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  1. Happy Birthday! God bless you today and always!

  2. Hi Solar, I am indeed interested in trading reviews. You can email me at hjimfox [at] hotmail.com to work out the details. Regards, Jim

  3. Wow, the private message section of CW is really different now. I hope this is the correct place to send you a message. I'm all for a reciprocal review on one of your Bible studies if you are. Go ahead and email me at ... and we can figure it out. Thanks for the nudge over on the thread.

  4. it sounds like a plan, Carol. send me a pdf copy to bibleschooldropout@gmail.com and I'll do the same... to you.. it wouldn't do to send myself a copy...

  5. Hey Solar, I'm wondering about your post for the May blog chain. I have you down for May 5, but after numerous visits to your blog site I still can't find a new post. Did you get a new blog site and I just missed the new address? Or did you postpone? Or forget? :eek: LOL Just wondering ... Looking forward to reading your post, SandiGrace

  6. I was going over some old notes and ran across one from eustacegirl. She was banned from CW but has a profile at authonomy.com under CoCinstrumental. She wrote a book about teenagers, high school, sexting, etc. She had asked me to convey the message to let you know how to contact her. She's published one of her books on Amazon, but I think she was premature, still needs some work, at least in my opinion. It may appeal to the YA crowd. Here's the link to her book and her profile. Sorry for not getting to this earlier but I remembered being a bit uncomfortable conveying the message, not certain who she may have offended and not wanting to get banned myself for passing on her message. [url]http://www.amazon.com/Crowded-Deep-River-High-ebook/dp/B005HB1J7A/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text[/url] [url]http://www.authonomy.com/writing-community/profile/ce76cad6-9cbb-441f-8ce0-4bbc5e9bb279/cocinstrumental/[/url]

  7. Thanks, Traci. amazon.com e-book @ smashwords.com my website.. if you click on the link on my signature it will take you there. [url]http://bibleschooldropout.web.officelive.com[/url]

  8. Hey, Solar! Where can I find out more about your book?

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