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  1. Welcome, Bradley! Fellow pastor here. Glad you joined us here at CW and congrats on your published works. Hope you find good encouragement and inspiration here with us!
  2. Welcome, Waterfall! Glad you've joined us.
  3. Welcome, Mary! Glad you've joined us. This is a good place to find encouragement.
  4. My technique is to have my main project and then........ a notebook full of ideas of things that I eventually want to flesh out a bit more. I've got a couple of other projects that I've started, but they live on the back burner and probably will until I finish my MP. Those other projects only get worked on when my brain is friend and I need to find inspiration.
  5. This is what is coming, more and more. They will hate us and what we have to say because they hate Jesus.
  6. Welcome, Bonfire! I might call myself a lurker here, as well. It's a good place to find encouragement. Hope you find what you're looking for.
  7. I knew the general idea of the story I wanted to tell. Like most of my ideas, it came as a dream that I jotted down in the middle of the night. Then I spent several years writing and re-writing and re-working the introduction, just on the back burner with all of my other writing stuff. Once I got the into done and I knew the direction I wanted to go, then it became a game with myself of writing various scenes at different places within the story and then seeing how in the world I was going to connect Point A to Point B and then on to Point C and so on.
  8. Sci-fi/ Adventure Fantasy and Historical Fiction.
  9. I love the Piano Guys' version of Pachabel's Canon in D on cellos.
  10. Is this a scene from Mass Effect? I don't recognize the score as one from the games.
  11. Sometimes I listen to classical, others to worship and hymns- my music of choice, however, is generally Christian "southern rock" like Lifehouse and Needtobreathe.
  12. Scenes/ characters that share my personality. I'm good with narrating internal dialogue and inner struggle; I struggle with extroverted, bubbly, outrageous personalities.
  13. Another series that would make a great movie or TV series is the Lion of War series by Cliff Graham. It's all about King David and his mighty men; the books are excellent and I would love to watch it as a movie.
  14. No words are universal swear words to the entire human population, nor did most swear words begin as swear words. Even the "F" word, which is probably the closest one could come to a universal swear word in our day and age, is a Middle English farming term. We co-opt words for our own devices. If enough people began using China as a swear word, it would eventually enter the common vernacular/ slang as a swear word.
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