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  1. . . . In an age of pervasive artificial intelligence, control of all areas of life is at stake during a futuristic war that many think will determine what life will be like forever. . . The Independent States of America had never seen things the way that nations like neighboring Homeland and all their allies had. Fearing total annihilation, they had no choice but to fight a desperate war that left no room for error.
  2. If you still need the help and are considering seeking a co-author, I am willing to take a look at it. You can see some of what I write here: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/D3NWARR3N bigontraining@yahoo.com
  3. Keith; Here are some ideas to possibly bump up your word count while making the story more engaging: Put the characters in situations where their individual situations and personalities are shown. Maybe one or more of them is ready to "give up" and does something stupid, but someone, a Christian, comes along and intervenes. Maybe one or more of them are rushed to the hospital because they almost die. (Go online and research medical things that can go wrong with their conditions.) Maybe one of them has a family member who is stressing out over their condition.
  4. I don't make very much money. I am not trying to. But I do get satisfaction from writing to promote God's Kingdom. I am looking for someone who wants to serve the Lord and who is competent and entertaining to co-author with. Someone who is willing to put themselves out there. I have written many novels. You can see some of what I write here: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/D3NWARR3N I would like to add more novels to my Lucid Series, mostly to bring more attention to the first book. I also may be willing to help you with your project. I do all my own publishing and can do it for the both of us. you can reach me here: bigontraining@yahoo.com Den Warren
  5. Praise God! I'll tweet that to lots of other folks.
  6. In a dystopian cyberpunk world, a young boy dares to ask if God is real. After analysis, a series of androids determines that God does exist. They are designed to promote and protect the truth, which results in conflict with the government. This book was awarded the Reality Calling Badge for Redemptive Fiction. (You can read a thorough review at the link.) The Lucid Series: Android Uprising is acceptable for young adults.
  7. dont be discouraged.. press on

    1. Den Warren

      Den Warren

      Thank you for your encouragement way back then! Anyways, I did press on and was able to get a lot done.

      God Bless you.


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