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  1. Boo from Monsters Incorporated. Sorry, couldn't link.
  2. Read out the Lebanon Public Library before I was ten and inherited my cousin's library when he went to Vietnam. A paperback was half my milk money for the week. The best Christmas present ever was a year's subscription to Galaxy. Late Silver Age to the beginning of the Clarion era.
  3. Hootsuite and Buffer are apps that let you manage social media from your phone. You can set up social media accounts separate from personal accounts and invite your contacts in your personal accounts to follow you on those accounts with the click of a button. There's lists of people who will cross-link if you set up a group, like my 'Snot Rocket Science Club on Facebook. (Joiners are better than lurkers!) Spend a day with a tech- savvy friend or take a course at your local library. It's not rocket science. And if it was, you are carrying around more computing power than they used to go to the moon!
  4. Just like my blog is science for non-scientists. I don't think an unpublished writer is qualified to give writing or marketing advice, but I've done science and math tutoring.
  5. Congratulations! I'm not Catholic, but respect the tradition in science fiction, like A Canticle for Leibowitz and the Father Flandry stories. Available on Amazon? ( I anticipate gift cards this Christmas.)
  6. It could be worse. I haven't seen The Mandalorian yet, but I keep getting questions about "Baby Yoda" plush dolls that make me wonder if Disney researched the psychological compulsion of "interrupting toddler " memes.
  7. It was offered in the Reedsy newsletter. Monthly with a signup. Live to participate; recorded if unable.
  8. Fresh off a "First-Line Frenzy" webinar: First-person narration established. "Golem" announces a fantasy setting. "Detective" announces mystery. Parallel clauses imply a mysterious mashup of genres. Mashup sales are really hot right now. Maybe "gumshoe" is better. Alliteration and syllable parallels. The questions asked in this sentence: Who is this person? What was he before he was a golem? Why did he become a detective? This is very rich. It has the "hard-boiled" style of a pulp crime story. Stet. Don't churn this any more.
  9. ..I lost a John Cleese interview when my other phone was stolen. He had much the same advice for comedy writing, basically saying that the first twenty minutes is gold and you should get up and get a good cuppa after that. Then start something else, like another beat of that scene or another scene entirely. You can see this cyclical pattern in a Monty Python sketch. Set up the situation; joke; beat it to death; joke revival on another tack; shouting overreacting; the punchline. Then the Python touch: the non-sequitur segue to the next sketch.
  10. Today's WordGenius question asked for a word that wasn't synonymous with "acerbic." "Caustic" and "bitter" were given as choices. If "acerbic" is defined as "sour, " then both are antonyms in a chemical sense. "Cloying" was the correct response, probably because it's totally unrelated to the pH level of a substance. I'd probably avoid using "acerbic" as a synonym for "bitter." And "caustic?" The extra-strength drain opener is pretty extreme but would be neutralized by an acidic substance. That's my style. Word choice is important.
  11. Trivia and vocabulary games. I was an ace at It Pays to Increase Your Word Power from Readers' Digest. My parents never stopped me when I borrowed from the adult section of the library. ( Adult as in reading level; it was a small town library.) I had hearing issues, but the speech-and-hearing therapist said my vocabulary was college level, but with pronunciation issues, because I had never heard some words pronounced. (Allegory was uh-leg-or-ee. I read it in the preface to A Pilgrim's Progress. Never heard it pronounced until a high-school teacher corrected me.) Turn-based RPGs like Final Fantasy are about all I can stand on consoles.
  12. Twenty-two channels over the air. Living in the Kansas City Metro.
  13. What I always missed most about no cable was the lack of "wallpaper" channels. All news, all weather, and all sports are now available stations on streaming services.
  14. I always thought that was the point of limited omniscient third person. To be able to get into another character's head. Let's say you have an active chapter, a bombing mission in a B-29. Characters are a pilot, co-pilot/navigator, tail gunner, waist gunner, and bombardier. The chapter has transitional scenes where only the pilot and co-pilot's POV matter; fighter attacks where the gunners relate to the cockpit crew for information, and the bombing run itself. Cinematically, you'd have "cut scenes" to remind the audience that characters with nothing particular to do are still in jeopardy.
  15. The Kindle reading app has an interesting feature. On books that you "own" you can make a note by holding down any text, even the question mark on a workbook page.
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