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  1. Two cents and worth every penny: "The Sabbath was made for humanity; humanity wasn't made for the Sabbath." "The person who keeps the holy days keeps them for the Lord. And the person who practices reverence for the Lord every day does this for the Lord as well. Each individual should be settled in his own mind and respect the sensitivities of others as well."
  2. License, permission, and royalty agreements. A general rule is that you need to pay for intellectual property used for commercial purposes. If you release a live album with a cover of another band's song, you pay a royalty to the songwriter, not the band, and credit it accordingly.
  3. Don't ask me how I know how easy it is to set off .22 rimfire ammunition without a firearm.
  4. One of my granddaughters takes ballet. Early lessons involved falling and tripping gracefully to pretend it was choreographed.
  5. Outside of social media, you have print, radio, and television. And personal appearances. This was the world of the "book tour." Local radio, television, small town newspapers. It helped if you had a hook, like cozy mysteries with a cooking detective or if you were an ex-con that wrote historical romances. Nevertheless there was air to fill and a need for copy to get the readers to the back pages where the ads lived. Now, with social media, I can do an interview with a call-in show on my hometown public access station. Since one of my projects is a near-future dystopia set in New England, I may be ridden out of town on a rail next time I visit my daughter and grandaughter, but they know how to spell my name.
  6. Gloves off? I'm keeping hold of my stick in case I need it! I'm an old white liberal Pentecostal Christian male. I'd rather write than fight. It's a fallen world, and when you write for a secular market with a Christian worldview you will get flak from both sides. Pendulums swing. An organization gathers momentum to correct injustice but continues past the point of fair dealing until a backlash is inevitable. My advice to romance writers is to stay the course. Because ultimately Christ will be heard above the clamor of competing voices. Do you stay with the guild or strike out on your own? I don't know. But basing your decision on the voice of the loudest trumpet is a formula for error.
  7. It's not unique to the South. I used to bring a book along when we visited relatives in Maine. I could get in a chapter or two between the start of goodbyes and our actual departure.
  8. I think Sam Walton had the right idea: Vote with your feet! So I'll let The Mandalorian fall by the wayside and keep caught up on The Expanse and Picard. Or spend less time on television and movies regardless of which conglomerate appeals to my sense of nostalgia.
  9. Remembering the " New Wave" upheaval in the science fiction world, it's useful to maintain a sense of perspective. SFWA is all the stronger for it; Harlan Ellison and Samuel Delaney became respected elders; and subgenre fragmentation is rife. It was cyberpunk for the innovators and complex world-building for the traditionalists that ended the controversy, or maybe the realization that the written word competes with cinema and television for entertainment dollars and consumer attention. No one ever imagined that the pie would get so big!
  10. Castle Rock ME is supposed to be in the foothills of the White Mountains between Norway and Mexico. It's a mill town whose manufacturing economy has gone south. It's such a good town name and translates easily into other languages.
  11. Bloviazza! I know, it's too Italianate for clans with Celtic roots. But it's fantasy! Happy little trees!
  12. It's not a contranym, but " cleave" is both "to join together" and "to cut apart." But if a bird you own needs veterinary care, you may get a Bill bill bill.
  13. My phone knows that I write, but it hasn't figured out I don't have anything ready to send out into the world!
  14. PenName! I follow her on other sites because she help me understand the elaborate subterfuge that Joseph put his brothers through. Don't let that discourage you. I'm doing a science fiction story based on the Jonah story. Has it ever been done? Probably. But it's never been none by me!
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