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  1. It's based on a myth of the founding of Rome. There's a Biblical counterpart where the Benjamite men are allowed to steal brides because the other tribes have sworn not to provide maidens for them to marry.
  2. To quote a spiritual giant: " Philosophize with him, Ted!"
  3. At the top of every page, there are three lines. Click on or touch that icon. This opens your activity page. The bell is your notification button. That gives you handles and notices about threads and individuals you follow.
  4. It sounds like the "snowflake method." Each character is affected in a different way by events and goes in a different direction, closer or farther apart. At the next incident, the same characters branch out again, going further apart, coming closer together, or continuing on the same course. A diagram of these decisions starts to resemble a snowflake under a magnifying glass.
  5. Back in the days of film photography, image colors were reversed on the film. Black was white and white was black. Then you reversed this by printing on paper that restored the image. So it's an old guy pun.
  6. I knew a guy with a photographic memory. He only remembered the negatives.
  7. I actually write light verse quite often. But this was meant to encourage, not anger.
  8. Anyone can write a poem! Go on and try a verse! It may be bad And make you sad But hey! It could be worse!
  9. As I understand The Story Grid, every scene has its own narrative structure. A scene that doesn't change the overall situation doesn't have a purpose and is a candidate for the scrap heap. Or a rewrite!
  10. My aunt published her Bible study book through Westbow. Total sales? Twenty-four copies, one of which my sister gave to me after my father gave it to her. Thing is, a series of POD handouts would have served the same purpose. An honest assessment would have pointed out the limited market for this kind of thing. I suppose she could have supported the book better through speaking engagements. But that's the book world these days. I'm looking forward to learning more about your life, Skipper, but I don't know if I'd pay the Westbow price for the privilege.
  11. Thanks! I have a lovely pdf I want to use as a Twitter thumbnail.
  12. Reviewers said it was hard to learn. I had to have a pdf of the tutorial on my phone while I used it on my laptop.
  13. Buffer can schedule your social media posts on up to ten different sites at the time you choose. This gives you time to work on them.
  14. Dr. R.J. Harker IiI, Ph.D., Th.D, M.N.G.S. Is a character in several stories. Egotism is his worst flaw. ("M.N.G.S." is a title he bestowed on himself. He submitted an article to the National Geographic Society which was rejected because of its lack of corroboration. They sued him to prevent his use of the title "Member of the National Geographic Society" but lost.
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