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  1. Thank you everyone, your replies have been a great help, and I have followed up on each one of them. Thanks to your ideas I've found a website - https://d-maps.com/carte.php?num_car=336&lang=en which seems to have base maps of Israel. I'll need to do a lot more, but its a start! Also I found a map drawer on Youtube who shows how to draw maps like Tolkien. (apparently, he says,) the later maps in the books were drawn by his, Tolkien's, son -who has recently died, but who was actually a cartographer! My son's a guitarist, so sadly he would only be able to play thoughtful music to me.
  2. Thank you, Joshua and Christian for your suggestions. The time for the map would be about 1000bc. That would be before your map's time, Joshua. Thank you both, again for your kind suggestions
  3. Thank you, Jeff, yes I had tried Bible mapper etc but all the ones that I have found seem to be too complicated. I would just like a very simple map, or maps, hand-drawn I suppose. I would do it myself, but my drawing is not very good at all. thank you for your answer. God Bless.
  4. I need to incorporated easy maps of ancient Israel into my writing. I am certainly not able to draw them myself, but I would like them to be very simple, as in the maps drawn in 'The Rings' trilogy. Has anyone had any experience of map drawing? I would be most grateful for some help with this.
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