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  1. Hmmm...that's a good idea, Lynn. I'll have to see if that unblocks my aphasia. Thanks, and wish me luck!
  2. Hey, Zee, I'm headed off to Atlanta now, but will be back Monday. Okay to start then, And we can use the message function to deal with it. Is that okay?
  3. How did I miss this one? You guys have all the good lines taken!
  4. Wow- that's really cool, Erin. With your sunglasses on? I never, ever would have thought of that!😊
  5. Nothing new to say- I just had to see if I could copy this image!
  6. Huh- no I never heard of it, Alley. But live and learn!
  7. Yeah, you'd kind of think so, wouldn't you?
  8. And yes, you've preached this all before, but it's still valuable!
  9. Thanks for sharing that- and I really mean that!
  10. Take over the world? Oh no!
  11. You know, I just read this again, Sarah, and it really is disheartening.
  12. Boy, this seems like a lot of work! Thanks for posting this, Lynn.
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