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  1. Yes! My cousin Esther is a pastor. Her husband is ordained, but he's more academic than shepherdly.
  2. Wind chills in the twenties! It feels like they moved all of Kansas City to Maine!
  3. We don't think you have bad writing habits to break. You are a natural!
  4. Better a stern rebuke from a friend ( and I count you as a friend!) than flattering words from an enemy.
  5. Let me offer this as a productivity hack: Set a timer on your playlist for twenty minutes. No alarm, no beeping, no countdown clock. Twenty minutes, then fade away. Then bang out words for twenty minutes. No filter. No edit. Better word choice idea, sentence structure idea? Add, but don't delete. Characters acting up, refusing to talk or act the way you want? Add note, don't delete. When you notice there is no music playing, it's time for a break. Small reward time. Social media. Tea. Take the dog out. (My dogs learned faster than I did!) You are more likely to go over the time than when you keep checking a countdown timer.
  6. I've seen the inciting incident occurring before the story begins, especially in the thriller genre where the reader is hooked by an action scene.
  7. So indie publishing is like tunneling under the wall?
  8. I just ran into this with a link to a member's blog. Chrome gave me the option to continue, but I'll pass.
  9. Since I have a project with a secret kingdom of Chaldeans fighting against the Roman Empire in the first century, flying saucers in medieval Britain doesn't seem like a big stretch.
  10. Hey, Johne! What's the recipe for that curry powder? Ann McCaffrey, though not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination, used the "undiscovered science" method to populate worlds with dragons and materials with fantastic properties. I'm more comfortable with this approach; it's the one I'm using in my "romepunk" project. (The "Magi" have harnessed the power of lightning and have "far-seer" globes, electric-powered airships, and other technology, which is deteriorating because they've forgotten the teachings of Daniel.)
  11. Thanks to Fargo and Garrison Keillor, I'm more familiar with Norwegian. Not so much the language as the way they speak English. Off and on I work on a conlang which is a variety of German spoken by the Pilgerbruder, a community of Christian believers forced into an interstellar colony ship en route to a habitable planet. I write dialogue in English and our senior pastor emeritus suggests the changes in syntax that a German speaker would use. That makes it sound foreign, even though it's in English on the page.
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