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  1. Not that I use to use a typewriter. I'm considering moving to the more antiquated style of writing by using a typewriter.
  2. Wow, just wow. That's crazy. I'm sorry that happened to you, as well. I'm seriously considering going back to a typewriter.
  3. Hi, Becky, That's how I'm viewing this: just as God giving me an opportunity to go back and do some refreshing. And I did have a paper copy printed out; it was just from about 25,000 words ago. So I have a foundation to work off of. I'm just hoping that I can remember all of the little additions I had made since then. Thanks for your encouragement.
  4. Maybe I am a technological illiterate, but I have no idea. I saved my document, appropriately ejected my flash drive, put it in my pocket like normal and then left my office. When I returned an hour later, the flash drive was blank and waiting to be formatted.
  5. So... I sat down to write the other afternoon to find that my flash drive, which has been my main save location for far too long, was gone... physically there but completely erased and ready to be reformatted! It had both of my main works, novel and children's book, on it, along with lots of pieces of other stories that I've started and that have just been waiting for time to be put into them... all gone. Thankfully, I had just emailed my children's book to someone to look into about doing illustrations for me, so I was able to recover it, but I about had an emotional breakdown because of everything else I had lost. I've lost about 25,000 words of my novel. It had been that long since I had done a back-up save... (really, my flash drive had originally been my backup and I had just started using it because it was so convenient. Here's to being so technologically illiterate that you don't realize that a flash drive could just be wiped without warning...) I have some of it handwritten that will just need to be re-typed, but this is a daunting task. I was 85% of the way done and was just working on the ending. I'm going to use this as an opportunity to do some editing and shaping as I re-type the whole thing, but I feel like I was about to crest Everest and now I've just slipped and fallen head over heels back to base camp. I would appreciate all of your prayers. By the way, I am being much more diligent in backing up my files now that I have gone through this tragedy.
  6. Well, the book is six of the parables of Jesus written for children. It is written both with animals as characters (The Prodigal Son retold as a family of squirrels) and also from the viewpoint of animals/ objects within the parables themselves (from the perspective of the seeds in the Parable of the Sowers). I am pursuing self-publishing with this book; this will actually be my first work where I have reached this stage, so I am unfamiliar with the process of working together with someone on a project. However it will work, I would love to see some general sketches of your thoughts, if either of you would want to proceed. I can PM you my email, or however works best for you. Thanks!
  7. I'm a big fan of Tolkien and Lewis and their style of development. I try not to "plop" down an intense moment of character/ setting development, because if I were reading such it would knock me out of the story. As I write, I try to simply sprinkle the development throughout - a little bit in conversation here, a little bit of description as my character is walking there, a little bit of backstory as part of an overall description of what is happening in the scene... just a dash to clue the reader in to where the story is taking place while allowing them to remain connected to whatever is happening in the story.
  8. I'm hoping this is the correct avenue in which to post this. I have finished a children's book and have discovered that my illustrating skills are abysmal. The illustrator that was going to work with me on the project has backed out, so I am looking for someone who would want to partner with me. If interested, shoot me a message and we will go from there. Thanks.
  9. welcome to CW from a british man living in nanjing china keith

    1. Joshua Benefiel

      Joshua Benefiel

      Hey, Keith, It's been a while since I've been logged in. Thank you for the welcome! I've always dreamed about living long-term overseas, but Europe is more my cup of tea than the Far East.

    2. totallylovedbyGOD


      thanks joshua God bless you.. myself and my chinese wife oversee an unregistered church here.. we both teach.. helen at school and me at ho,e.. I aslso write devotions and send out stuff and if you wish to email me at totallylovedbygod59@yahoo.com all i ask is thay you share keith below.. helen me and daughter ming.. returning to brandon uni in canada to study fine art third year [ATTACH]227.IPB[/ATTACH]

  10. "The lion has roared- who isn't frightened? The Sovereign Lord has spoken- who can refuse to proclaim His message?" (Amos 3:8)

  11. I want to tell stories the same way Jesus did, through parables.

    1. KatRider


      That's really cool!

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