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  1. Welcome, Harold! This is a good group to be a part of and to find encouragement in.
  2. Steven James' Bowers Files series (Checkmate series unofficially) is a great, eleven-book series of psychological thrillers that are worth taking some time digging through. His story-telling style is very immersive and thought-provoking and James does a great job of blending personal experience with excellent research.
  3. Welcome to the group! I hope you find good encouragement- this is a good place for it!
  4. Editing whilst I write is just my style. That in itself is something I had to stop feeling bad about and had to give myself permission to accept and embrace. That being said, I also tend to write long-hand and then edit and shape as I type it out.
  5. Thanks, everyone. It was a gut-punch to go through to be sure, but it turned out well (aside from this one scene that I'm struggling to re-write). Re-writing the whole thing allowed me to make some very positive edits and shift the perspectives in some areas, things that I probably wouldn't have done if I hadn't had to do it. Trying to re-craft this is like having a fragment of a treasured dream from ages ago that you're trying to remember... I know what I what to say, but I can't quite remember all of the important pieces that were in it. I will come up with something. Just hoping it will be as good as what I'd done before.
  6. Aside from classical piano or worship (the worship band CityAlight is my new favorite), Needtobreathe is my go-to. This is my new favorite to just put on repeat; can't wait for this album to come out!
  7. Step back from the edge of cavernous despair? Look away from the depths of ruin? Find a path from the forlorn To walk along the spires of the day's new light. Be swept up into the bosom of Love And forget the weight of the darkened day's past. (Just a bit of a poem that I've been working on lately.)
  8. He wrote a great trilogy retelling the Robin Hood mythology set in Wales just after the Norman conquest of England.
  9. Statues can be remade. As a church, we need to do more in the way of showing people who Jesus is and being a reflection of God's love (truly Godly love) and less worrying about statues and buildings. The more true disciples we make the fewer political radicals there would be.
  10. I think you should write a book about a Swiss gal named Heidi who always gets mistaken for that other girl named Heidi.
  11. So, just a quick vent here: Late 2019 I lost my current project to a rogue Word save/ reformatted jump drive. Thankfully, I had half of it printed out and most of the rest still hand-written (which is usually how I write: long-form, then editing as I type it out). I have tried to use this time to shape, edit and improve as I've re-crafted my project. I feel like I've accomplished my goal in this frustrating process, which included moving away from Word and to Scrivener (which has been great). Yet, I have come to a place in my rewrite where I had this amazing character development scene that I do not have written out to re-write. I have a few sentences that I apparently expounded on and shaped at some point in the past, but didn't follow through and handwrite it out anywhere... I am just beside myself AT myself... I know that I will come up with something for this spot, but I don't know that I can recapture the raw emotion and pain that I had developed the first time through. Let this be a lesson to you, anyone as foolish as I was to not backup my work regularly: don't trust just that one jump drive or save file on your computer. And make good notes for yourself! You never know when you're going to need to start over without notice.
  12. Congratulations! That's really awesome.
  13. When I have a bad day, when I begin to question "Who would even read this?", I always have to come back to what my purpose for writing is: I write because it brings my heart alive and I am telling this specific story because it is one that God gave me to tell. Whether anyone ever reads what I have to say, I'm telling it for my joy and to be obedient, which brings God joy.
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