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  1. suspensewriter

    Editors' Six Core Questions

    Boy, that was a long post, Phy! I think that Nicholas hit it on the head, though. They are the basics, that without which, you have a book that no one wants to read. It's like Carolina says, balance.
  2. suspensewriter

    Should A Memoir Be Written Chronologically?

    A memoir should be written chronologically, at least that's what I think.
  3. suspensewriter

    Random 2 Coming

    I am fully supportive of Alley!
  4. suspensewriter

    Many Pov

    Three would be the max.
  5. suspensewriter

    Plotter Or Pantser

    You know, I just used to write whatever came to my head, but recently I've found that not too much comes to my head, so I've had to revert to plotting.
  6. suspensewriter

    When It's Ok To Begin With A Dream

    Awww.... thank you, Nicola!
  7. suspensewriter

    just published My Books Out Now!!

    Yes, do tell!
  8. suspensewriter

    No Fee Contest With $1000 Prize

    Wow! That's really something, Lynn!
  9. suspensewriter

    Word Count, Word Count, Word Count.

    I agree with everything that has been said in the preceding p0sts!
  10. suspensewriter

    Music Recommendations

    The Newsboys are always good.
  11. suspensewriter

    Prayers Please!

    Yes, I am praying for you, too, Lynn.
  12. suspensewriter


    Yes, I agree with Alley. Something like the book you described would definitely sell. As for your mother, I don't know what to say except that I am praying for you.
  13. suspensewriter

    Author Website

    No advice, SEHatfield, just best wishes on the final product.
  14. suspensewriter

    Grammar Rant!

  15. suspensewriter

    War Books/movies

    I agree with Lynn- Saving Private Ryan was excellent! So was American Sniper, as Alley suggested.

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