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  1. I’m MG/YA as well. I’ve only written one adult novel, but I plan on writing more.
  2. My name is Brianna and I am looking for someone to critique my Christian fantasy, short stories, children’s, memoir or romance. Take your pick. Memoir and romance are not my specialties, but I need critiques and advice from someone whom it is. I will critique your story in return if we find we’re a good match for each other. I do not do gay or erotic romance, nor horror or dystopian. I don’t like dark stories. Though I am not opposed to adventure and controversy. You will find my stories more lighthearted and innocent. I know: I’m unfashionable and not up with the times. Thank you for considering me! Example of one of my stories: A girl takes a train ride back in time to the Old West. There she meets cowboys and Indians and jack-a-lopes. And eventually Jesus. A take-off of The Nutcracker. Ex of short story: A young woman meets a man who tells her that for a day she will see with spiritual eyes. She literally sees the condition of people’s hearts and minds and fragrance.
  3. Russ, Is this site established by a certain denomination? And is a specific doctrine emphasized? –Brianna
  4. It sounds like an interesting story. I'd be willing to go over it.
  5. Alright. Please send me the first chapter of one of your stories. My e-mail is banana_rhymes@yahoo.com. I'll send you my first chapter after that. -Brianna
  6. NAME: Brianna GENRE: Christian fantasy AGE: MG/YA PROJECTS: I have several projects. A few novellas and a novel-in-progress. Two of the novellas are about people who get trapped in different worlds and/or time periods and have to figure out why they’re there and how to get back. There’s Old West Dream where a girl takes a train ride back in time, A Friendly Kidnapping where two girls are kidnapped for their own good and one is a kind of moral parable on bitterness (which also occurs in another world) called The Bitterroot. My novel-in-progress, while I made up the places, is not fantasy but more historically themed and a more adult story. It’s about a young woman who is very curious and kind, but with a fiery temper who meets the local hermit and subject of gossip. They become friends and together figure out a dark scheme that he is somehow connected to. WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR IN CP: I would like someone who can point out plot holes or blurry areas, tell me what they think of my characters, as well as the basic stuff. I like constructive criticism, not too soft on me, but also encouraging. It would be ideal if it were someone with a basic Christian point of view as well. Although I have written just fantasy too. PS- I read only manuscripts that have little to no foul language or sex references. Also no horror or dark themes. ABOUT ME: Even though I am 29 I am still a child at heart and find it difficult to write on adult themes. My favorite books are Christy by: Catherine Marshall and Beauty by: Robin McKinley. Also Jane Eyre...Pride and Prejudice...Shadow of the Mountain...I like a lot. (Fun facts) My hobbies are crochet and watercolor and diy projects and hanging with my service dog.
  7. Great message! It is easy to read and flows nicely.
  8. Great message! It is easy to read and flows nicely.
  9. I love the honesty and heart of this.
  10. Manna

    Blind Bartimeus

    This made me smile. I love the way you turned it into a story blind Bartimeus.
  11. It is encouraging to see the stories of people from cults or simply false doctrines who were freed.
  12. I like the part about the coins and reflection. It gives a good picture.
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