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  1. One Song Celebrating 75 of the Church on the Green St Francis of Assisi, Lebanon CT One last song offered in prayer by the former folk group of the parish. One song offered on high, four voices in harmony blended by the years. Intimate voices praising the one truth, called to minister long ago, now called to other fields. We have blessed many despite our flaws. We have touched the heart and soul of those who stopped and listened. We have ministered to those who seek, as to ourselves. One song offered on high, a bittersweet tune, for we have sung its lyric and played its chords one last time. We who are the harmony offered to He who gives us voice. We who are the intimate praise offered to He who stoops low to listens copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr https://scarletrobecreations.blogspot.com/
  2. Thank you so much... and God Bless
  3. Come Lord, as the infant you were in Bethlehem, as the teacher you were in Galilee. Speak to the veils before my heart, to the dirt on my soul. ~ Come Lord, as the friend at table, in Bethany or the Upper Room. Speak to my hatred and fears that I might understand Your love. ~ Come Lord, risen after long days of darkness. Step out from the tomb of my sin. Speak to me with the voice of my shepherd. ~ Come Lord, into a world that sleeps, a world unprepared, a world unbelieving. ~ Come Lord, to the meek, to the impoverished, to the lonely. ~ Come Lord, into a feeding troth, with filthy rags and straw. Come into my heart, at times as cold and desolate as the manger and claim me as Yours. copyright 2017 - Donald P James Jr https://scarletrobecreations.blogspot.com
  4. Nice poem John. I haven't visited the site in a while. Good to see you are still out there sharing your beautiful words.
  5. Do you know where you stand, goats or sheep? Do you know the shepherd, have you submitted to His guidance? Are you certain you will stand to the right and not the left? Will you know you have served, fully aware of your deeds, or will you have loved from a heart born of compassion? Have you stayed unstained when He needed your hands in the soil? Do not say, "Lord, I never saw you hungry," when He is in our midst everyday. Do not say, "Lord, when were you a prisoner," when our old wait for Him in loneliness. copyright 2017 - Donald P James Jr https://scarletrobecreations.blogspot.com/
  6. Donald James

    An Advent Journey

    Poems and short reflections for the season of Advent and Christmas. For unto us a child will be born. Let us prepare our hearts for His coming.
  7. Seek the Lord (A Prayer for Sutherland Springs) Seek the Lord in the darkness. Do not let the shadows define your journey. Lean on His wounds when anger tells you to strike back. Seek the Lord when the world says there is no reason for doing so. Kneel and pray for the holy ones and the sinners. Seek the Lord when deep voids surround you. He stands in the light, risen from an empty tomb. The saints of Revelation bask in His glory, evil is crushed under His foot. Seek the Lord in the darkness. Do not let the shadows of this day change the course of your journey. Cling to Him when it is most difficult to see His light. copyright 2017 - Donald P James Jr https://scarletrobecreations.blogspot.com/
  8. Christian, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Guitar Picker & Writer

  9. I always follow the links you give to show where some of your inspiration comes from. And there is so much inspiration to be received from His word.
  10. Love the song "Calling Out Your Name." Rich Mullins was an incredible song writer.
  11. I'll be praying for you, John. The wait time period is always difficult. So is the concept that no news is good news. Faith, trust and a lot of prayer
  12. I love the last lines of this poem "makes the Passover like love in the Night"...
  13. Welcome to Christian Writers Robin.  Hope all is well in Togo.  God bless you in your work.

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    2. Donald James

      Donald James

      Same here! If you get a chance stop by my blog. [URL="http://scarletrobecreations.blogspot.com/"]http://scarletrobecreations.blogspot.com/[/URL] I started this a couple weeks ago and try to update about every other day.

    3. Robin Malcolm

      Robin Malcolm

      I'd be honored. I'll take a look in the morning as I'm shutting down for the night. Here is my blog. It isn't as developed as I'd like, as my focus is on resource development and this new book project. But it's a good glimpse into our life, FWIW. [URL="https://frenchkinbirdie.wordpress.com/"]https://frenchkinbirdie.wordpress.com/[/URL]

    4. Donald James

      Donald James

      Wow! looks like a very rewarding way of life.  I pray that God makes his presence felt every day. .... PS,... I think your blog is very good

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