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  1. I was working on a story set in the aftermath of Desert Storm and had not yet completed it as ISIL/ISIS rose to prominence. I have set it aside, but may revisit. Nostalgia tends to run in twenty-year cycles and I may have missed the best window for this one.
  2. It's particularly important since four actors have portrayed the character. Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October is substantially different from Jack Ryan of the eponymous Amazon series.
  3. I thought I was hogging it. I had an ending.
  4. It's missing one of my favorites, the Hudibrastic. It's two words that look like they should rhyme in print but they don't. They are featured in Samuel Butler's mock-heroic poem Hudibras. Often the only variation is placement of the acCENT on a different syllAHble to force the second ending word of a couplet to be read in the pattern of iambic tetrameter. "I knew him well, this poetaster, I loved him not, a bold time-waster."
  5. I remember a story from Moss Hart's autobiography. An offhand remark from a producer upset him terribly. But it proved to be the key, even though it meant that expensive scenery had to be scrapped. "Let it go." And when the anger wears off, try to work out what the other point of view is. I remember a critique asking why I had made a particular choice. My first reaction? "Did you even read it? There's a scene further on that explains it all!"
  6. Not in the same league as Phineas and Ferb. I'll fight! (Which is probably why I don't handle romance all that well. There's a character who is secretly in love with the oblivious Phineas, and that's a trope I keep falling into.)
  7. Eden suggests reading widely and critically, noting how one's favorite authors handle the POV shift. One of the features of e-reading apps is the ability to type notes that are saved "behind" the text, which then provides an easy marking system to find the relevant text sections.
  8. I'm particularly interested in the increased demand for library e-book lending. It's my usual method of consumption. Before the pandemic, libraries were beginning to cut back on the number of copies they were purchasing because publishers were pricing the high-demand titles out of reach. Fewer copies meant longer wait times for anticipated new releases.
  9. A pirate prom: This is Arrh! Story.
  10. I agonize over character names. I had one that was good that was almost identical to a character in Dr. Who, but my story wasn't published so I went back to the drawing board.
  11. Earth is the only planet who's name is synonymous with dirt. But... Two cubic feet of garden soil goes for about $5.
  12. Moses is also characterized as meek, but he lost his place in the Promised Land in a fit of anger.
  13. Some of this is brain science. Human olfactory nerves are located closer to long-term memory networks, and people with epilepsy often report a "scent aura" just before a seizure. And no one has developed a viable Smell-O-Vision yet, which gives writers an advantage over purveyors of other media.
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