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  1. Fellow Christian writers,


    Happy New Year to you all!

  2. Excited to be a published author!!!

  3. Wow, Iris, the way you reviewed and presented the book "Any Dream Will Do" is quite captivating and at the same time honest. I do like a situation in which author of a novel does not try to colour the mistakes of the characters by trying to excuse them away. When characters are presented for whom they are and how they transit from the "worst" scenario to the "best" scenario, I like it. This is because it always reminds us of our past sinful state before Christ came for us and transformed us into redeemed sons and daughters of God. What I'm trying to say, in a nutshell, is that
  4. Glory be to God! Our appointment with Christ's salvation is the best and most important appointment under the Sun. One that has brought us into His sonship and has made us to be under His loving and eternal kingship.
  5. ChristAddict


    What an inspiring narrative here, Lester! Whenever I read about David's miraculous triumph over Goliath, one of the truths is that to my mind is that God is always on the side of those who have confidence in Him, not in themselves. In fact, God often uses the experiences He has allowed us to pass through as a springboard for launching us into the next phase of His plans for our lives. You've written well; you can only keep it up! More grace to you!
  6. Glued to this: "We all err in many ways, but we are heirs in many ways!" Ragamuffin_John, thanks for posting this piece; more grace.
  7. Great to see you're still much around! Praise God.

  8. It's been a very long while, Ragamuffin_John! Great to connect once again!

    1. Ragamuffin_John


      Thank you, ChristAddict. It is great to be joint heirs!

  9. Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing us into the new covenant made possible by your death and made available to us by your blood.
  10. Lord, may your kingdom come!

  11. The "INOE International Day of Prayer for the Unsaved" comes up 20th August, 2017! Please, let's participate in it!

  12. When our utmost pursuit in life is to seek God, our lives will be full of His glory!

  13. Christ is the meaning of life!

  14. if you would like to connect then please email me at totallylovedbygod59@yahoo.com keith

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