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  1. Late to the party. I write "hard" science fiction and I'm sure that the language taboos of the present won't carry over to the future. My children still talk about how we taught them that "stupid" was highly offensive. Imagine the words "idiot" and "ignoramus" as endangering one's mortal soul.
  2. Quora is another example of a space for practical writing experience. I write light verse grammar advice, but I keep getting questions about retail operations.
  3. I write the stories I like to read. Nothing gets me motivated more than a great idea poorly executed.
  4. I own several of your books. It works quite well. When the Yankees were playing the Red Sox, Ted Williams asked Mickey Mantle a bunch of questions about hitting. The Mick went into a slump because he kept thinking about what he was doing.
  5. Breadth and depth are nice, but story is king. I prefer The Hobbit to The Lord of the Rings for that very reason.
  6. Amish Vampires in Space started as a write-to market joke, but it's actually pretty good.
  7. I am recalling an audio recording of a poet whose process was to look up a random word on the dictionary. To the best of my recollection, it goes: A wigeon in a wiccassee, Where wigeons are not wont to be, A woeful wigeon was. While underneath a wickiup, A Wichita was wont to sup With other Wichitas... As much as it seems to be nonsense, it's a careful selection of words from a single page with a complex rhythmic scheme. Read by the poet in a deep bass voice, it's hilarious. If anybody else recognizes the poem, please help me
  8. I know farmers who market their products through a website and blog on that site to attract customers. I follow the blog, but I don't have much use for goat cheese from Massachusetts or "My Ox Team Won at the [insert fair name here]" t-shirts. POD products do generate revenue and I'm working on some for my science education site.
  9. If you check out The Annotated Alice, you'll find out how much satire an author can get away with by pretending to write "nonsense for children."
  10. First-person narrators are fun because you can play with the "television" elements. Characters conceal the truth, and what they conceal reveals more about them than they intend. "Fish-out-of-water" narrators (Lemuel Gulliver) examine environments with new insights. But there is a problem of distance: readers know that the narrator lived to tell the story. ( Unless the author can cheat death in an interesting way.)
  11. Thanks for all the good wishes! It's my "full retirement age" at last! (I may cut a single day from my work schedule. Lord willing and my health stays good.)
  12. Since it's the first Thanksgiving in fifteen years where I don't have to work, they better not cancel it!
  13. Here,here. I have a thing for unreliable first-person narrators unconscious of how revealing what they leave out is. Nick Carroway from The Great Gatsby.
  14. The juxtaposition of the words is odd. I got "Hindus Rapture " and "Muslims Rupture " as sentences. Maybe that's just how my brain works, seeing patterns that aren't intended.
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