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  1. Good question, too, @Carolyn W! It makes me rethink my premise.
  2. I'm praying for you, too, Alley.
  3. You're right, Sarah, that was hilarious!
  4. That's a good question, @Accord64. To @lynnmosher point--- I don't know!! What great answers from @PenName, @Amosathar, @Ky_GirlatHeart. @Wes B, @Shamrock and @Claire Tucker. You all have really made me think about how to write it, though!
  5. What about his half-human brain, though? Does that not count for something?
  6. I'm writing a science fiction thriller about an android who has a an enhanced human brain (The Jesus Road III). I'm debating about whether the android will die in the end. But I have a thorny issue as to whether or not the android could be saved before death or whether the android could be saved at all. Does the fact that he has a partially human brain count him as salvageable or no? I'd really like your opinion on this one.
  7. Yes, it is important to reference comparable works, and no I haven't read anything quite like you are saying. It sounds like a great plot line, though!
  8. to Lynn, Johne, and Rebecca, but the message came back that"Lynn, Johne and Rebecca do not receive private messages." Thought you'd want to know.
  9. Seriously--they really do that? Well, I suppose that goes with the territory.
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