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  1. Wong

    Daniel Chapter 7 ... (part V)

    Hi Teddy, Sounds familiar...when I read what you've written about the bear, I immediately thought of the ruling political party in my country...apt description...
  2. Hi Teddy, You've such an in-depth knowledge of Daniel Ch 7. Personally, I've never enjoyed reading the Old Testament because I find it so dry...
  3. Wong

    Daniel Chapter 7 ... (Part II)

    I'm amazed by your depth of understanding of the bible and your spiritual insight. I've never known that there's a correlation between Daniel 7 and politics.
  4. Wow...what you've written is profound...are you a bible scholar or a seminary student? Just wondering...
  5. Wong

    "You Say; I Say"

    Wow, Teddy, what you've written seems to be telling my story...
  6. Wong

    My Blog

    I think you were organised in the way you presented the story of Joseph. If I may add, I would actually prefer to put the last paragraph first, because the story eventually showed how his name was linked to his ultimate destiny.
  7. Wong

    Damascus Blog

    Honestly, I can't quite understand your writing. It's kind of profound. All I can say is that you certainly have a flair for writing.
  8. Hi Keith, I just sent you an email. Thanks!
  9. Welcome, Monique!:)

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