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  1. I have heard that they are being tested, however. So yes, I hear you. Amazon will, in the end, do whatever is best for Amazon's bottom line. ?
  2. Interesting. I still see "Also boughts" on .com I see sponsored results too.
  3. Author Lynnette Bonner believes in the power of story to share Truth.
  4. I have done both. I have several series that are exclusive and now I've moved some of my older series out of KU so they are wide. I think at first it is an easy way for new authors to build a name for themselves. It definitely takes more work to make a name on any site other than Amazon. The also-boughts and lists on Amazon make discovery of authors easier for readers. (They are able to see other authors who are similar to an author they enjoy, for instance.) Sites other than Amazon don't offer that feature so discoverability is cut way back. If you are going to go wide then it's important to pay for ads on promotion sites with links to your books everywhere so that readers can discover them and buy them and hopefully bump the books up the charts on those sites for more discoverability. But it definitely takes more time to up the income by going wide.
  5. At Indie Cover Design we only do covers for books in the inspirational / Christian niche. We love to help authors who have stories with wholesome, uplifting messages create dynamic covers for the books they’ve worked so hard to complete. The old saying is true, books really are judged by their covers. So give that story you’ve worked so hard to perfect its best chance right out of the gate with a great cover!
  6. I do covers a lot in addition to writing. My site is www.indiecoverdesign.com. Thanks, Lynn Mosher, for pointing me to this thread.
  7. Sharing Truth through Fiction.

  8. Hey Michael! Welcome. :) I'm Lynnette Bonner from NCWA. Nice to see you here.

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