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  1. I'd like to weigh in on this discussion as well. I agree with a lot of what has been said. Some good points have been made about being cautious of what we take in through our eyes, ears and heart. It is true that we should be cautious to an extent. However, I don't believe that means we can't watch a good suspenseful movie every now and then. I too, stay away from horror. I'm not keen on watching a Stephen King movie, or anything Freddie Krueger. Movies like "Us" and "Ma" just don't excite me. Movies that entail senseless killings is just foolishness to me, not to mention plain evil.
  2. I don't think of the people in the Bible as "characters" but I know a lot of people do. For me, it's hard to pick a favorite because there are so many Bible stories I love. Jesus belongs at the top of the list, but I typically don't think of HIm when I think of people in the Bible that I really like. That's because I normally think of just regular folks. Joseph was awesome to be such a young man, devoted to the Lord at a young age is amazing! I love Ruth, Esther, they were so strong in their convictions and that's awesome too. You gotta love Mary the mother of our Lord and Savior. I love how d
  3. I am praying that Jesus will speak peace to that storm inside of you as only He can.
  4. Amen! It is awesome to know without a doubt that God loves you. I have enjoyed all of these testimonies immensely. God bless you all and thank you so much for sharing!
  5. Carman was a contemporary Christian music singer, and television host among other things. He had a long-standing career in the industry. We've lost many celebrities this year and it's only February! In addition to Rush Limbaugh, we've lost Cicely Tyson, Christopher Plummer, Dustin Diamond, Larry King, Hank Aaron, and so many others. The fact that people are dying from cancer at a younger age is really getting my attention....Chadwick Boseman was 41, and Dustin Diamond was only 44. Very sad indeed.
  6. Okay, I know. Some people may feel uncomfortable with the term "falling in love" with our Savior. However, some get it. It's not meant to sound odd or weird. The fact is, all of us, male and female, that have met Him and have come to know Him as our Lord, have fallen in love with Him. If you're uncomfortable with the term, please ignore that, and just tell us the story of how you came to know the Lord. Here's my story (note: there's not much to it, but here it goes). I was around 15 or 16 when I attended a youth service. There was a guest speaker there who had just finished bringi
  7. I too thought this was going to be a discussion about something to do with talking...like about people who talk too much, or something like that. I didn't realize it was just people typing words and not knowing what they wanted to talk about.
  8. Amen! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.
  9. That is too funny...yeah I guess that is a perk of writing fictional stories. You are in control and you can do anything you want to with the characters! Well, I'm a writer because I have something to say, and I find it easier to say by writing it. I wish I could say I feel "called" to write or that I loved it, but I just know I'm meant to do it in some capacity. I am working on ways to find myself enjoying it more. This is a good forum for talking about all things writing.
  10. Pretty funny! And I'm not even a cat fan.
  11. I've only seen snow twice in my life. A part of me would love to be "snowed in" but I get that not everyone feels that way and loves being stuck at home. I am praying for your wellbeing as well as that of your friends and relatives near you.
  12. Okay, I guess I'm kind of the oddball here. I don't "love" writing. It's very challenging for me...always has been since I've been an adult. As a child, I would write non-stop, uninhibited. I don't even know why, I would just write because I wanted to write. Now, it's a different story. But I do enjoy the ideas part of it, the thinking about what to write. Then actually putting those words together is a challenge at times, but I guess I kinda like the challenge sometimes. I like knowing writing is sometimes hard, but I can do it anyway. I wish I loved it, but I just know that to some extent, I
  13. Enjoyed your article on Sin. It's a great reminder that we as believers will fall, but we can always get back get up and try again. God is gracious and merciful and He expects nothing less from us.
  14. Hi Hollyblues! What do you mean by "so that your seeking is fruitful"?
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