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  1. if you would like to connect then please email me at totallylovedbygod59@yahoo.com keith

  2. if you wish to receive my devotions e-mail me at totallylovedbygod59@yahoo.com

  3. I think there must be a work of the Spirit at a personal level too

  4. I have a different perspective about Gods Kingdom . So you might love or hate me , be encouraged or challenged . (in love .of course )

  5. Please note : your web site is frozen . I just tried to view it .

  6. hi alan thanks.. this is me and helen in london earlier this year.. we spent a month in UK.. check out my testimony. I was saved under the ministry of victor jack God bless keith

  7. Hi Keith ..saw you were on-line . Welcome aboard ! I , myself am English and live in Norway . Have been on CW.com since Jan. 2015

  8. PS .... I see you are a new member . So God bless you in your writing in a wonderful way and welcome aboard .

    1. Joanna Alonzo

      Joanna Alonzo

      Thanks for the warm welcome! God bless you too! :)

  9. Today on amazon I saw and ordered a book by Doug Addison, a well known preacher with prophetic insight , about book writing by tapping in to God-given creativity . Worth having i thought. Best wishes

    1. Swimkick


      Thank you. I' ll check it out.

  10. Hi Robin , I just want to say that I often "like" and give positive comments on what you write . But I really am pleased to see you often writing on some of the most important themes and subjects , namely the Holy Spirit and his works . Have a good day

  11. Hi Emily , welcome aboard . Be bold and jump in :-)

  12. Good Morning ... 04.58 i Norway now . hope you find somewhere on christianwriters or anywhere to tell out what is on your heart from the Lord . Have a great day

  13. You said you wished there was more detail , more information on " A letter to a friend ...that means you " . Just tell me a bit more what sort of detail or info on what and I can help , if I can . Best Wishes Alan .

    1. Sandi S.

      Sandi S.

      What did Bonnke say, how did the people respond, do you have any firsthand accounts of people who were there? How did you respond? What did this experience do for you? That sort of thing. :) I am deeply encouraged by the move of God happening in Europe! What is the church like there? In what ways is it changing?

  14. Your comment about Reinhard coming to the USA inspired a comment from me which I wanted to pass on to the world .Thanks. Its in showcase .

    1. Sandi S.

      Sandi S.

      Thanks! I read and commented on it. Wonderfully encouraging!

  15. Hi Mike , saw you were online right now 0502 am Norwegian time and wanted to greet and bless you brother in the Lord

    1. Mike Morrison

      Mike Morrison

      Sorry I missed your comment! Thanks for the blessings!! They are always appreciated. You were on mighty early then to catch me, haha.

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