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  1. Great message! It is easy to read and flows nicely.
  2. Great message! It is easy to read and flows nicely.
  3. Manna

    Blind Bartimeus

    This made me smile. I love the way you turned it into a story blind Bartimeus.
  4. It is encouraging to see the stories of people from cults or simply false doctrines who were freed.
  5. I like the part about the coins and reflection. It gives a good picture.
  6. A very compelling beginning. It makes me want to see more!
  7. I love the format and message of your work, however I think some of your commas are unnecessary. With a poetry format you usually don't need a comma at the end of a line.
  8. Good message. Sometimes things are best communicated simply (short and sweet).
  9. This sounds like it has great meaning to you.
  10. Manna


    An intriguing poem. I enjoyed it, but I think to make it a little easier to follow you might want to put a paragraph between two parts of a sentence. Ex: Lost and among wolves out to get me I am far from where I was Death was out to get me Enemies whom I knew not there was
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