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  1. I once heard a joke about a young mother with twins. Her mom called and asked how she was doing. She replied, "I keep praying I'm the babysitter and the parents will be home soon." Bless her heart! Been there myself when my kids were small.
  2. I didn't listen to the whole video as my time is limited at the moment, but his first point about not striving to be a one hit wonders is true. I agree with your takeaway. Do our best and leave the rest to God. Trying to please the world is impossible.
  3. If I am going to stay away from beef, I'll go with a turkey burger, thank you. I'm too much of a carnivore to go vegan.
  4. After talking with our doctors, both my husband and I have had both shots for the Pfizer vaccine. I view this like the vaccinations for polio and small pox. Both rid the world of horrible diseases. We had sore arms for a day or so and felt a little tired, but other than that, no side affects. My 88 year old mother had no side affects either, nor did my neighbors or others that received the vaccine. Also, my sister who holds a PhD in medical sciences did tons of research and explained the same thing our doctors did. Also her son-in-law works for Maderna. No issues. There is always some risk wit
  5. Yes we do. We are on a private irrigation system with all automated sprinklers. Helps with a full half acre of lawn and trees to water.
  6. There's always the issue of other responsibilities.
  7. I didn't think you were complaining, just stating a fact. Both have their purpose. Both give blessings to others.
  8. It is. Even better when all the trees have leafed out. This was last year. I am very blessed to be living in such a pretty place. The canyon wall is part of the Snake River Canyon in Idaho. Now, you're probably sorry you commented! Hee hee. Obviously I love to share photos.
  9. I'm adding her to my prayers too. May God bless her and hold her close. Blessing also to you for being supportive and offering her a place of sanctuary.
  10. My usual writing space. Living out in the country, it is quiet. My only distraction is the view and Cooper, our Brittany.
  11. Oh hugs and prayers! Hang in there, there is always hope for a better tomorrow. Happy to hear you reached out for help. I echo everyone too. We care. Talk to us whenever you need, about anything. God bless you and keep you close.
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