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  1. Trust me- you don't want to go there. They have way more money than you have. Have you considered setting up a non-profit to help teachers with bullying by school boards? You might think I'm crazy, but I sense this is a bigger issue than just you, and you might have grounds for a class action suit.
  2. You know, I kind of like that. I really do.
  3. Yeah, my KJV is getting a little hard to read. @Ragamuffin_John, the standard font size is 8 or 9! That's why it is so hard to read! (I've got the HCSC in font size 17, the ESV in size 18, the NKJV in size 16, and the NIV and the CSB in size 16, too). Maybe it's time I looked around for the KJV in a larger font size, because the font size I have has gotten largely unreadable!
  4. Have you ever thought of self[-publishing, Carolina?
  5. You've got to get inside their head, Zee, at least a little bit. Then you can write them. It's painful, but true.
  6. Uh- he's joking, Sarah. It's a mass mailing program.
  7. It sounds like you've already made up your mind to write about them. I would caution you to be careful, though, because yes they can sue you, even if "...they can't sue if you have evidence that what you say is true."
  8. Boy, that is true, @Spaulding I'm glad your husband is still alive!
  9. You know, you'd think they had something better to do.
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