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  1. This $50 of which you speak: I think they do this across-the-board, because I get "verified purchase" on free apps but they won't let me into the ratings to say they don't work on my older Kindle Fire.tablet.
  2. I second that idea, especially if you market outside the Christian publishing world. A YA can still be clean and uplifting to appeal to adult readers.
  3. Found it in a non- Peanuts setting. I don't think anybody ever reads the book.https:// www.mprnews.org/story/2015/10/27/best-books-dark-and-stormy-night
  4. I'm still waiting for my agent pitch! Indiana Jones wakes up in the Matrix! Amish romance in space with flesh-eating aliens! Barbarians! Steam- powered machine guns! And can I have seconds on the box lunch?
  5. Ideas. Don't talk to me about ideas. I have a brain the size of a planet and they say they have ideas. Sorry. Marvin the Paranoid Android wants to hijack the thread. Ten minutes to write down or record what you have so far. Flag it. Dust it off and look at it now and then.
  6. EClayRowe


    Back in the 70's, I was shotgunning stories out to top- level magazines. Always a form letter rejection. An assistant editor at "Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction" liked my opening scene for a short story, but complained about the infodump dialogue and the flat climax. She noted that my aliens were interesting ( kind of a kangaroo with two- thumbed hands) but hard to tell apart from the oddly named humans who spoke a strange dialect. I worked hard on that dialect. It was part of the theme, that it's harder to communicate with people who have their own agendas than with strangers who share a common cause. Looking at the story more objectively, I realized it was my job as a writer to make sure the reader "gets it." The story idea is still in my files. Not the manuscript, though
  7. EClayRowe

    Family Just Doesn't Get It!

    "Why are you wasting your money/ time/ effort/ goodwill on some thing that nobody but your geek buddies will ever read?" Because I believe God called me to do it. Because it seems to be something I can do well. Because the only time/money/ effort I used would have been wasted if I was doing something else with it. Not just buried under the ground, but scattered to the wind with no hope for recovery.
  8. EClayRowe

    They Changed The Rule On Me!

    My stylebook ( which is for college writing) would call it a used-book store if it sold previously owned books and leave out the modifiers and compound the word if the business was referred to. But they wouldn't end a sentence with a preposition, no matter how much better it sounded
  9. EClayRowe

    Three Writing Rules To Disregard

    From my adult daughter on YA fantasy: " I'm not reading this stuff to be challenged. It's entertainment, something I can do while the girls are busy with something they don't need me to participate in. So make me care about the people,and I guarantee I will buy the whole series."
  10. EClayRowe

    The First Ten Steps To Write Your Novel

    ¹This is why I stop by on the world building board on Reddit now and then. I'm no rocket scientist, but I could play one on TV. Steven, I'd probably be answering your question with one of my own. "Are we talking Golden Age, Silver Age, Clarion Era? Cyberpunk, Steampunk, or space opera? Alternate history, galactic empires, post- apocalyptic?" And your answer to that question would be a strong determining factor in whether I want you to represent me.
  11. EClayRowe

    With Love From The !!!!!!!!!

    It's the general acceptance of the interrogatory exclamation that intrigues me. The use of "?!" may signal eventual transition to an ideographic text like Chinese. The store in which I worked in Connecticut was near a major university, and I was collecting grocery lists on foreign handwriting. Chinese got extra cool points because the words were pronounced differently in Mandarin and Cantonese.
  12. EClayRowe

    The First Ten Steps To Write Your Novel

    That's why the "people you trust" aren't necessarily friends and family. My wife's usual comment is: "Why are you wasting your time doing that when the floor needs sweeping?" ( She doesn't read fiction.) Most of my friends say "Where do you get these crazy ideas?" (When they are sci- fi fans, it's usually an established franchise like Dr. Who or Star Wars. If they say "There's an episode of [insert program or movie title] like that," the idea goes into the "later" file.) So, what I do for now is work up a first chapter and post it in the "Critique and Feedback" section.
  13. I'm not an audiobook fan as far as fiction is concerned. I usually read fiction just before going to bed. When the book or ebook reader falls out of my hands, it's bedtime! Audiobooks don't stop playing when I nod off. In nonfiction, it's tough to write notes in the non-existent margins. But if my work were rendered audibly: Most things I write are first person with male narrators. Would it be strange to say that any reader I hired should sound like me?
  14. EClayRowe

    To Serial Comma Or Not

    In the Rachel Ray example, the main headline had the commas. I think as a reference to a bestseller.
  15. EClayRowe

    Plotter Or Pantser

    Steven King claims to be a pantser. He probably just has internalised story structure to the point where he doesn't have to write an outline.

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