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  1. Wait- you can draw a straight line? Darned, you are one up on me!
  2. Yes, I only hire good, quality artists, of which there are so many of them, I can hardly keep up with them.
  3. Yes, well I don't have time to spend on art! Again, I'd rather leave that to the professionals. There are so many artists out there in need of money, that it just makes sense to give it to them and concentrate on what I'm really good at.
  4. What? You, too? I couldn't draw a straight line if my life depended on it.
  5. There are tons of artists that will let you use the art for a cover for a small fee, and their work is amazing.
  6. Hey, thanks, Johne- I will check out the review in Welcome to the Monkey House!
  7. Well, my wife and I are both vegetarians, so maybe sharing the last bite of broccoli?
  8. You know, I wouldn't have found this post so interesting before, but now that I've started The Jesus Road- 2056 Expedition, Vol II I realize that I have to do some creative world building that I was taking for granted before. So, thank you very much, Johne.
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