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  1. Hello, fellow authors. I'm looking for a few good dads to interview on a new dad-centric, weekly podcast a friend and former writing partner and I have launched this year: the Troglopod. We're only a couple episodes in so far, but are trying to line up interviewees for the coming weeks and months. Basically, we're looking for dads that can do a phone interview and talk about how their unique job or hobby affects/affected their parenting. You will be able to plug your books, but we want to focus on interesting professions... think of it as when kids used to do a bring your parent to school day. Our overall theme for this podcast is the need for "primitive parenting" (non-woke) by troglo/cavedads. That is, a return to manly, knuckledragging, blue-collar role models like the ones we grew up with, as opposed to the coiffed beards, caramel latte-drinking, manpurse-carrying, metrosexual fathers of today (all done tongue-in-cheek). Basically, we're grumpy old men doing our blue collar versions of the Muppets' Statler and Waldorf. We have almost no audience as yet, having soft launched in January so as to find our rhythm and get a decent backlog of episodes. Currently we're only on Podbean but will be expanding to iTunes in the coming weeks. This is a no politics podcast, focused more on being a manly dad in a two-parent family--a niche we felt was underserved. We're not looking for celebrities, but rather every-day dads. You only have to have an interesting or unusual job. You can even be anonymous and go just by your first name. We're interested in your perspective and story. I'm appealing to this forum because I'm hoping to snag a youth minister, pastor, etc who's also a writer. I'd love to hear about the transition to professional writer or how you balance so many hats: 9 to 5'er, father, author. If you're interested and have an hour free one night or weekend, please PM me (we're shooting for a 30-45 minute interview, but you can talk longer, if you want). Interview one is with a musician, podcaster, and skeptical ghost hunter and drops Tuesday, February 11th. I've got several other authors lined up as well, but I'd really like to hear from some Christian author/authors who are Christian (like myself).
  2. Making God be female isn't questing God's existence?! Scripture is VERY clear: our FATHER in heaven
  3. Does satan and his minions know when the world will end? I say no. B/c if they did they could tell humans, which would then contradict scripture that says no man will know the hour, minute, or day. Yes, they want to take as many down as possible before then. More people = more breeding = more people = more being led astray. A global catastrophe, nuclear war, etc would reduce a population. Why then is it hard to imagine evil stopping one major event not to help us, but to keep us in the same state we are?
  4. Yes, God's plan will happen. But shouldn't evil at least try to prolong a world of sin and suffering?
  5. There's a newish program on Amazon Prime: Good Omens, that embraces a theme I've long wondered about... Now, I haven't watched the show, as I was offended to find out they changed God to our Mother Who Art in Heaven, but the basic theme is a demon and an angel try and forestall the apocalypse because they like living on Earth the way it is... at least, that's what the previews depicted. Has there been any other fiction with a similar theme? Most fiction seems to have evil rushing headlong into the abyss, trying to trigger the end times. Why wouldn't evil want to put it off for as long as possible--to postpone that punishment they KNOW is coming? I've been tempted to write a story like this, where evil "saves" the world, prolonging suffering, but have been holding back. Anyone seen or read anything else that incorporates a similar theme? How would secular or christian readers react to this--the idea that evil saves the world, while good would want Armageddon to get here already?
  6. Writing novels and podcasting weekly with my daughter (Weirdology101.com)

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