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  1. I simply write the stories God has given me to write.
  2. The Apostle Peter- something of a blockhead that screwed up a bunch, but mightily called/ used by God well beyond his pedigree. And Cornelius- a Godly gentile that had tremendous faith and allowed God to use him.
  3. Pistols? Who needs them? Just go with a blunderbuss.
  4. The same way that you BE a strong Christian man: you set an example in speech and conduct that reflects obedience to Jesus and what He commanded us to do. You don't have your character doing things that reflect poorly on Jesus/ Christianity.
  5. Definitely concept-driven. Even as my story and characters have developed, I still develop plot points that then I have to connect together. I generally write plot point A, B, C, D, E and then have to figure out how to develop my story and characters to fit into those plot points.
  6. Congrats on your success!
  7. I love preaching about covenant, especially the idea of covenant marriage between the two and God. The two saying to God as they commit to each other: "God, you will be the biggest part of our relationship together. You are the core of this relationship. There is no leaving, because you are the foundation and you are holding us together." It's very impactful as a wedding ceremony and in marriage counseling: this is more than just a promise to each other to love each other; it is literally allowing God to put His authority on this marriage.
  8. I had to write my own eulogy for a college course one time. Definitely gives you some perspective into how others view you, both now and after you pass. I already try to approach life with a thoughtfulness to how my actions and behavior will affect others, but writing the eulogy was a neat examination into what I want my legacy to be.
  9. Just like with anything that God calls us to do, success is not my aim. God has called me to write. He has given me stories to tell. My part in the process is obedience. Will I be obedient in responding to this call that God has placed on me? Whether or not God ever chooses to make it grow is not on me. I hope that He will. I hope that this thing I do for Him will bring Him glory and that He will be blessed by it, but what God is most interested in is my obedience.
  10. Welcome, Inkwell! Pleased to meet you!
  11. Interesting topic. I hadn't really given it a thought. We've discussed what music we listen to to get us into the spirit of writing, but that actually embodies a character? This is the song that I came up with for my MC: Talmidim by ForToday
  12. In my hometown, there is a local coffee shop that sells all the froofy stuff, but they also sell $1.50 never-ending cups of regular coffee with a mixing bar to add whatever you want. It's a great little spot to go camp out and write all day. Great Christian people and peaceful environment. I go whenever I go back to my hometown. Sadly, I've not found anything close to it in our current city. The coffee shops in the city are rather pretentious. Now I tend to just go park outside, get a coffee and then sit in my Jeep and write.
  13. Sorry. Main project.
  14. The modern film adaptation of Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo used to be one of my favorite films. Then I read Count of Monte Cristo... the movie is absolutely nothing like the book. I was so disappointed. I still like the movie, but it is different now; just like with Lord of the Rings, I find myself shouting at the TV "That's not how it happened!"
  15. The last book that I read for pleasure was the Lord of the Rings again.
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