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  1. So creative! This sounds like it could be a children's book... Many lessons gleaned from this cute poem. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Oh broken heart of Gethsemane betrayal’s sorrow known by God felt by Man the kiss of death the Bread of Life Covenant of warmth spills as darkness pounds the nails - bitter jagged spikes embraced by outstretched arms and open hands cold shiny coins flung carelessly by the wicked blindly smack the cross and as they fall their reflection captures the sinner’s face - my own.
  3. What a powerful testimony! So sorry for the tragedies you've endured but thank you for sharing this. God's word is indeed our anchor of truth in all storms.
  4. "before the world and all created thingswhen the spirit sang above the watersand the tune, like feathers, formed his wings." What an ending! Strong finish to a lovely Advent poem. Thank you for sharing.
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