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  1. Lord hear our prayers... wrap the arms of the Great Physician around his body and guide the hands and hearts of all those treating him today and everyday.
  2. My personal favorite of my opening lines... ”....and I was strong right up until I was weak.”
  3. I wrote my best magazine article opening line, a long time ago. it was about my flying days, when the plane I was responsible to test fly, came apart on landing. ”On the morning I died, i remember the bright sky and cool, morning, air...”
  4. I’ve not covered my camera yet, but I did rename my WiFi “FBI Surveillance Van #9” sometimes i I change it to “INS SURVEILLANCE UNIT 44” just to see the cars roar out of the neighborhood.
  5. Louis Lamour used to say that he could write sitting on a metal chair, in the middle of rush hour, on a subway platform. I guess I’m a little like that, once the writing juices start flowing I’m unaware of my surroundings unless something radical interrupts. if music were playing I’d never know.
  6. Our prayers go out to all those in the current and eventual path of Hurricane Dorian. here in Central Florida, we’ve boarded up and stocked up. All that is left is to help others get ready and hunker down as the sky closes in on us. if you are in the path, do whatever you must do to be safe and if you go to a shelter, don’t sit on a cot and wait for others to wait on you. Grab an apron and help feed, clothe and shelter God’s less fortunate.
  7. Welcome to the forum for a fellow pilot. we’re glad to see you.
  8. ...I’ll start. Father God, you give us life as a gift with an expiration date unwritten. We know you will call us to your side but never when. our hearts ache when we give them back to You, even knowing that is Your perfect plan. Please be with Lynn and family as they experience the home going of a special loved one. Wrap your arms of love around them and keep them safe as they travel to be together. Let our prayers go before us in love and condolence and lift their hearts toward You, instead of dwelling on life’s inevitable conclusion.... your turn, beloved.
  9. ...when you get up at 2:30 am to get some writing done without phones ringing,, questions, interruptions, or feeling guilty because you should be doing something productive at 2:30 pm.
  10. Someone truly special has a birthday this week!


    Happy Birthday Lynn!!! You make this place a wonderful respite for the rest of us.


    the question for have for you as you celebrate your birthday....


    If you didn’t know what day you were born, how old would you be?

    1. lynnmosher


      LOL Well, where in the world have you been? What a nice surprise!


      Well, if I answered your question honestly this morning, I'd think I was 120 or maybe dead for a week! LOL My fibro-ed (fibromyalgia and everything else) isn't doing very well this morning. But I'll probably revise that answer down to about 80 after while. And if I'm lucky, I'll make to reality: 73! LOL 🤣




      Thank you sooo much for  the kind birthday greeting. And sooo glad to see you. Hope all is well with you. Bless you! :D🧡

  11. Dear Lynn, Hope your Christmas is wonderful and that you can be with all your family. It was so nice to read your kind note, yesterday. Thank you. Are your kids still living in Florida? Be safe and happy.

  12. I had two meetings with one of Chuck Swindoll's daughters, this week and you look exactly like his oldest. It's too weird.

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