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  1. Fantasy does not have to be oriented around magic, much less around black magic or witchcraft. You should dig into CS Lewis' Space Trilogy- one of the ideas that he works through is what if God tried creation on multiple planets with varying levels of free will? But in that idea, as well, is the thought that maybe he also played around with the design of these other places, making the physics and the laws of nature work differently there. So fantasy can be simply a world that works much differently than ours. It's not magic- to those living there it is perfectly normal,
  2. I think Christian men have been discouraged from reading because of the content that is out there, but not moved on. They just need reintroduced to those things that will ignite the fire in their souls.
  3. Is this Minnie a mousy little girl? How about Disnea?
  4. It is because men long for a battle to fight, to be caught up into something greater than themselves and to be allowed to play the hero- rather than play the out-of-touch, misogynistic, toxic, dunce that the world tries to make us out to be. And if we can't find that in real life, then reading about it is the next best thing. But that slice of Christian fiction grows ever smaller. Men don't want romance novels or dime store moral tales that tie things up in a neat little bow. They want the war that their souls long for. There's a reason that LOTR and other
  5. In my experience, people tend to grieve in much the same way that they do everything else. Is Adelaide quiet and withdrawn, then that would probably be amplified as she withdraws into herself for reflection and to deal with her pain. If she is outgoing, then there might be outbursts as she lashes out and reaches for those around her who she finds comfort in. It's not a hard and fast rule, of course. I don't think there is anyone who wouldn't accept any kind of grief from any kind of character, because grief is soooo personal.
  6. Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe? I'll be Captain America.
  7. The Auralia's Colors Series by Jeffrey Overstreet. There are four books, each from a different perspective within an overarching story.
  8. I love the idea of group writing as a prompting tool. Did any of you have the opportunity in school to do group writing? Each person begins a story and then writes for a certain amount of time, then everyone passes their story to the right and continues writing on the new story they've just received- I always loved having to jump into a prompt in the middle, in a story that I didn't begin and see how well I could put my mark on the story that I didn't conceive, while still staying true to the original writer's intent. Always did wonders to jump start creativ
  9. I have. I keep a notebook and pencil to jot down the random ideas that I have in my dreams. Some have turned into pieces of my main project and others have become secondary projects that I work on here and there. Others have gone to the waste basket because I was unable to decipher the nonsense that I jotted down whilst half-asleep.
  10. Welcome, Eric. Well done on completely your project.
  11. I surprised my wife with this poem in our wedding program. She has it framed on the wall.
  12. I've stood here watching For so many long years now; Watching as the world has changed, Watching to keep myself changeless for you. I've stood here watching, Wondering when the day might come That I could take your hand And dance with you to life's gentle love song. The thought leaves me breathless. I've stood here watching, Guarding the way to you heart, Watching as each day passes on, Watching so you'll know you're treasured. I've stood here watching, Wondering as the days have passed At the legacy of love that
  13. The sun sets low on a pink horizon, Its hues cascading o'er drowsy hills and plains. The earth swallows this glorious fire, Welcoming darkness as the daylight wains. Cooling under evening's purple cover, Slumber eases the day's many pains. Our bright star sinks low each twilight, Burning flames now shadows o'er the fading earth. Evening's hush brings rejuvenation, Calming the earth in silent dearth. Welcomed sleep covers the waiting ground, Rest arriving in the day's rebirth.
  14. If the protagonist is battling his own thoughts and expectations, doesn't that make him also the antagonist?
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