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  1. You get two pages in the character file. If you mark your availability for "villain, " the line is shorter. "Comic relief" is an overcrowded specialty in my files.
  2. There are many Android apps for social media management. I like Buffer, with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posting at the free level. ( It used to be LinkedIn, but I lost faith, and G+ when that was going.) And up to ten at the paid level. There's an archived post about the best day and time for posting, which you can schedule as it pleases you.
  3. Two MCs in my WIP, both male, though operating two thousand years apart. One is a very minor character in the Acts of the Apostles. He doesn't even have a name in the Bible. The other is an academic based on my grandfather and a friend who was part of the Shroud of Turin investigation. He's part of many projects, and he's catching a lot of flack in this project because a manuscript he translated is declared a fake.
  4. It's a clear violation of grammatical distancing guidelines. I can do it because I have a "vital services" waiver from my employer.
  5. Please be nice to the Reedsy people.
  6. It may be best to let this idea marinate a little while longer. Exactly how unique are the individual circumstances and what is their relative contribution to the story you want to tell?
  7. Since this isn't in the critique forum, am I allowed to comment on the missing space after the comma?👨‍🏫
  8. My favorite part was the link to the Wergle Flomp humorous poetry contest. No entry fee and a $1000 prize. I was shut out from reviewing a book that I had actually purchased. It wasn't a total rave, either; I thought the academic setting didn't stand out from the other "space cadet" stories I had seen. But I don't buy a lot of fiction, so they didn't accept my review.
  9. Late to the party! Is there virtual cake left?
  10. There was a brief window between my first great-grandchild's birth and her mother's self-quarantine that I missed because I hadn't had a flu shot. So it's another two weeks before I meet Yuri'ella. (My daughter's workout partner was exposed to someone who tested positive. Then my daughter was in almost constant contact with the baby and new mama. Better safe than sorry!)
  11. Reedsy runs a "First Line Frenzy," in which an agent looks at writers' first lines and offers live critiques.
  12. You can link to his blog if you follow him on this site. I'll defer to him about revealing his pen name(s).
  13. Contrary to the opinion of most here, I love "Paint Your Wagon." Not for Clint Eastwood's singing, though. I don't consider it a Western, any more than "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" is.
  14. On Amazon? I have a gift card burning a whole in my pocket!
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