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  1. If I download MS Word, is it password protected like word online is? The way it stands now, I can't get in and this means I can't write. There is another program similar to word. Is that accepted by world-be publishers? I don't recall the name of it. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.
  2. I have word online, I'm not sure of the version. Anyway, I need to know how to format it so I can start writing. I touched on headers and footers, but don't know if I need to do something first or not. It didn't look like the other times I formatted word. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm still mulling them over. ?
  4. Does anybody have a strong name for a woman who is the "leader" of the Retirement Community Saturday Afternoon Bingo Club whose members solve crimes? Thanks in advance.
  5. My fave is University of Cincinnati. But the Bearcats lost to Iowa. ?
  6. How do I put a picture on here. My keyboard is messed up on here. I cannot use an apostrophe or a question mark. Anyhow, any help will be appreciated. ?
  7. Thank you everyone who replied. Such encouragement! That is what I like! Off to create! ?
  8. Hi! It feels like it's been ages since I was here. My Mom has dementia and came to the nursing care part of this facility in late November. I don't drive or have much family so I moved into the Independent Living apartments so I could go see her more often. I am now wheelchair bound. I use a manual chair when I'm home and a power chair when I'm out and about. I love it here. I was so isolated before , but not here. ANYWAY, what I wanted to ask was are mystery series featuring groups of ladies in clubs, etc, over done? I'd like to have a series of Bingo players who solve crimes and worship Jesus in their own ways. Does it sound like it would sell? ?
  9. I've tried blogs. Because I'm not published, I got zero traffic. ?
  10. Thank you to everyone who responded with prayer for Mom and me. I'm not using scripture. I'm using other ideas of hope, and, of course, Jesus.
  11. I am really struggling right now. My mom has dementia and I live with her. She is not doing well and sleeps most of the time. When she is awake, I have to direct her to the different rooms in the house, Because I go to bed before she does, I have to turn off the tv as she does not know how and make sure all the lights are out, She sleeps in her recliner in the living room. My own handicaps are getting worse as I knew they would. I can't take care of myself and her and the house. She refuses to come to a home with me and I can't leave her alone. Sorry, I am rambling, and have no right to lay this on anybody else. I have zero patience and have prayed for all of this, to no avail. Here are my writing questions: I want to do a book of thought-of-the-day sentences. It is for folks with chronic pain, to give them hope. Would something like his sell? I also have problems setting up headers and page numbers that don't show on the cover page and now I can't set up the header part at all. Can anyone help?
  12. Thanks. I'll make a note to look it up on Amazon iin a few months. Thanks again.
  13. IT seems that Christian Writers Market Guide has changed hands so many times since Sally Stewart had it that I have no idea who has it now. Who do I contact now to get it? When do I contact them? Some Guides come out in September for the following year and some come out in January of that year. Thanks in advance.
  14. In my devotional that I'm working on, I used the following sentence: Like the insurance company slogan says, I'm in good hands with You. I didn't say which insurance company. Is this all right ? Thanks in advance.
  15. thanks,Lynn,. I could always count on you. Do you know if I can use a partial verse? I want to use Matthew 24:20b.
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