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  1. I would imagine it affected their imagination Meaning they might hallucinate or go crazy? Those too, """" Sometimes while I'm writing I feel like some old Doc has loaded me up on opium.
  2. In that time period doctors could practice whether they knew anything or not. Most meds of the time could kill as quickly as help. If a patient was given medicine, I would imagine it affected their imagination more that it cured. Lots of room there for uncertainty to build up in the story. Even now it's awful to be shot. Back then the chances for infection was five fold. Hope that helps.
  3. My wife would agree with that. When I get tired, I can get a little cranky,but its usually not the time to crank. 🤭 Oh, you were talking about writing!
  4. I wrote one story, not exactly time travel, but concerning the speed of light. The idea was that if we travel out into space at above the speed of light, what would the earth be like when we got back? Really I was just exploring the idea of writing just a little science fiction. You can look it up, the story is free to read. Ok, I'm not supposed to do this but its called One Drop In Time.
  5. As a short story writer of course I come at everything like a race horse just out the gate, and in that situation there is no room for much telling. That said, I like to read 1000 page books, and I can trot along if they get a little long winded, might even go along at a slow walk,but never ever try to make up for bad story telling with flowery prose.
  6. You gotta keep them buts in the right place. Mine has been asittin' more and more since I turned 78 years young. I was a lookin' around in my files of stories that I didn't finish for some reason or the other, found a goodun and wondered why I never finished it. I know why I didn't finish it. I got to thinkin' too far out ahead of myself. Me, I have to let the story unfold. Its kind of like tryin' to look around a bend on a dirt road. You gotta wait until you get to the bend to get a peak at whats on the other side of that bend. Some writers plot, and some writers plod. Me, I'm a plodder, and if I get to lookin' too far ahead, I plod right off the page, and end up with a but that ends up sittin'.
  7. A tale of injustice in the early south.
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