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  1. Wouldn’t it be great, To make a wish that always came true? To know that whatever I wanted to happen, Would happen? But what if I do not know what I want? What if we wish for something that is wrong? Something that will cause greater pain We wish and are disappointed Bad things happen anyway Wishing is foolish. Nothing really changes But what about prayers They work, don’t they? Shouldn’t praying be different? Aren’t they are all about God And greater than a mere wish Prayers are greater than
  2. Does an egret have regret? Can a duck lose its pluck? What if a gull is dull, or a sparrow, shallow? “Birds of a feather flock together”, as the saying goes. They fly so high into the sky. How, we know not, nor why? They could be looking for prey or a place to make a nest But maybe they spread their wings just to feel the wind and enjoy the views. Up there they are safe, lest an airplane into their path becomes Or a bullet from a far away fired gun. If I could I’d fly with the birds and leave the problems of this world below I’d f
  3. The sun shone brightly off the pond behind our apartment. Despite the summer heat, a pleasant breeze made the screened-in back porch comfortable. Nearby ducks searched the grass for food as squirrels chased each other between the trees. Everything seemed alive and fresh—the green grass, the clear water and the blue sky. Here, surrounded by nature I liked to read. Suddenly I noticed four potted plants resting upon the window ledge. One was dead; another had been overrun by weeds. Just two were alive, but they needed water. Grabbing a nearby jug, I decided to water those plants. It was the
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