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  1. You gotta keep them buts in the right place. Mine has been asittin' more and more since I turned 78 years young. I was a lookin' around in my files of stories that I didn't finish for some reason or the other, found a goodun and wondered why I never finished it. I know why I didn't finish it. I got to thinkin' too far out ahead of myself. Me, I have to let the story unfold. Its kind of like tryin' to look around a bend on a dirt road. You gotta wait until you get to the bend to get a peak at whats on the other side of that bend. Some writers plot, and some writers plod. Me, I'm a plodder, and if I get to lookin' too far ahead, I plod right off the page, and end up with a but that ends up sittin'.
  2. Thanks Lynn, I went and found the web site, and sure nuff, they had two of my books on there. Holy shamoly! The Canadian Russians are coming!
  3. I don't know about 'Favorite first lines, but this is the best first line I've used. 'At the CDC Atlanta Dr. Vernon Sedgwick hooked the air supply hose into his bio suit and opened the door of the level 5 bio containment where a fresh slide of the virus lay ready.'
  4. Hello again. I am still not doing any writing, but I am a very heavy reader, and one thing I have noticed about most writers is that they have some sort of a tick...almost like a facial tick. An example of this is Stephen Kings use of the word comer for corner, or in one case the habit of speaking a persons name unnecessarily proceeding dialogue. These little ticks can really aggravate a reader after about a hundred repetitions. We as readers easily forgive a writer, or if we like his/her writing, go on putting up with it. Bottom line, we can learn from these little ticks, and not do it in our own writing to avoid making the reader scream.
  5. The movie shocked me to the core and I was already pro life. I hope it wakes people up to what abortion really is. My wife who worked in hospitals for over 30 years described what is was like to see a tiny baby lying on a stainless steel table as it lay there dying after an abortion. What shocked me most in the movie was the scene where the tiny life is sucked out of the womb through a tube. Perhaps the world will wake up to the horror of abortion.
  6. I'm sold, going to watch it tonight.
  7. A kindly editor (my wife) said 'you misspelled that!' I asked 'Which word?' She said 'All of them.' So much for kindly editors. From then on I leaned way over the keyboard so she couldn't see.
  8. The rule of thumb (I mashed mine yesterday) is that their ain't no rules. Just sit down and tell the story fer cryin' out loud, and quit consternatin' on showin' and tellin' and stuff. Stevie King said all there was to say about writing in his book on writing', hey, just get right in there and write. Some of us might make a million, most of us won't, but by golly we sure gonna have a lota fun stead a sittin' around drinkin' mint julips.
  9. A tale of injustice in the early south.
  10. Decided to do a general search on this, and wow! She got her name out there, oh did she ever, but none of it is good. They are calling it #cockygate on twitter.
  11. I really don't think there is any danger of me using that word in a title right now, but anyway I doubt if she can lay legal claim to a single word even if it is in a book title, or on a Cheerios box top or what.
  12. One thing, at least with me, has been the tendency to worry about these things. I worried and worried until I realized that the Holy Spirit could do his work without me being in control. I was totally shocked when a 15 year old reviewer wrote and said how my book helped her to realize that she needed to stop drinking and smoking. Here is the word for word review: You helped me Anonymous This book is realy inspiring it has helped me im only 15 but i used to drink and smoke but my best friend told me to read this book i didnt want to at first because i thought there was nothing wrong with what did but now after reading it i dont drink or smoke i have been sober for 7 months and have not smoked for 9 thank you darrel you helped me so much sincerely *********** ******** 15 years old I did star out her name because she is just a child. In another instance for another book a reviewer wrote and said she didn't know there was going to be religion in the book, and she was angry with me about it, but...she said she wanted to stop reading, but couldn't stop. I think the Holy Spirit held her there as she read. We just have to be who we are as writers. Writing is like raising up a child in the quick time, and when we finish a book, we have to send it out to the cold cruel world and hope it don't get hit by a Mack truck.
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