still hold tight to the idea that it is so much unchristian like to do that. I am only saying “everything works for good to those who love Him, even our labels.” I am only pleading you to See, how in your worst diagnosis your faith twinkles. In your worst failure His strength brightness. In your horrible mistake, His grace is beautified. How in everything you are, yes, including that unfair label, His gospel spreads………. who knows maybe even for thousands of years from now?
  2. Christ taught the crowd proclaiming, “I am the bread of life!” (John 3: 48). After that teaching, many left Jesuses’ crowd. Among the followers who left Christ, I see two groups. The first group left as they questioned, “Isn’t this Jesus, the son of Joseph? We know his father and mother. How can he say, ‘I came down from heaven’?” (John3:42). For them, Christ is too familiar. They clinked on to his humanity it was hard for them to believe His divinity. This group still exists today they claim, “Christ the wonderful master, nice teacher, revolutionary……” and so on. They are too familiar with Him; they dare make Him just another “good” human. Yet, there is another group who left questioning, “This is very hard to understand. How can anyone accept it?” (John 3:60) This group found Christ so strange. Too strong to understand, they couldn’t comprehend or believe His claims. They wanted Him to be familiar. A god made in their image, god whom they can completely relate to and nothing more. Now we have this group today as well. That group questions, “Oh, how can God send loving people to hell, how can God disapprove this and that…….” They want Him to be their familiar buddy. But the problem is, for a fine second they forget, “He is God” after all. The truth is Christ is not too familiar to be just a human, and not too strange that He never was a human. He is the God, who was fully human, who is always God. Now Christians, the task at hand is that we need to balance these crowds and their debates. Don’t expect we will understand everything He does, and Who He is. Also, avoid distancing ourselves when we don’t understand and miss out on the beautiful fellowship that we are meant to enjoy. In spirit, let's enjoy every familiarity, every closeness, and fellowship with our loving Savior. And with a reverence trust Him to accomplish His sovereign will, execute justice, and transcend our understanding in everything we don’t understand. He is He; He shouldn’t be too familiar or too strange. We may by the help of His spirit walk in the fine line between these crowds and hold tight, “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law” (Deuteronomy 29:29).
  3. During one of the deep cleaning weekend days, I found my husband holding a twin mattress slanted on a wall, and my daughter playing bother-less in between the matters and the wall. Oh, the obsessed mother I am, and an experienced nurse about the safety……. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I asked my girl, “Papa (Baby), why are you playing there?” I continued with a cautious tone, “That is dangerous, that mattress might fall on you.” She, with the continued blissful smile, said, “Appa (dad) knows I am here Amma (mom), and he is strong.” Well, I am surely not endorsing this play or potentially dangerous endeavors in your cleaning routines. But at that moment, I was touched by the trust of my daughter in her father. I was intrigued to examine my own trust in my Father, not a humanly one, not a mortal man, with the limited strength, but my Father, with omnipotence, and unending love for me. Every time I am surprisingly caught in the mattress and the wall situation in my life, do I continue to smile? Do I really have the confidence to say to my worried self, “Don’t worry pathetic and fearful self, my Father knows I am here, and He is strong?” I am not sure, at least I am not that trusting always. With that thought, I gave that “look” to them both and walked on with a smile. In that instant, I whispered to my Father, “Maybe this is exactly what you mean by a childlike faith, and, Father, I really want to have that!”
  4. “What are they among so many?” (John 6:9) Andrew asked to himself, holding five barley loaves and two small fish. Intriguing, we all have asked this question to ourselves, now, much more than 2000 years ago! This is one of Satan’s most favorite lies for centuries. "What are they among so many?" Choices good or bad, just one choice has the potential to change a life. One Adam, one Eve, one fruit, One Abraham, one Isaac, one Joseph, one Jacob, One Esther, The once, who never asked, "what am I among so many?" So, my friend, next time that millennials old question peeps into your mind, What is one more article? What is one more query letter? What is one more Gospel track? What is one more good deed? What is one more sacrifice? What is one more phone call? What is one more text message? What is one more encouraging word? What is one more marriage counseling? What is one more hug to your child? What is one more whatever.........? Remember, one more is nothing in our hands, but that might be everything at the right time, in the Right Hands. Give your own messy fish to Him, and the rest is not for your glory.
  5. Scripture Reference – John 5:1-15. I didn’t have infirmity for 38 years, I didn’t live in 1st century Jerusalem, I don’t live in a public pool, I am not helplessly laying and depending on other’s mercy for my livelihood. But I know, I was there once at my own Bethesda. So crippled, so spiritually sick, So painfully watching the spiritual transformation in others, So trying to get into the pool of freedom from my own shame, guilt, and sin. But every time! It became another’s turn and not mine. People rushed me by, they were getting healed. All the while I was lying there, so helpless, so very deprived. It is then; HE came. HE came with perfect love and a passionate voice. He asked me as well, “Do you want to be made well?” I had reasons too, just like that sick man, I said, “Oh! I am sinful, I am not worthy, I can’t be free, the guilt weighs too heavy.” And in HIS own style, He listened to all my reasons, yet with beautiful compassion, He said, “Rise, rise, my girl, take up your bed and walk. Walk-in freedom, Walk like my own, Walk with no condemn, Walk filled with dignity, Walk with no guilt or shame, Walk with an upraised head, And walk securely in my abundant grace and perfect love.” My dear friend, until then it all went well, but all of a sudden there appeared people with the law. They all try to push me back to the pool. They always exclaim, “It is not lawful for you to carry your bed, do this, and that……….” Most of the time I wanted to say, “He who made me well said to me, ‘Take up your bed and walk.’ and to walk free.” Yes, just like that sick man with full of assurance. Oh, my bad, at times I fail and go to the pool, quiet and despair. I don’t know what to say, I wallow in the same old sin and pain, with a treacherous infirmity of my soul. So, my sweet, sweet friend, let’s rise today, and walk like that man, fully free as we are HIS own. If anyone comes and insists you to be a slave, tell them this, “The one who made me well, said to me, walk, walk fully free.” Oh and never forget to whisper this truth to your own soul. At times the law holders are not from out. They are the endless battle within you, your own self-condemn that crippled you for years.
  6. Interestingly there is a pattern in many conversion stories. I see one here, in the Gospel of John Ch 4: 1-26. 1. Resist – The first time when Christ starts a conversation, looking for our hearts we outright decline, like this Samaritan woman, “You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?” (John 4:9) 2. Rationalize – with a little more conversation, we rationalize comparing and confusing spiritual truths with wordily “wisdom”, we argue, “You have nothing to draw with and the well is deep. Where can you get this living water?” (v.11) 3. Request – When we start to develop a wavering faith, we pray and test the results. Our faith at this stage is based on miracles. Miracles based on our livelihood in this world. like her, we pray, “Sir, give me this water so that I won’t get thirsty and have to keep coming here to draw water.” (v.15) 4. Repent – It is only after our true self, all our depravity is exposed to us, we really repent, we might be astonished, and we accept “I can see that you are a prophet.” (v.19) and from there lead to believe He is the Messiah, Savior of the world andmore importantly our soul. 5. Rejoice – Once we know Who we are talking to, we leave our earthen vessels at His feet, run and rejoice to declare just like her, “leaving her water jar, the woman went back to the town and said to the people, “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah?” (V.28-29). And it is from there, there is no turning back, no running back to the worldly water well. With the changed life and fulfilled soul, we change the world, and hear people exclaim, “We no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the world.”(v.42) But please remember, it all starts many verses before here in (v.4), when “he had to go through Samaria.” He, who created everything, He, who is eternal, He, who is omnipotent, But He HAD TO GO through the little town called Samaria, so, to talk and change the life of a woman. Just like He had to cross your life, maybe through a friend, a tract, a preacher, a family member, who knows it could be this simple FB post. But the response is yours, resist, rationalize, request, but eventually repent and then you may truly rejoice.
  7. As an endless vacuum of space is to my body, as airless, as hostile, as treacherous, the earth is to my spirit. My spirit is chocked, It’s lungs struggle with gasps, It’s skin crawls with pain of burns, Its molecules liquefy, in few seconds in this world. That’s is why my spirit wears its Space Suit, His perfect priceless Spirit. This Suit holds me together, It lets me breath, It sustains and stabilizes my innermost parts. Looking through this hard glass in my helmet, My spirit survey’s this earth, Its depravity, Relentless pull of its gravity to sin, Doom in every direction, Definitely not even few minutes, I will survive without The Suit. My spirit peeks, corpses floating, ones who thought The Suit is restraining, Their spirit fully dead, not decomposed, half froze, They all believe they live, Maybe they live but only their body, mere mortal body, Where is their spirit? It doesn’t survive in an environment like this, purely hostile, so very treacherous, not without The Suit. At times even my spirit wonders, “Why should I love, why be selfless?” My body takes over, it says, “This is home, you can live and flourish,” But my spirit fights back, “No, it is not, it is deprived.!” I walk wearing The Suit that protects. Other floaters in their body, mocks me and say, “It is so heavy, let go of The Suit, you will survive.” My spirit alone whispers, “How foolish it is to abundant The One Thing that sustains.” I touch and feel the tether of His love, that holds me as I float in this serious vacuum called the earth. My spirit feels secure, He can pull me into the airlock as He wills. I live and breathe in This Suit called His Purest Spirit. But one day my mission will be fulfilled, And I will fly back home. Home is the place that is breathable to my spirit, how beautiful and pleasant. This Suit like weather fills home everywhere. There I will live, home to my spirit. How glorious, I will see Him face to face, and be united as His perfect bride. The Groom of my Soul, with the tether He waits to fly me back home. As soon as I succeed in this mission of my spirit, I will fly home. Until then, I will hold tight to His tether and breath through His Suit and that’s all I require, as I float through this earth.
  8. “A little faith will bring your soul to heaven; a great faith will bring heaven to your soul.” Said Spurgeon, once. Faith and belief seemed to be very common vocabularies among believers and unbelievers alike now a days. Even my five-year-old, stomps her feet and asserts she believes, ……. There are many beliefs and presuppositions in our world, like never before. Any strange search might bring up couple of results in our search engines. Any absurd arguments, any crazy doctrine, you will find few people supporting it. However, I like to talk about this seemingly insignificant incident with a very significant message. Bible says, “many believed in His name” that is great, is in it! Wait, read on, “when they saw the signs which He did. But Jesus did not commit Himself to them” My dear believer friend, you might have faith, faith in Christ’s name, but don’t be fooled, you might have faith in Him for wrong reasons. I am not here arguing, where those supposedly believers got saved or not? Let me refrain entirely from that topic as I am not a theologian, even if were, I would still not discuss it as the real confirmation of if someone “saved or not?” is not up to us to discuss. Let’s assume there were saved, but they missed something glorious, they missed Christ committing Him to them. In another translation it says, “Jesus did not trust them.” We might live trusting Christ, even trusting Him with a saving faith. But its much more for Christ to trust us, with His work. That requires believing in Him for the right reasons. You might ask, is it wrong to enjoy God’s miracle? No, not at all!! I would never underestimate the power of a miracle. We named our sweet daughter, Nesia – means “the miracle of God.” But my friend, a miracle itself shouldn’t be the basis for our faith. Our faith may be born of a miracle from God, but it should be sustained and flourished in knowing He is, and He did……. without that, our faith may not stand a chance against the well promised trials of this life. May we develop a faith like those Hebrew boys who stood strong many thousands of years ago, “Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego answered and said to the king, “O Nebuchadnezzar, we have no need to answer you in this matter. If this be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of your hand, O king. But if not, be it known to you, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have set up.” (Daniel 2:16-18). You came to faith because of a miracle! well and good, that is many of us, but don’t be stuck there. Christ is infinitely more than some of His miracles, my friend. We trust him, very well! but let’s review our lives and examine dose He trusts us? there lays the difference between the faith that barely takes us to heaven and the faith that brings down heaven into our midst here and now, and of course forever.
  9. There is a whole section of debate about whether Jesus cleansed the temple twice or one time. But for me that’s not significant, Regardless once or twice, He cleansed the temple with lots of passion. He made a whip of cord, He drove the merchants out, He poured out the money, He overturned the temple. Oh, to see the Savior in full action! After that the disciples remembered a verse from an old Psalm “Zeal for Your house has eaten Me up.” (John 2:19 & psalms 69:9). If anything, we can so relate with Jesus’s humanity, it is this passion. We all do have a zeal alright! But for what, how, and when do we have zeal, that matters! Does the zeal of God’s house eat us up alive? When we see corruption, error, or issues in our place of worship, are we willing to overthrow the tables and prove our zeal? Most often than not, we remain silent, maintaining our best diplomatic voice and face, and call it grace. I am not against grace, of course if it’s not for grace, I will be a treacherous sinner. But I am afraid, Christians apply grace in places that requires zeal, and zeal in places that needs grace, both will be critical mistakes. David at the end of his life, after his innocent beginning, his adultery, his forgiveness, his redemption, knowing the full circle of life, writes, “Zeal for Your house has eaten Me up.” Not sure if he meant literally the temple he longed to build or figuratively about his body, I say both are important. Live in zeal for the temple of God, yet never forget you carry a temple in you. “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you,” (1 Corinthians 6:19). Strain to keep the body pure in its imperfect state. With a zeal defend anything that might cause it to become a den of thieves. Overturn the tables of any sensory inputs that might corrupt this temple we carry. Pour out the materialistic ideology that might entrap our mind. And let’s all in one accord live with a zeal as our Savior lived.
  10. The bridegroom was stressed, The bride sat somewhere isolated, The feast master was concerned, Servants were confused, Few guests with advice, There was a cheering crowd clueless, They ran out of wine in the Cana wedding. Not that odd, often our wine runs out as well. Judicious, relishing fresh wine that once strengthened us. Well, may not be in our wedding, but always in our marriage. When the path gets harder, The groom is stressed, The bride sits alone isolated, Parents and friends really concerned, The surroundings stare with confusion, Yes, we always find people with advice, And of course, some others cheering clueless. When the time is right barrels of wine filled to the brim will appear, Not just enough, not each glass that needs to be served, It is to the brim; HE fills it always to the brim. At Cana, HE was invited well ahead, Empty barrels were accessible, Someone was ready to fill them with water, It is that water! HE turned to wine. Take heart, it’s okay if we run out of wine, But let’s be ready with Jesus already invited in the midst, Let our souls be accessible to Him, Make sure accessible barrels are empty indeed, and not filled with rubbles of the past, And finally, let’s fill it with what we have, may it even be simple water, the lowliest love we can bring to the table, It’s then! He will turn it into wine, Cleansing, purifying, burning, delighting wine, like love He will create in our marriage. But let me assure you, the emptied soul in a stranded marriage, “If HE fills, HE fills it to the brim.”
  11. Yes, I said destroy your list and look for a miracle, but I do believe in balance. If we need to use a list, then we are to use it for our personal convictions alone. If you have questions about the strategies used by another minister, question it, but to your own self question. If you are quite not sure of an identity of a christian minister, be skeptical, in your own mind be skeptical. There is all these provisions to discern, see here the same john (agreeing with the authorship of 1 John) exhorts, “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” (1 John 4:1) Another place where there is an exception presented is at Galatians 1:8, “But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed.” Paul warns the Galatians, “If it’s even me, don’t accept any other gospel, other than this one.” Now the question is, “what is the gospel Paul is talking about?” At least for me, Paul always provides answers maybe little before or after the text. Let’s read further, “a man is not justified by the works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 2:16). Now that is the gospel, we should have our list hard and fast to evaluate. When we hear the gospel, does it add or takes of anything to the FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST? Oh, in it be fully deterring. Finally, the content of the ministry matters, not strategies. We all have differences in preferences and gifting; I have friends who goes door to door to preach Christ, others with the mics in the street corners, yet others in a very hostile remote parts of the world, and look at me sitting here in front of my comfy computer. I am confident each one’s work will be rewarded according to its efficiency, motives, and the measures given to them, but I refrain from judging any. If their contents are right, who am I to say, are you Elijah, prophet or Christ? Why then….. if not? If they don’t preach any other gospel than “Christ and Him Crucified”, Why do I hinder and say baptize not! you don’t fulfill my list? So, my friend, be careful so you don’t fall into the false hope of devil but be even more careful not to hinder the work of God by your thoughtless comments or pitiful list.
  12. And they asked him, saying, “Why then do you baptize if you are not the Christ, nor Elijah, nor the Prophet?” (John 1: 25) This is the question asked to John the Baptist by Levites and priests sent by the Pharisees, precisely to ask this question. As we all know pharisees dedicated their life to learn and keep Jewish laws. They have a list, and quite confident with it as well. They asked, “are you Christ, Elijah, the Prophet?” John answered very clearly, no, no, and no! that’s that, the Pharisees can’t tolerate any other ways this can be done. Their head is full of knowledge regarding the Messiah and the incidents surrounding His appearance, knowledge that is dry and full. There is no place for flexibility in their pre-made list, even it meant God’s sovereignty and omniscience in doing so. They had a list, and that’s all it can be. My friends, how sad at times, we fall into this trap as well. We have a preconceived notations and lists, and we totally miss the miracle that is staring at our eyes saying, “I am the voice crying out in the wilderness?” We ask, “are you……………...? why then……… if not? In many incidences. So, may I implore you today, look at the miracle that is starting at you. See the beauty that God is creating in your own wilderness. May your miracle be wearing animal skin, eating locust, strangest as it could be, you look deep into its eyes and hear its message. That might be the very place God begins the beautiful work of your salvation to come. Yet again I say, look deep, leave behind your pathetic list. There is no particular fashion God must work. Don’t you see, we are talking about the God who created black holes, and gas pillars in the middle of vast nothingness. Our Savior lacks nothing short of perfect creativity. Look and enjoy, don’t restrict Him to your imaginary box. Even a big enough box is still a box, that will never contain God. He doesn’t fit our descriptions, He is incomprehensible. I present three major pointers from this portion, If you have a list of how God must work in this situation, unfortunately you might miss the miracle in front of your eyes, It is nothing less of absolute arrogance to say, “we know exactly how God works,” It’s a sad truth, at times people filled with a great head knowledge of His Word, might failed to search more truth from the same Word. But the saddest part of it all, we dare ask another minister, why then ……. If not? And pitifully joint hands with those Pharisees. Before you scream out, “But there are exceptions!” please be patient and let me finish this series completely and we can discuss it all. For today, leave behind your list and look for the beautiful miracle in a strange package, sitting in front of you, and staring right at you. God indeed works mysteriously, and we call it a miracle.
  13. For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. (John 1:17) When I was a child, I fantasized about becoming a police officer, even my father at times called me “Ahila, IPS” – high ranking police officer in Indian legal system. Law and enforcement are all attractive topics for me. Often, you might find some lingering effects of my former life even now, “don’t touch, don’t eat”. Laws those were much simpler than Moses law, but laws indeed. Crippling, joy killing, laws that I followed. Running around trees and sanctuaries, washing hair and bowing thousands of times, not out of reverence but fear. Law! I know full well, and its damaging effects to a soul. Then I realized, the truth that destroys the law. How ironic, truth should establish the law yet this one truth that destroys it. How is it possible? Isn’t it marvelous? This truth destroys law by fulfilling it. Love and grace that invigorated Christ to endure the cross. Grace that brought our freedom from sin. Grace that made us sons and daughters of the Highest. Grace that constrains us to be bond servants freely to Christ. Truth about that grace that made me a new being. It freed me from constraining religion to completely free relationship. It freed me from tedious rituals to delightful practices. It freed me from law to grace. Now please remember, truth almost always establishes law, but at times it destroys it by fulfilling it, and in that process, it frees the prisoner in deep trouble with the deepest LOVE.
  14. He was not that Light but was sent to bear witness of that Light. (John1:8) This verse is talking about a man, who is one of his kind. The scripture exhorts him as “among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist.” (Matthew 11:11). That man, even John needed to remember and constantly repeat one truth “He was not that light.” There is one truth every gospel worker needs to be grounded in that we are not that light; we are bearing witness to The Light. Every gospel worker from a senior pastor of a mega church to a simple evangelist in the street corner, everyone should be reminded of and repeat this truth into our lives. Occasionally pride creeps in, occasionally self-flourishes, occasionally our own agenda advances, occasionally we fall into the trap of spreading our pathetic, bogus light into the world, and at every occurrence of that the result will be invariably devastating. As Charles Spurgeon once said, “The Lord will always throw the sword away from his hand when that sword begins to boast itself……….so will it be with you if you set down any good thing you have ever done to yourself, God will bring you down.” So, my fellow servants of the Great Master let me remind you, more so remind myself today, that we are not that light, but we are sent to bear witness of The Light. The glorious secret of every successful ministry seems to rest in knowing this, that He is the light and we are His little lamps. His love is the fire, His Spirit is our fuel, We are just a vessel, who holds it for a while. So, let’s keep on spreading The Light to this dark world, as we stand secure in this fire, fueled to the fullest, just remembering we are not their savior.
  15. “All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.” (John 1:3) As I read this verse, my creative brain runs to that awe-inspiring moment of time, when time itself began to exist. How spectacular, how powerful, how unfathomable it is, creation of time, matter, space, all of it as we know, and will never know. Now, all things were made through Him, Who also made you and loves you, isn’t it a thought worthy of reveling for a minute. As we grasp hold of that truth how, “Without Him nothing was made that was made.” As with all our senses we see, hear, touch, smell, and feel the beauty of creation in our tiny little corner of the galaxy. As we eat, sleep, rest, work and enjoy all that there is to this life. As we cherish and are cherished by fellow humans. We will soon cross the pain filled reality of the existence of evil. Pure, disgusting, diabolic evil in its core. Where did that come from? Very legitimate question to ask. In my little venture without any theological degrees attached, this is what I resolve to believe, Remove light there remains only darkness, Remove life there remains only dead carcass, Remove goodness there remains evil in its extreme. Even though at times, evil seem to be an outrageous, active, intentional plot of another, the essence of it is all simple absence of ever consuming goodness of God. As He is sovereign in allowing it to occur, in that first moment of rebellion of a perfect angel, the foolish encounter of eve with the serpent in Eden, today’s total depravity of this world we see and painfully behold, It’s all simple restrain of God’s goodness in expo. So, my friend, Behold the beauty of His handiwork, in the dark night sky, in the bright flowers of the day, even in the little life you may hold in your hand, Believe you are made by the One, through Him everything, But never forget, no intentional act is required, if He simply restrain His good, what remains is disaster, pain, death, and darkness. That’s why I say, Don’t think you stand, if you are not moving forward, you are falling backward, If you are not with God, you know who your head is, If you are not intentional in doing good, believe me pretty soon evil is all that will remain.
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