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  1. I like your thought on Christians living the supernatural. I like the article.
  2. welcome and God bless you

    1. ledwardsii


      Thank you so much and He has.

  3. I’m working on a new novel called, “The window.” It’s a story of young lady’s struggle for forgiveness.

  4. Ann, I read chapter one of you book and like the chapter. There were a few things that I saw that if you don't mind I would like to help with. I went through the first third of the chapter and made some suggestions. If you would like me to I can post it on the critique side, or I can send it to you. I do like the story, it looks intriguing. Louis

    1. annaemeyer


      Feel free to post it on the site! I haven't been on this site in awhile, but am back, and I finished posting the story, as well! Thank you!

  5. Lynn No problem, I understand and I'm not offended. Thanks for responding. Louis

  6. Hello, Louis! I just now saw your message. If I can, I will read your work in the workshop. However, I am really busy with writing right now. I hope you won't be offended if I don't get to it. I'm sure there will be others who will though. Hope all is well with you. Nice to see you! :D

  7. Hi Lynn It's been awhile. Sorry. I've posted a rewrite of chapter 1, if you will please take a look and give me your input. Thanks Louis

  8. Tamera Thank you for becoming my friend. We were at one time but when the CW changed I lost alot of friends and workshop points. Hope all is well. Louis

  9. Lynn No your not loosing it. The gray matter still works well, LOL. Good to be friends again. Louis

  10. Whew! Thanks for letting me know. I thought I was losing it! Well...I am but...LOL Thanks!

  11. Lynn Sorry, we were at one time but when the change to the CW took place, all my friends were lost as well as my work shop points. Oh well, new beginnings. LOL. Louis PS. I've been so busy I've not had the opportunity to Blog much on my Blog. Hopefully that will change.

  12. Thanks so much for the friend invite. I can't believe we're not already connected! Happy to accept! :D

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