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  1. Thank you everyone, I can see some expansion in my story. There are three areas that segue into one another that can be built up. Need to get myself off reading and back to writing:)
  2. If a moderator wants to move it, that's fine with me.
  3. The inspiration to write a fictitious story ended when I opened the door to the last chapter. Reading through the 29800 word manuscript left me wanting. I'm feeling the need to provide more meaningful depth to my characters, and a little more to some of the settings where events take place. All this to say I'm looking for an experienced writer that could partner with me in getting this story completed and published. It's of a novella length now, and I'm not sure there could be another meaningful 20000 words added to place it in the Novel category. The protagonist is a high tech computer pro whose latest work is wanted by a scheming wealthy crook who kidnaps her. Several people - relatives and friends - have read read what I have and told me it's a good story. I'm wondering if there a professional writer around that could work over what I have and build a solid page turning story - if it's worthy enough. If anyone would like to see or hear more please shoot me an email: kenmlatcomcast.net Cheers, Ken
  4. Thank you, I'm totally convinced the way to remain free of anything that may attempt you from your faith in Christ Jesus is to read the Bible, and pray.
  5. JIm, I hear you. Our family, a part of the mormon migration from back east, lived and breathed mormonism. I was forty seven when I left it. Unlike your mother, mine told me - through my sister - that would she have rather heard I had died, than leave the church. It's a cult, period. The Bible is the word of God. Knowing it will keep anyone from joining any organization that requires compliance with their own controlling doctrine.
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