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  1. Shirley Scurlock

    Fragrance Of Defeat

    Did you know that Satan tempts man With the fragrance of defeat Like the smell of Granny's kitchen The aromas warm and sweet But his lies are just illusions Not one word of t is true With visions of fleshly pleasure The enemy beckons you Once the trap has caught you He accuses day and night He steals your hope and future He steals your will to fight Do not yield to Satans tempting Do not fall for His dark Lies Be strong - resist His whispers To win - stand up and fight
  2. Shirley Scurlock

    Unique Faith

    Shirley Scurlock comes to introduce you to the Lord Jesus Christ. Shirleys" greatest accomplishment in life was to find her way to the Cross where Christ shed His precious blood to cleanse her from so many sins....And today it is her privilege to share Him with the world. We write, preach, and teach His love, kindness and mercy. Those are the things we have seen, handled and tasted of His life. The goodness of God revealed in the person of His son...
  3. Praise God. His mercy endures forever!

  4. hi, still battling some sickness

  5. Im alive! lol doing better, a long road ahead but Jesus goes with me.....

  6. May God reward you richly, In Jesus' Name!

  7. I am so grateful, Evang.! Thanks a million times!

  8. I have resent the mail! Thanks so very much!

    1. Shirley Scurlock

      Shirley Scurlock

      ok, I got it. I will do my best with the audio clip. I will get them to you as soon as possible.

  9. No problem, Evangelist Shirley, I will resend it right away! Thanks for your support!

  10. No problem, Evangelist Shirley, I will resend right away! Thanks for your support!

  11. Evang. Shirley, have you seen the reply to your mail?

    1. Shirley Scurlock

      Shirley Scurlock

      I received one, which i replied to, with my bio. if there was another, then..No, could you resend it please? I'm not sure what happened but please accept my apologies.

  12. Wow! You look so beautiful and radiant...God's glory is all over you, Evang. Shirley!


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