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  1. I also use the Emotional thesaurus and the Body Beats manual. Both are excellent.
  2. They certainly did and do. Last night my sister had me in stiches over relating her bad fall in leaving her office. They had redone the floors with some kind of polish that was still sticky. She was rushing as usual and stopped rather abruptly when she hit the sticky floor. She collided with a cement post. The result was a dent in her skull, a concussion, and a damaged knee. As in the tradition of our family jokes were made. First, my sis teaches Biology, Human Development and other science college classes. She explained to her class that our skulls are like helmets for our brains. Her lovely
  3. According to Wikipedia: Residents were unable to agree what to name their town until a local rancher observed that they would most likely never agree upon a name, at which point someone nominated the name, "Likely", and the name was voted in. The South Fork post office operated from 1878 to 1882. The Likely post office opened in 1886.
  4. That is so cool. It is also not surprising. They would like books to be truthful in how they show the FBI. That PR thing you know.
  5. @suspensewriterThis could go on and on like my dad's bad jokes about Likely, CA. "It's likely we'll pass through Likely." "It's likely we'll need to stop at the general store in Likely because we'll likely be hungry." And it went on and on between the two of us until Mother said she'd slap the next one to say the word, likely, in any form. Giggle. Of course we dared her and she did slap Daddy on the arm.
  6. That reminds me of the come back from a reviewer to the first book in my series, And Then Came a Lion. He titled his review with: And Then Came a Reviewer. I'm still laughing. He gave me a good review. Not stellar, but good.
  7. Then there's my father's reaction to the one cozy mystery I wrote. I warned him he wasn't in my target audience, but bless his heart, he read it anyway. His comment: "We'll it was entertaining." I'm still laughing. I don't really have Beta Readers, I have several sweet souls, fellow authors, willing to read and give me a critique. I love their sweet honesty. One gave me this tip on my first book: "It reads more like a travel brochure than a novel." The minute she said it, I knew she was right. It was the parts about Africa, and since I'd been there, it was hard to dial back some o
  8. I agree. He needs to show his Christian faith more than reciting scripture. I write Christian books, and I do put in quite a bit of scripture, but it's done during a prayer or church service and the pastor is the one doing the quoting. Once in awhile a character other than clergy will quote one, but it's not often. My reviewers have said they loved the subtle, but not over- the-top-in-your-face Christian beliefs. If it is done in a natural manner, with two characters or more interacting, praying, or meditation, you shouldn't have a problem.
  9. I use one during my edits for the same reason everyone else has mentioned, to keep from using the same word over and over, especially in one scene.
  10. I missed it! But Happy Belated Birthday, my friend!
  11. Banking can be a pain at times. Praying you find a viable solution to your issues. Good luck!
  12. Welcome to Christian Writers, you'll find all kinds of wonderful encouragement and support here!
  13. Welcome back! Several of us lost sheep have filtered back. Nice to see another one. Congratulations on all of your achievements. Good for you!
  14. Ugh. I hate yellow jackets. Nasty things. We found five nests around our back patio and one stung me when I moved our small table. There was another hive under it! This is day 3 after being stung. Can't believe how painful the stings are and how long the reactions last. Our research said it takes 48 hours for the itching, burning, stinging and redness to peak. Then, another 7 to 10 days for all the reaction to go away. Thank goodness I take a daily antihistamine for seasonal allergies, or my reaction would be worse. Ugh. Makes one appreciate days without discomfort! 


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    2. Cecilia Marie

      Cecilia Marie

      Thanks to all of you. A friend pointed it out it looked like a heart. Made me smile. And it is better today, finally. Starting to fade but still has the heart shape. 

    3. Tommie Lyn

      Tommie Lyn

      @Cecilia Marie it makes me wonder if anything with the word "yellow" in its name is just awful, LOL. I regularly got stung by bees when I was a child (I always went barefoot, and Mamaw's yard had lots of clover in it) but I never knew what it was to get REALLY stung until we moved to Florida and came across a yellow jacket nest in the woods. Yikes! And then, there are the yellow flies, or, as someone called them "horse flies on steroids." None of it is any fun!

    4. Cecilia Marie

      Cecilia Marie

      @Tommie LynI agree! "horse flies on steroids" wow, now that is a description of the devil himself. I want no part of that critter! 

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