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  1. Wow. "Now that you are risen suffering has a sane dimension..." This little message just reached me this morning. So powerful to dwell upon the insignificance of our tribulation in comparison to His. Amazing words brother. I love this!
  2. I really loved this article. Our Lord cares much about the details. In seeking first His Kingdom...all these other things will be added to you, including the perfect vbs snack. Even twizzlers. Ha. Thanks for your commitment to the little ones who shall so recieve His Kingdom and Kingship.
  3. I used to be a blackout drinker. It was always a sprint and not a marathon; I was not drinking to remember, I was drinking to forget. I didn't drink every day, maybe twice a week, but when I did the reason and result were the same. I started empty and ended empty. The never ending loose bandage drugs and the drink became never stopped the bleeding and seldom numbed the pain. It simply left the same valley ahead of me. My mountains had no mustard seed. Today its been almost 3 years since I've turned to the bottle and found the bottom. I'll have wine or beer now and then but not too much and not too often. I believe with all of me that God took away not the reasons, but the desire to get intoxicated. Overnight in one day just like that. Gone. How can you explain that? I cannot. But in this little life its a witness to our Saviors' knowledge of what chains are fastened to our yokes, and His ability to transform us from the inside out. I never saw it coming. He always knew. Medicine has given mankind millions of options that are not, faith in Jesus Christ. There is a pill for most every problem, and In this upside down world, the pills are the problem. The Word says this "...for Satan has deceived the world by means of His sorcery". The term sorcery here in Greek is pharmakia- in plain English...drugs. We are deceived to believe that anything in and of this world is our healer and remedy. Jesus ministry in Galilee and Syria saw all and I mean everyone with all diverse diseases, the spirit tormented and demonically possessed, lunatics and those with palsy healed with just His Word. That is the beautiful reality of Gods Kingdom. He came to set the captives free. He gave them new names. We can either stay in the valley wandering in the wilderness or command our mountains to move. I believe a heart of clay and humble knees in Jesus name moves mountains. Perhaps the mountains we face are there simply to bring us to our humble knees. I know they make you wiser and stronger. My own struggles were not inherent or predetermined. They were my self created and selfish attempts to figure out life on my own terms without faith and hope and love to guide me. I was born with a rebellious heart and a hard head in an authoritarian environment. This is when the struggle began for me as a child, building the very mountains I'd have to one day beg God to help me overcome. It took me 4 decades to realize that pride, not pain, built those hills. It wasn't dad. It wasn't my upbringing. Momma tried, and my brothers just shook their heads. It was always a choice to go against the grain. I sought adventure over refuge, and pleasure over principle. I was the problem. Sin was the problem. Sin is and will always be the problem. I was thinking this morning how different life would be if I would have listened to my dad back when I was blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, and still green. In my secret place I blamed my dad for raising me with fear and fury; molding me into someone born to run. The path I chose was the hard way and the long way leading to the right way. Gods discipline and love in our lives begins long before our knowledge or awareness of it. All that pain had a purpose. All of that blame, it belonged to me; Daddy tried too. Father knew best. Walking in truth seems an uphill fight on a downhill road. I believe that it is holiness; righteousness and humility that allows Yahshua to take the wheel in this life. Recognizing God Almighty's work individually eventually leads one to understand the patient and deeply intimate nature of His loyal love. Its beyond words like amazing and awesome. There shall one day be a pure language that will honor the depths of His riches and wisdom, that will pronounce in pure spirit His holy holy name to all. Until that day it is my solemn prayer to let His hands mold this man. Do not let me Lord, be an orphan in the wilderness for nothing. I beg you, use this life for You, make me your possession. May the story of our lives look back in recognition of God's will at work in our lives when we knew Him not. May we be aware of His discipline and thankful for His patience. May it always and forever be His story written in our life for His glory to be known through the little ones. Keep us humble make us holy and give us all new names.
  4. February 23rd, 2014. Thats my real birthday. Not June 3rd, 1973. You see, that was the day that marked the death of the life I had known and every moment I had ever lived before. Everything I would ever know about myself and God and His Son and Holy Spirit would change so drastically and instantly that to even call to mind that day and the decades of before; it all just wouldn't matter anymore. My knowledge of scripture was bound in religion and therefore; inconsequential. My knowledge of myself and my reflection was ugly and hidden. Several days before I had someone who had faithfully been ministering Jesus to me. She called herself a messanger. I thought that was odd...a messanger? Growing up a devout Jehovah's Witness, the whole idea that Jesus was divine and every other religion was false eluded my soul and my heart. Jesus didn't have messengers; only Jehovah did. She was in tears over the phone telling me that I was being chose to be a vessel for the Lord, and I would probably think she was crazy for making this call. She told me she was being obedient and had to. She was right...I thought she was a little crazy. But she spoke of things about me and my life that I knew only God knew, and this fact alone not only made me listen, it made me still, silent and very afraid. I feared that if what was happening to me was real, I was not good enough and the vessel she spoke of me being was well to shattered to ever really be made whole again and I was pretty sure the God I knew just didn't work this way. Here I am smoking a cigarette, having a drink and toking on some weed and pretending that my life wasn't a complete and utter lie. I'm living in my brother's girlfriends basement without a job, a car, direction or purpose. I had nothing and was nothing, contemplating killing myself, and here on the phone is some stranger who lived 1000 miles away telling me things that made me shut up and listen hard, like a secret being whispered deep into my wanting, desperate and hungry ears. I needed God so bad and I knew it, but had believed in the vehicle of religion as being the ticket to get to God's Kingdom. My life would soon turn from being a witness of Jehovah to a slave of Christ. Hearing the truth right side up would turn my world upside down. Religion would turn to relationship, and the deeply personal and intimate Sovereign God who always felt so far far away would present Himself so closely that my life would not just become another chapter...It would become another book entirely. God was writing a story that day, and my character would not reckon himself to be so deeply flawed. I was such a wreck, so broken beyond repair. I would learn that day that He loves and purposes some of the greatest sinners among us. Friends, I am nothing. A nobody. However, the testimony of Jesus in my life would change how and who I saw in my tattered and torn reflection To those who are forgiven much, they love much in return. My testimony echoes with divine clarity the complete failure of religion, and the restoration found in relationship. I would go from a Kingdom Hall to a church without walls. I would go from a life of sin and death to a love without borders. Church would soon be not where I would go, but who I would become. "You are going to be a vessel..." She had my attention because I had just started a blog called "Becoming His Vessel". She didn't know that, but I knew who did. God was calling, and soon, very soon, I would answer. This is the story of my life. A simple, poor, ex Jehovah Witness; an addicted two time prison inmate thief and liar and such an immoral unlikey man who cared about nobody and nothing, such a real loser so far and on my way to a life of death who in one day, in one inspired moment would be changed by the very hand of the only Sovereign true God alive. In one day, just like that, I found a relationship and still know I don't deserve it. Faith is a gift. Grace is a gift. My life is a gift, and God is good. Why do I not go to church today? I'll tell you why. Its in my testimony, and finally I feel it is time to tell my story. I can hardly wait...
  5. Just browse the headlines today for a while. Just look at the percieved plight of the direction of this world. The economies of nations now teetering on collapse and anguish are manifest in HD for all to see. War is coming, the government is coming after your rights, your guns and your babies. The weather is getting hotter, colder, wetter and dryer. Fire and rain, smoke and ashes- murder rates up, stock markets down. Trade wars on, lights going off, and uncle sam is just another fake friend who is leading the world to its end. Babylon rising, Islam growing, abortion is a right so pushed by the left. Hashtag this and hashtag that, what about me and what about them. Mass migration and lets build a wall, to keep us safe and keep them out. Nuclear options, nuclear arms, hands raised to heaven in a world going to hell. Take comfort my friends, for these are the days when tribulation and trial set the stage and mold mens hearts for a harvest of souls of sinners needing saved amd they know it. The enslavement of your mind is well under way, but the freedom in our Lord Jesus Christ has set us free from the generation of fear being propagated by mass media. They want you afraid because they need your attention. Keep your eyes fixed upon our Father, Lord and savior and redeemer, and turn your tv off a while. Our Kingdom is not part of this world. We do not belong here anyway. Our citizens has already been spoken for, forever. Our government will never collapse. His rule remains eternally so. Gods perfect love casts away the fear that envelopes and distracts us from our mission. Our mission is to speak truth, to announce real hope and change. To bring sight to the blind and steps to the lost, and to boldly proclaim in one loud voice that we are not headed for destruction, but deliverance. Jesus has risen and He is the only voice and King that matters and this world is set on shutting that down. Its an antichrist system no matter who you voted for. We are not headed for a cliff, but up to His Holy mountain. We are not swayed but excited, for all of this chaos simply means that His Kingdom reign is ever closer being realized as the solution, the antidote and the way in which this world is truly headed. This world was conquered at Calvary, and we have nothing to fear. Born and brought into this world for such a time, to proclaim Gods love and peace and truth in Jesus to lost and scattered sheep. That all that counts. Thats all that remains. #nothingelsematters
  6. “No one, when he has lit a lamp, puts it in a secret place or under a basket, but on a lampstand, that those who come in may see the light." Thats Luke 11:33. I read this and I think instantly, the majority of American Christians. So career driven, distracted and flesh oriented. They go to church every Sunday morning and start the week off by hiding what light they have under a roof. With fancy walls and busy parking lots. So devoid of real faith and Holy Spirit it makes real believers want to go in there and turn those places upside down with only the truth. They call it worship. Singing some trendy Christian hit with other middle uppers not realizing how far down this train will go. Lets buy 5 dollar coffee and give Jesus and God and all that some face time. Giving just enough time and money and resources to make a difference, but it is metrics and cost driven. Hive mentality. The Holy Spirit does not need a branding strategy and catchy slogan on Sunday to render God his due or build His Kingdom. Get the hell out of church already. The harvest is great. Your light's are all together doing little good on the Gospel's reality for the lost and where these people can be found today. They are everywhere and all around in places you avoid and not, in your church. Where is the darkness; where is the light? It took almost 300 years for the first known church building to be built. We call it that while they did not. They ate there often together and hung out talking life and love and all things Jesus. No bible yet. That would be another 100 years and in a different language anyway. There were equal economies between members, all without want...far cry from that when most the popular Christians today seem to be in Mega-churches that fundraise for Christ somehow. Give your money to someone else to do something for Gods Kingdom? Where is that in the Bible as a church model? There is more happiness in giving...and doing. In the 300 years real believers did not build a church, Americans have built over 400,000. That is more than all the hotels/motels and restaurants and convenience stores combined! It's like worship requires a temple. What it requires is Spirit and Truth. What did early believers know that these Joel Osteen loving pastor driven, itchy eared Christians do not? Its who they do not know. The Holy Spirit. Without it, it is not church. It's a social event for those seeking to appear faithful, but not having, real faith. Here is why. It's not a relationship with a Savior who they know as if there was not a single building called a church ever to attend. I Wonder where those 5,000 and then 3,000 who believed and got baptised went the following Sunday? I wonder if they all hid their lights under a roof somewhere and gave their 10%? What they did do was minister. Being called out of the world, to be the light and salt and Jesus here when He was not. What is church? Technically: 1577 ekklēsía(from 1537 /ek, "out from and to" and 2564 /kaléō, "to call") – properly, people called out from the world and to God, the outcome being the Church (the mystical body of Christ) – i.e. the universal (total) body of believers whom God calls out from the world and into His eternal kingdom. [The English word "church" comes from the Greek word kyriakos, "belonging to the Lord" (kyrios). 1577 /ekklēsía ("church") is the root of the terms "ecclesiology" and "ecclesiastical."] Who is it? Accurately. Two or more in His name. He said that and built the church with bodies and not bricks, with ministry and not masonry. It is living and breathing and only by The Holy Spirit is empowered and driven. Where is your personal light shining? When is the last time you approached a stranger, being led by God to do so? When is the last time you went out of your way to go find someone in need? Where is your light shining on Sunday?
  7. I do not have a fb account. Just here and google +/blogger. Denny
  8. 2 Peter 3:15 — Also, regard the patience of our Lord as salvation, just as our dear brother Paul has written to you according to the wisdom given to him. Wisdom is found in our patience. We are wise to see that focusing on last days rhetoric can be a distraction and impediment to the ministry we have been equipped to share. This is a great article. Thank you.
  9. Excellent words here - thank you for sharing. His last proclamation to 'go therefore and make disciples' summed up well the intent of His time shared with those who followed Him. Their lives would be commissioned towards discipleship, a knowledge not to be contained.
  10. Mark 4: 20 "And these are they which are sown on good ground; such as hear the word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit, some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some an hundred." Do you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior? After hearing this being said time and time again by modern evangelists, I sought its biblical foundation in justification for these life altering words, and found them not in scripture. Friends, Jesus is not a truth we simply accept. We accept the rain falling or the wind blowing as a fact and carry on with our day. I accept the things I cannot change. However, Jesus is not somebody we just accept or acknowledge- Jesus is somebody we spiritually receive. God's Word comes from above in Spirit. It is of Almighty God; an eternally sovereign Truth cast upon our newly opened eyes and received for what it is, The Way in which we ought to now walk. I accept Jesus as my Lord after it has been received of Him by Holy Spirit. Let's stop sugar coating like wormwood how men are saved by God's perfect will, for it establishes another way and another door outside of how God's Word speaks about His inheritance in men and how we are bound to His will and purpose. It's not just misleading, it's a lie that must be exposed and resolved scripturally. Faith is a gift. "Friends, I believe if you said this prayer you've been saved..." Joel Osteen closes every sermon with these words, and then urges those who recite this phrase to find a bible based church. Ironically, a bible based church will not teach this as the foundation of Christ's Body; as the way we enter into His rest. Listen carefully to what Jesus said about how His Church was to be built: Matthew 16: 17. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. 18. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. The rock His church was built upon was not Peter himself, but the fact that flesh and blood did not reveal to Peter who Jesus was; His Father revealed it to Him from heaven. Here we see again, Jesus was not just accepted by Peter, the truth was received by him from above. It was not some immutable fact he had to accept. It was divinely revealed and Peter received it from The Father in heaven. Truth came down, not up. The false church led by false Christ's will teach another way that is not the voice of the Shepherd being received spiritually. They teach a doctrine unto themselves that says 'just say this prayer' or 'accept Jesus as your Lord and you are saved. However, God's Kingdom is built like the winds that blow, unseen like the air but it's presence manifest spiritually to those with eyes and ears opened by Truth. It will remain hidden to those who seek it for personal gain, who gather riches in God's name or who say some magic little prayer and boom, you got saved. It is a choosing or calling that began long before your existence; foreknown by God and ordained into the hearts of those chosen from before the founding of the world. If the church you attend is teaching grace over repentance, accepting Jesus over receiving Him, or prosperity over piety, you are in a lifeless building led by someone who is still as blind as the men they lead into a pit. Come out of her my people. The plagues and promises are real. We receive Christ Jesus and our Father accepts us because of His Son, not because of our acknowledgement of the facts, but as a calling to himself to those foreknown individuals He calls out of this world by divinely inspired spiritual revelation. This truth will remove the false churches from their sandy foundations, leaving behind those who have built their house upon The Rock that remains after the storm. Do we accept Jesus as Lord? We receive His Lordship, and this faith and these truths and God's amazing grace are gifts from above. To be saved is more than words. It's and act of God and is not initiated by reciting words or prayers that incite a response from heaven. It's initiated in heaven and incites a response from men. Brick by brick His church is built with souls who by God's will and grace alone who have been called out and saved from this world passing away. God's purpose in salvation is made perfect through the humble hearts of those chosen from the sea of mankind to represent His Kingdom here and now. To God our Father may all glory honor and praise be in Jesus name. May it be so.
  11. "Whenever a “Piper” lives a lifestyle beyond the reaches of those he is serving, there is an ever present danger he is producing a self-serving kingdom void of the Truth". The servant shall be the greatest among you... this benchmark would eliminate the mass of churches in America, which leads me to question the pastor driven church model entirely. This post was awesome. The sword of truth comes through this message. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Thanks for the message David. I took a very lengthy technology fast and it was such a wise way to remove the clouds of opinion and doctrine and prophecy interpretation, leading me back to the neautiful simplicity we have in Christ. Thank you again, and stay the course. He is worthy.
  13. If you get on the internet and start asking algorithm based search engines about Bible doctrine, Jesus and the end times, look out for the rabbit hole up ahead, filled with men in darkness seeking knowledge of the light. We live in the days now of men roving about in search of what is truth, and in the final analysis, the truth is not a destination or viewpoint one arrives at. It is a person and not a place. It is a who, and not a what. My journey began when I was introduced to reading the book of Enoch; this lost book of the Bible disregarded and hidden since the Nicean Councel. Reading about the watchers and fallen angels coming to earth and introducing mankind to divination and the desires of our flesh was a very interesting read. I knew there had to be another book in the Bible because 67 sounded so much more godlike than 66. That soon segued into learning that many of these demons are walking amongst us today and these hybrid reptilians are now leading the world to her destruction. I saw a photo of David Rockefeller and was immediately convinced. That man is not human folks. Neither is George Soros. I was really onto something here. Next thing I know, I find out there are these shape-shifting Nephilim serpent hybrids alive and well down here on earth, and in hd video on Youtube. Most of them make a living in Hollywood and DC. Why arent people talking about this? It was basically Biblical and on the internet? I saw a video of Nancy Pelosi morphing into some other being, which didnt suprise me, and one of Obama's bodyguards doing the same. Unbelievable. I had my proof and this was all starting to make some sense, because I always knew Hilary Clinton was a demon straight from the pit of hell. Turns out about half this world isnt human at all, and that half made sense to me. I then started reading about Albert Pike and Luciferianism and the Rothchilds and Rockefellers and I'm telling you friends there was no turning back. We are all under the complete contol of the Illuminati, the Cabal, the Jews, The NWO, Freemasonry and Mark Zuckerberg. I deleted my Facebook account that day. True Story. I had reached the point of finding out who this antichrist dude really was. I was banking on Obama because I knew he was Muslim and just had that antichrist feel about him, and the timing was right; but whoever the pope is at the time also fit the bill. Turns out it's this Maitreya "World Teacher" who first appeared literally out of thin air in front of thousands of people in Kenya in the 80's. He is the very one the Illuminati and NWO folks believe is coming. Thank you Google for finding that so fast for me. I knew people devoting thier lives to knowing who the antichrist is and it took me only 5 minutes. Armed with this accurate knowledge I proceded along so much closer to the light of day. Really though, I was a thousand miles from nowhere and could'nt have been more lost. Moving forward, I began reading about Agenda 21, an alien invasion coming soon, and the ever so elusive mark of the beast. Did you know that UFO's are coming along with Project Bluebeam and Planet X, and the rapture is being faked by our government? This all made sense because Ive seen ufos before, and Lucifer and the fallen ones needed a ride to get to DC. The truth was setting me free! And friends, Ill make your search for the mark of the beast very simple: Its a tattoo or rfid chip or stamp on your hand or in your hand and on your forehead- im not yet sure where, or it is a brain wave implant wifi based technology running on the upcoming 5g networks and generated by CERN. Its gotta be one of the two. Then again, it could be an international ID Card, gentically modified foods, DNA activation, AI, or your social security number, or quite possibly something coming along with all these FEMA camps I keep reading about. Either way, dont take the mark, and start storing food. I was now armed with more knowledge than most men could fathom, but was still in the closet about banking on Obama being the Antichrist. I could just tell by looking at him. I was sure about chemtrails, HAARP, GMO's and UFO's, but still on the fence about the mark of the beast, who Mystery Babylon is and the role of the Vatican in the last days. I saw videos that disproved the whole reptilian shape shifters thing, and then found out we faked landed on the moon - NASA is one big lie because the earth is flat and they know it! At this point I am actually angry and ready for a revolution. I then find out that I needed to learn more Hebrew, buy a shofar, study the Torah and be more Jewish - but did'nt have the time because Nibiru was inbound, the Revelation 12 sign was being fulfilled on September 23rd, and Donald Trump got elected, beating the demon Hilary by a landslide. There goes the whole Obama is the devil theory I was secretly rooting for. I remember wondering somewhere around that time about the validity of the Book of Enoch because I read about the Nephilim coming back soon and realized: I had gone full circle to distant places going nowhere, far down an uphill road. I had not learned one more fact or acquired one ounce of useful knowlege in all my time searching, because I had been seeking what the truth was rather than Who, the truth is. Be rooted in Christ people. May our depths be the knowledge of His grace of His loyal loyal love. Have faith in Jesus. Seek first His Kingdom. Be Holy. Be Holy. Be Holy. Do not forget my dear friends, Jesus rocked the world with 12 ordinary men, no Bible and no church and no internet. What they did have was supernatural divinely ordained Holy Spirit power, and it was awesome. It brought down temples and Kings and changed the planet. Ministry... It was boots on the ground out in the darkness being light and salt to a world in desperate need of a savior. The Savior. He came and saw and conquored and is right now, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He reigns. God Almighty can use your little light to help save souls, bring down strongholds and overcome the gates of hell. Thats what I believe. Thats who I believe in. Truth is not a complex thing requiring algorithms and a wifi connection. It is divinely revealed gift of the knowledge of Christ Jesus to the humble lost sheep He seeks. It transforms us inside out, root to fruit. Be rooted in Christ. Be rooted in Christ. Be rooted in Christ. Google it.
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