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  1. Well, I have so many books, that I just look around at the author's name and voila- instant name!
  2. "Chirac was a dangerous man, but at least he was civilized." Hemingway's Chair
  3. Yep, welcome Ronin!
  4. Yes, that certainly is, @Spaulding I never would have thought of direct marketing to schools.
  5. Ooh, nice one! The had to leave out a copy of the book, didn't they. 🙂
  6. Save the Car Writes a Novel, by Jessica Brody is great as is Story Grid by Shawn Coyne.
  7. Winnie the Pooh? Paddington Bear? I hate to say it but those are kids books. Adult fiction needs an antagonist of some kind. Maybe its best found in the conflict of the Turs and the Sevs?
  8. You can do it, Zee. Like for example, the revolutionary conflict allows for a lot of possibilities. Your antagonist doesn't have to be a person; remember the example of Moby Dick.
  9. Well, they're called progressive Christians for a reason.
  10. Actually, in Moby Dick, the whale was the antagonist. It's really, really tough to hold a reader's interest without an antagonist, trust me on this one.
  11. Geeze, I forgot about paying cash- duh.
  12. It's awfully hard for a story to be successful without them, Zee.
  13. Yeah, they really are the worst. Praying for you.
  14. You know, a word from the vegetarians in the group- I have never had a bad experience at Chick Fil A, either. They've got some cool vegetable dishes there!
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