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  1. Thank you Joeli nice to meet you.

  2. This is even more important as darkness increases in the world.
  3. You said- What if we, who call ourselves Christians, spent less time focusing on the ministry minutia of things that divide us and gave ever increasing attention to that which unites us? What if we focused less on debate with one another and more on reaching the lost and the lonely? What if we simply loved one another and served together? I couldn't agree more!
  4. You said, "Therefore, we should be careful that our cynicism about the political process not consume our primary passion, our God-given ability to love God and our neighbor as ourselves. Otherwise, the lack of objective fruit in our lives becomes the ultimate fake news." You also said, "Christ in us, our hope of glory, is the primary mover and shaker. If we do not live in this reality, idols in the form of ideas become more than fake." John, this is excellent! I had to add these thoughts (truths) to my favorite quotes to encourage myself when I get cynical. I so needed this. Thank yo
  5. LAustin


    Happy Birthday, Ragamuffin John! I love your birthday poem! May God bless you abundantly throughout your new year! Not only are you not forsaken, you are chosen!
  6. Thank you for sharing this. I love hearing/reading testimonies of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Isn't it amazing how much God has done with you since you received Christ! (I still have Peter's family on my prayer list. I know this has been a difficult time for you all.)
  7. GEM 1 said: Having a medical condition is not a sin. However, what brings a person to that condition could be rooted in sin. That is a great point. I think that goes for some emotional conditions, too-- even depression. Any facet of selfishness can lead to depression.
  8. Happy Birthday, Melissa! May you be conscious of God's great love for you today and throughout the year!

  9. Happy Birthday, Melissa! May you be conscious of God's great love for you today and throughout the year!

  10. LAustin


    I am so sorry. I will continue to pray for all of you.
  11. LAustin

    Line Of Vision

    I enjoyed reading about how God is blessing your ministry. You said, "Sometimes when God answers our prayers, we don’t recognize the package in which the answer has been delivered. It doesn’t look the way we assumed it would look. It didn’t come from the direction we thought. Nevertheless, it is the answer." Oh, how true that is! Sometimes the packages that contain our answers can even look like hurdles or hindrances.
  12. Praying for Peter and family. Praying for you, too.
  13. Praying for Peter and family. Keep us posted as you can.
  14. Happy Birthday! May God bless you today and always!

    1. Virginia Winterstorm

      Virginia Winterstorm

      Ahh!! Your message was a surprise. Thank you very message.

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