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  1. If I wanted to be conventionally published, I'd be pitching to agents instead of looking for a "partner."
  2. "Above" is less specific. My journalism professor maintained tha there was only one correct word for any stituation. "On top of Old Smokey ..." or "... the winds at the peak of Mt. Washington..." or "...above the horizon." Since he actually paid me for my can opener essay ( he was a contributing editor for Yankee Magazine, but they never ran it) I always kept this in mind.
  3. A new insight into the Jonah story! Now I'm going through translations and commentaries. Nineveh was a great threat to the Northern Kingdom but they had to repent, temporarily, so they could be used as God's instrument later.
  4. Using this shifting POV helps maintain the illusion that the narrator is addressing the reader. I hit on this as a way to get exposition out of the way, and to address the idea that the narrator can say, "I didn't see/hear/feel this when it was happening, but I found out later and it's important that you know it." Time will tell whether it works or not. Meanwhile I'm working on prequel short stories to introduce some of the technology I'll be using in the novel.
  5. The delegate from Missouri abstains. Watchman Nee, the Chinese theologian, maintained that both emotional and rational responses are functions of the soul as opposed to the spirit, the organ of being by which a Christian is in communion with the Almighty God. One who walks p
  6. Ziggy says there's an 85% chance that time travel is a function of consciousness, so you leap into the brain of another conscious being.
  7. I was hoping for fiction markets. Ah, well.
  8. A hot tub can be a Brownian Motion generator. Because it's not impossible to travel in time. It's just infinitely improbable. Heinlen's Door into Summer has an interesting concept of a time machine that may go either way, past or future, at random. There can be interesting quantum mechanical implications in that.
  9. I'm thinking Sidney Carton here. The android impersonating someone else under a death sentence. In A Tale of Two Cities, Carton took the place of a French aristocrat he resembled so the aristocrat could escape. And marry the woman they both loved.
  10. It's revisionist, but the Magi in my alternate history are a matriarchal society of librarians and the agents they send to Judea are Armenian merchants. I don't know how it's doing, but our own PenName has a book out on the Joseph story. I'd chalk this one up as an "It's good, but it's not for us..."
  11. There is an excellent "Amish" science fiction novel, Amish Vampires in Space. The title was originally put forth as an example of writing to market. Addendum: it's part of a complete series that includes Amish Werewolves in Space and Amish Zombies in Space.
  12. The town where I grew up is still largely without power and downed trees block many roads. But happy belated birthday and thanks for your prayers for them.
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