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  1. Boy, there are some good answers here!
  2. You know, Alley, I never thought of writing something down to learn it. I'll have to give it a try.
  3. That's what I'm talking about, Jeff. We've got to reach out to whatever the male readers are going to or we'll lose them. If their going to virtual reality or video games--have you ever seen a Christian writing them? Seriously. We've got to wake up and write for what sells, or we'll lose an entire generation.
  4. You know, @Barnyardmare, that's a good idea!
  5. I've heard it a lot in the deep south (Arkansas), Lynn. So maybe like Chris says, its idiomatic.
  6. I think that those are all but played out, Johne. Today's man's interest lie elsewhere, don't you think? This applies to the young of course, mostly. They have video games on their minds--virtual reality, movies, you name it. Theirs is a faster paced life and we'd better get used to it as writers, and adapt our writing to their style of living, unless we just want to write for older men. We've got to ask ourselves what attracts the young. How do we convert them to readers, how do we get their attention?
  7. With all the movies and video games providing distractions, and the plethora of self-published authors clogging Amazon and the like, and the difficulty off getting recognized to be published traditionally, why on earth do you write? Is it a calling, a desire to break through ceilings and be recognized or what? Or do you write for money or write for love? I'd really like to know why it is that you write.
  8. I understand what both of you are saying--but I respectfully disagree. Men just have too many alternatives to reading these days.
  9. I think that Christian men have moved on from reading, Josh. Reading about it is not the next best thing, anymore.
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