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  1. EClayRowe

    Random 2 Coming

    Auto-correct going malaprop again?
  2. EClayRowe

    Author Website

    Don't get him sidetracked. I'm waiting for more of his robot Bible smugglers.
  3. EClayRowe

    Do Authors Really Need To Blog?

    I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction to my research into arms and armor in both ancient and speculative situations. That and cutting-edge science for lay people is the subject of my blog. Also I contribute to Quora ( a question/answer site) on subjects like working in retail, grammar, bicycle commuting, and New England living. It's easy to get lost there for hours on end.
  4. EClayRowe

    Common Editing Problems

    David Carradine starred. Originally part of a rotating line- up with "The Six-Million Dollar Man" and "Alias Smith and Jones." The original season featured 90- minute episodes instead of the usual hour dramas.
  5. EClayRowe

    For Those Of Us Who Didn't Go To College

    Second that. "It's good, but not for us" is the most encouraging words I ever got in response to a story submission
  6. If you have or have had a music ministry, speaking ministry, or teaching ministry, you'll have some experience of the promotional side of that ministry. If you've ever done foreign mission work, there's a fundraising component. Think of the marketing side of writing as an outreach, trying to get your work in the hands of as many people as possible. On that basis, choose your strategy. Submit to agents who are looking for the next big thing, or network your way into small press. Self-pub, if you're willing to do the work of editing, cover design, and promotion, or contract it out. Seek God's will and write!
  7. EClayRowe

    Common Editing Problems

    I do believe that Frank Oz is Jewish, so it's not out of the question. If baby boomers remember the "Kung Fu" tv series, much of the zen- like wisdom was from the Talmud. I got a lot of this second-hand from Goldsteins, Morgensterns, and the Blank family, nu?
  8. EClayRowe

    How Do You Handle Taxes?

    If your computer is an LLC asset and not personal property, yes. If it has files on it that are intellectual property of the LLC, and not registered copyrights owned by you as an individual... Website domain names. Again, are they owned by you as an individual? I've done seasonal tax prep work ( a nice side gig, by the way) but you should be dealing with a CPA if you're operating an LLC.
  9. EClayRowe

    Christian Science Fiction

    I don't think she did. I never followed through on the results. There was a science fiction writer who made up a religion...
  10. EClayRowe

    How Do You Handle Taxes?

    Not to further complicate matters but what if you crowdfund your first book publication to get professional editing, cover design, etc.? ( That's my less-than-complete business model.) Since I'm nearing retirement age, I'll just add that to the list of questions for my financial advisor.
  11. EClayRowe

    Common Editing Problems

    I love that about regional accents and dialects! "Hillbilly" has Scottish/Irish roots. The classic Southern drawl is derived from upper-class English of the eighteenth century
  12. EClayRowe

    Christian Science Fiction

    The weirdest thing about googling "Christian science fiction" is the number of hits you get on "'Christian Science' fiction."
  13. EClayRowe

    Christian Science Fiction

    Living in the Bible Belt has its advantages, one of which is that the local library carries a lot of Christian fiction and that it's not segregated in the stacks. They do maintain separate lists of Christian Romance and Christian Adrenaline on the website, but not " Christian Fantasy" or "Christian Science Fiction."
  14. EClayRowe

    Top 10 Google Search Tips & Tricks

    Trying to find a quote. Think it's Mark Twain. " Ignorance is not so much the things you don't know as it is the things you know that just aren't true." Library- based research does come easy to me, but not having access to a major university library throws me back to online resources. This is where I find more "information" from individuals with a hidden agenda. Some good, some less so. It's nice to find a huge interconnected civilization that's not Eurocentric; a bit less to wade through the "We were watching the stars while your ancestors were painting their faces blue and barking at the Moon."
  15. Broke the internet...

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