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  1. I agonize over character names. I had one that was good that was almost identical to a character in Dr. Who, but my story wasn't published so I went back to the drawing board.
  2. Earth is the only planet who's name is synonymous with dirt. But... Two cubic feet of garden soil goes for about $5.
  3. Moses is also characterized as meek, but he lost his place in the Promised Land in a fit of anger.
  4. Some of this is brain science. Human olfactory nerves are located closer to long-term memory networks, and people with epilepsy often report a "scent aura" just before a seizure. And no one has developed a viable Smell-O-Vision yet, which gives writers an advantage over purveyors of other media.
  5. Yes, indeedie. All three covers don't have spaceships or computers on them. Next! They might be really good, but not Earl Grey, hot. Imagine how much better with a cyborg eye!
  6. Regarding the indies that list as open but are actually closed: How long would it take to fill your catalog of 10-12 titles per year with hundreds of submissions?
  7. Amazon may not accept reviews if all of them are 5-star. But I did like the review a friend got: "It was warm and fuzzy, so I'm buying another one in pink."
  8. Apostrophes in alien names are stand-ins for things like aspirated glottal stops. Think of the "h" in "uh-oh." The natives of the Kalahari Desert speak with whistles and clicks. Japanese is regarded as the most information-dense of all human languages, conveying the most content in the fewest words. An alien with two or more sets of vocal chords could sing in harmony with itself. Aliens that are hive minds might not understand the concept of personal names. In some human cultures, there is a "true name" that is only known to the most intimate family. The philologist S.
  9. Thundersnow is a phenomenon that combines a thunderstorm and a snowstorm. The clouds are usually so thick that you don't see much lightning. My grandson was heavily into reaction videos. I was researching the connection between climate change and increased snowfall as winter storms were tracking as far south as the Carolinas, and the young man lived in the DC area.
  10. When I bought an ONN tablet from Walmart, I was pleased to see that the Walmart e-book app was pre-loaded. Kobo was a partner of the corporation I work for and I was pleased to have an alternative to the Bazonian Behemoth. But it's not there yet. I have coupons and discount codes I can't use without spending over and above the coupon amount. From a consumer point of view, it's just easier to buy from Amazon, and my 10% discount doesn't make up for the difference.
  11. I'm preparing to launch a site in April. It's mainly going to be about science news that I keep up with, but there will be a monthly book club for Christian science fiction.
  12. As a child, I remember that the worst days were when my glasses were broken and I couldn't read. I'm often motivated to write by reading something mediocre and saying to myself, "I could do it better."
  13. Zxninja made up names for aliens by spelling car names backward. The names of angels we know of are derived from Hebrew and are translated as phrases that end in one of the Hebrew names for God. The angels in the first three chapters of Revelation are identified by the cities over which they have oversight. Frank Peretti didn't name the angels in his Spiritual Warfare series. They were identified by ethnic type. So I suggest trying out Hebrew names ending in "-el" where you need them. Avoiding names might help you remember that they are servants
  14. Persistence of Memory started with an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon was complaining about the process of matter transmission in Star Trek. "They just kill you on the ship and make a copy of you on the planet. So why can't they just make the copy without killing you and kill the copy when it's done doing its job?" By a coincidence, my daily Bible reading that day had been a chapter of Romans where Paul had spoken of covenants and how they became void when one of the parties was dead. In the backstory of a character from another novel, his memories and personali
  15. Carrol Spinney (Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch) lives in Eastern Connecticut and I met him while I was doing the sound and lighting for a personal appearance. "Oscar" was originally orange, but the color didn't stand out on black and white televisions.
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