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  1. Ah-- I missed that, Lynn! I wonder how much it was settled for?
  2. Yes, and Christian ads that mention the name of Jesus are prohibited by Amazon.
  3. This would be on YouTube and my website. An interview would be great for up and coming authors.
  4. You don't need any books, Claire. Again, it can be what books you have in the making!
  5. @ThePerilousPen, there's no age restrictions. The interview can be on your hopes and dreams of being a writer.
  6. I love, Ray Bradbury's "Something Wicked this Way Comes," where he says, "The seller of lightning rods arrived just before the storm." After that is a beautifully spun, fantastical tale of youth and coming of age.
  7. To promote your books, I was wondering if anyone would like to do a Skype interview with me?
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