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  1. I'll have to get this, too! Thanks, Nicola!
  2. suspensewriter

    Free Webinar On Audio Books

    I forgot to thank you for this, Lynn. Thanks!
  3. suspensewriter

    10 Mistakes For Authors To Avoid Online

    Yep; I completely understand.
  4. suspensewriter

    They Changed The Rule On Me!

    A good price!
  5. Yep. Honestly, you should just try writing it yourself.
  6. suspensewriter

    Book Trailers

    I agree, Alley.
  7. suspensewriter

    Sequel Title

    Yes, please do post some of it in the critique section.
  8. suspensewriter

    World's Worst Queries And Proposals

    Ooh- those are bad, Lynn!
  9. suspensewriter

    9 Ways To Spend Less Money On Book Marketing

    Seems like some pretty good ideas. Lynn.
  10. suspensewriter

    Varying Sentence Length

    I like the advice also. Now, about Faulkner's writing... I so agree with you, Carolina!
  11. suspensewriter

    Critique Match

    Sometimes a conference is the worst place for this type of thing. You never know who you're tying up with- really you don't. There is just no substitute for long term exposure. But if you're willing to risk the plagiarism thing, I'd say got for it Z. If not, then don't.
  12. suspensewriter

    Has Anyone Used This?

    Yes, I think it is a wonderful resource, Alley! Don't worry about how impressive the site is.
  13. suspensewriter

    Opening Lines From Booklife Authors

    Hey- I like that "I am old now, old beyond counting."
  14. suspensewriter

    Three Writing Rules To Disregard

    Wow- I never thought of that.

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