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  1. EClayRowe

    Top 10 Google Search Tips & Tricks

    Trying to find a quote. Think it's Mark Twain. " Ignorance is not so much the things you don't know as it is the things you know that just aren't true." Library- based research does come easy to me, but not having access to a major university library throws me back to online resources. This is where I find more "information" from individuals with a hidden agenda. Some good, some less so. It's nice to find a huge interconnected civilization that's not Eurocentric; a bit less to wade through the "We were watching the stars while your ancestors were painting their faces blue and barking at the Moon."
  2. Hard science for me, baby.
  3. 1)Take off your gloves or mittens. 2) Compress a handful of snow down to a walnut-sized ball 3)Add more layers. Use the heat from your hands to melt each layer to refreeze into a solid ball of ice. 5) Repeat earlier steps until you have a good collection. Your little brother s need help getting into their snowsuits. You have plenty of time. 6) Avoid aiming for the head. Even in hats and scarves, the headshot will hurt. 7) When somebody's nose starts to bleed, it's game over, pal.
  4. I know! Parthian mercenaries with zeppelins and jump jets!
  5. EClayRowe

    Happy Chanukah

    Allen Goldstein's mother made a great latke. Thing is, he was always trading for my bologna and cheese sandwich. Forbidden fruits, I guess.
  6. EClayRowe

    Matthew 1:17

    I found this information profoundly interesting. ( No snark, I promise!) Every time I look I find deeper meaning in God's Holy Scripture. What I thought was just a poetic device (parallelism) turns out to be more!
  7. EClayRowe

    Military History Conflict Tv Show

    You forgot the dogs and cats living together.
  8. Pet peeves: Seasonal songs that have nothing to do with Christmas, like "Jingle Bells" and "Baby, It's Cold Outside." I give them a thumbs-down on Pandora. Santa Claus songs get a thumbs-down only if I don't have to bring the window back up. Except for "Santa Baby." I'd skip that one in a heartbeat. I have a character who would sing in German, French, or Latin. He's also lecture about shepherds watching their flocks by night in the spring and the visit of the Magi to a weaned toddler. The Magi in my WIP are looking for a warrior-king to save them from Parthian mercenaries.
  9. EClayRowe

    Phone Apps Know Your Location And Sell Your Info

    Big Brother has nothing on me if I have nothing to hide. I do find it somewhat disconcerting to receive targetted ads from the two stores I actually shop at. (One online only and one brick-and-mortar; the latter being the store where I work.) Yes, my beverage preference isn't something I need to keep private. ( Lemonade/iced tea.) But the news that I occasionally check my email in the locked family restroom while I'm on the clock? Or that it's easier to go to a competitor website for information on which motor oil a customer needs? There's a plan in the works where I'll get compensated for use of my smartphone for company purposes. Whether this comes at a price remains to be seen.
  10. EClayRowe

    Site Updates

    Busy with NaNo and retail work, and I come back to find all the furniture rearranged! So far it seems more phone friendly. Since that's my main internet these days kudos to the team!
  11. EClayRowe

    Welcome To The Moderating Team, Johne!

    Following you on several different platforms, so the change of handle no shock here. Congratulations! May the oddities be always in your flavor!
  12. EClayRowe

    Word Count, Word Count, Word Count.

    I was writing longhand on legal pads. I asked if there was a way to translate that into machine-readable text for uploading. The moderators suggested this as a more reliable alternative. So this year I can just post my word count. I'm way off pace to "win," but I do see improvement in words per hour.
  13. EClayRowe

    Word Count, Word Count, Word Count.

    I recognize this! NaNoWriMo wouldn't allow a reported word count last year. You had to actively post something. But they had a link to this word generator and you could post an excerpt of a certain length to get credit.

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