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  1. Maybe I should've added "...at bedtime."
  2. Formal French ( Parisian) drops vowels from articles if the next sound is a vowel. The masculine article le is merged into the preposition aux, contrasting with the feminine à la. I say that a Lady who didn't use contractions in speech probably wouldn't use them in thoughts, but would accurately report the speech of others, except when their speech was improper: contractions but not cussin' .
  3. It's programmed to hijack all devices on your home network and play depressing alt-rock while serving you oversized and hyper-caffeinated beverages.
  4. There may be liquid water on the faraway dwarf planet. Something about vulcanism caused by gravity in the Pluto/Charon local group of Kuyper objects. Coincidentally, the shortest verse in Scripture is in John's Gospel, occuring just before Lazarus is called out of his grave. "The Crying Out of Hades" is a wonderful germ of an idea.
  5. I looked at some of her YouTube videos before I downloaded it. I can see how it works with her Story Structure model.
  6. A member of Realm Makers suggested this free alternative to Scrivener, cautioning that it had a steep learning curve. It looks good so far, as I'm transferring character bios and scene descriptions from 3×5 cards and Post-it notes. I find the idea of quantified emotional levels intriguing. My characters may throw a hissy fit.
  7. Leon Patillo's "Flesh of My Flesh."
  8. Not just government agencies. I bought a pair of shoes online and they made it as far as the local post office before they were shipped back. Seems like they didn't have an apartment number for my single family home.
  9. My daughter is a homeschooling mom and she is always on the lookout for videos like this. The oldest is middle-school level so I have to brush up my algebra for tutoring soon.
  10. The present is always tense. The past has been perfect, and the future will have been pluperfect.
  11. "...Dreams die in the harsh light of day." A perfect ending for a noir thriller, Johne!
  12. I took an extremely minor character (he doesn't even have a name recorded in Scripture) and set the story in a part of the world on the far borders of Roman influence. Good thing, too, because I was adding anachronistic technology!
  13. I was seriously considering using the Shakers as a model for the Pilgerbruder, a community of pacifist Christians living a life without technology in a large interstellar colony ship. I was surprised to find in my research that some of their teachings put them outside the bounds of basic Christian doctrine in a way I couldn't reconcile with my main character's renewal of faith. Rather than handwave them back into the fold, I drew upon my knowledge of The Society of Brothers, of whom several members participated in the local chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. So far, no red flags.
  14. A Maine frappe is thinner but chunky, probably because you can't get fresh local strawberries most of the year and you have to use frozen.
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