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  1. Thanks! I have a lovely pdf I want to use as a Twitter thumbnail.
  2. Reviewers said it was hard to learn. I had to have a pdf of the tutorial on my phone while I used it on my laptop.
  3. Buffer can schedule your social media posts on up to ten different sites at the time you choose. This gives you time to work on them.
  4. Dr. R.J. Harker IiI, Ph.D., Th.D, M.N.G.S. Is a character in several stories. Egotism is his worst flaw. ("M.N.G.S." is a title he bestowed on himself. He submitted an article to the National Geographic Society which was rejected because of its lack of corroboration. They sued him to prevent his use of the title "Member of the National Geographic Society" but lost.
  5. A feeble attempt at humor. TDDrakken has some character interviews in the critique section.
  6. I'm trying to remember the term for this type of novel. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is another, as is Robinson Crusoe and a lot of Dickens. Essentially just a sequence of incidents tied to one character or a group, these are usually about a journey to emotional maturity.
  7. WhiteSmoke? As in the Eighties hair band? Two-point-five stars out of five at the Google Play Store. No thanks!
  8. Ginger sounds like a hit and I want to learn more about it. I have a polyglottal character who jumps from one language to another. A crucial phrase in his test of an artificial intelligence system is in Laotian, but I may change it to Vietnamese because of something I read on Quora about information density.
  9. Yes, yWriter is free and open source. You can register for a small fee which gives you access to support services and the Android app is available for a small fee as well. It plays well with Dropbox and Google Docs, but I got it for its compatibility with LibreOffice, part of the Linux kernel I'll be running on my Raspberry Pi. That may be moot since my daughter is done with her Lenovo touchscreen desktop. It's running Windows 10 and a factory reset would probably deal with other issues.
  10. Dr. Harker is awfully stuck on himself. Let him write his own blog!
  11. Reminds me of the oral report I gave on Pilgrim's Progress. "It's not uh-LEG-oh-ree. It's AL-uh-go-ree." "Geeze, Mr. Wyckoff. I read it when I was eight! I didn't look up the words from the foreword because I guessed it from the context!" " Maybe you should try re-reading a book before you do a presentation."
  12. With yWriter, I can compile groups of scenes into chapters and track the characters, times, and settings for each scene. Individual character goals for each scene can be tracked as well.
  13. A rebellious streak in me is responsible for my high rate of unique words in Grammarly. This is what I get from Pickwick the first word on autocomplete: "It's a very long way from his father of a single entry was posted on Tuesday." That writing prompt would be transformed to: "A trek from his father's posting resulted in a single journal entry: We left Tuesday morning."
  14. Maybe we're taking this a little too far and forgetting that it's a way of meeting expectations in a particular genre, the noir thriller. The genre of my WIP is a "stranger in a strange land" science fiction adventure. The Time Machine, "The Matrix" and the series "Farscape" are examples of this. The genre requires a "native guide" as a mentor for the protagonist and this individual often has a different agenda. The twist I'm after is the romantic subplot. They " meet cute" but bicker constantly. The payoff in this subplot is potentially huge. Plus it keys into one of my daughter's biggest complaints about science fiction. Therein lies the mystery of my story. "There be three things which are too wonderful for me. yea, four which I know not: the way of an eagle in the air; the way of a serpent upon a rock; the way of a ship in the midst of the sea; and the way of a man with a maid." Proverbs 30:18 & 19, AKJV
  15. Think of the average first-century dwelling in which Christ was born. One single large room, with maybe an upper room for guests. Animals who require special care, like Passover lambs, are raised in the house. So, when the "inn" is full of visiting relatives, a bed for a newborn child is found in a corncrib.
  16. "Invisible flying rats." That's the first line of Drift: Expanding Universes. Forty- nine thousand nine hundred ninety-seven to go!
  17. There are people who do just that. It may be a pathology. But I'd seek God's wisdom in this area. Persist in doing well and pray against unreasonable fear.
  18. When you see the saw, see that you saw the seesaw.
  19. I resemble that remark. I'm a Connecticut Yankee living in Missouri. Wanna buy a nutmeg? I make 'em by the truckload.
  20. I would! Or maybe A. Nonnie Mouse or Nominia Incognita. Neil Stephenson named the main character in Snow Crash "Hiro Protagonist."
  21. A wiccassee is a tree and the definition of widgeon in this dictionary was "a ground-nesting water bird. " It's a Pulitzer Prize winner with a deep and mellifluous voice.
  22. I use yWriter, open-source and free, with Google Docs (advertiser supported). The fonts tend to jump around when I log in or out ( probably because of something I'm doing wrong) but they all even out when I export them. So I use this to keep track of the changes I make to the files.
  23. I'm coming up with nothing but dead ends trying to find a poem that goes: A widgeon in a wiccassee Where ne'er a widgeon wants to be. A woeful widgeon was. While underneath, in wickiup, A Wichita was wont to sup With other Wichitas... The poet was describing his process on an audio recording. He actually opened a dictionary at random and composed a poem based on words he found on that page. My freshman comp professor always insisted that there was only one right word for any situation.
  24. My reputation for parsimony is not yet well known.
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