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  1. I'm wondering about the sales at the various price points. 99¢ is that magical "less than a dollar" point, but it's where I'd be putting a short story or novella. I've heard that $2.99 is best for a novel.
  2. I'm having a discussion on FB with another writer. He wrote himself into a corner with a mentoring character and the hero would never have stepped out to lead if this character was still alive. "A righteous death, " I said. It revealed the evil connivance of the villain and raised the stakes.
  3. Many didn't sell when they were published. Some writers (like Kafka) never intended to publish. Even classic literature has a niche following these days. You can build a business around a niche: just count the cost, which is always more than just an investment of money.
  4. A failing I am guilty of. Style over substance: poetic descriptions of verdant vistas when a character is on a thirty-second sneak up the back way, witty repartee in the delivery of a red herring clue. I have 500 words of my MC walking up to a reception desk and a half-page chat with a snarky receptionist who never appears again, and all he/she has to say is that the MC was late for the appointment. But there is mistranslated Esperanto, a joke about over-reliance on technology ( the lateness being the punchline.) I guess I'll just shoot for a higher word count and cut the scene later if I must.
  5. USA? Canada? Great Britain? Other?
  6. That's what it was! I was trying to link to the article I saw on a Douglas Adams fanpage.
  7. I believe that the question mark is the forty-second ASC-II symbol. I may be drummed out of the Philosophers' Union for telling you that.
  8. Zelazny suggestions:


    Lord of Light. Not so much of the noir style, but the best of his science fiction.


    Nine Princes in Amber (fantasy series.) All the noir  bells and whistles: first-person narrator, amnesia, generational power struggles and shifting alliances, heinous crimes...

  9. Orson Scott Card. Other writers that I admired from this era of science fiction haven't held up as well. And he teaches; he's the author of instructional books on writing. Douglas Adams. Humorous writing is hard to pull off. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy ( five books and a short story) is self-contradictory, a sprawling mess of cliches and stereotypes. But Adams always makes me laugh.
  10. Anyone here remember the Cocky trademark kerfuffle? (A romance writer attempted to trademark that single word to make it exclusive to a series of books.) I changed the name of a character because a similar name came up in a prominent science fiction series because my character was totally different. But "Heidi" is perfectly fine. "Cher" was used for comic effect in a movie, and I don't think anyone had to clear it with the living actress/singer known by that single name.
  11. Their website's name confuses me. Maybe "for_king&country" so I don't ask when I subscribed to a Southern cooking page.🙃
  12. It's largely for a decision in what I'm going to invest time or money in. I divested several newsletters that seemed more interested in selling me courses than anything else. I stopped following some podcasts and unsubscribed to some feeds.
  13. Don't forget it's the American frontier of its day! Homespun, tanned hides, and fur. Even the rich probably own only one suit or dress.
  14. Play the Authorly Omniscience card! (You'll find it in your wallet next to the Poetic Licence.) Load it with a couple of rounds of Foreshadowing ( like taking the dog's flea and tick pill instead of arrhythmia meds.)
  15. I clicked on it hoping for a Linux or Android option. Alas!
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