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  1. God is good!

  2. Swimkick

    Input Requested

    Thank you for your kind reply. Since I posted that original question in April, my question has been answered. Steve, I usually attend one conference per year. Sometimes I can ask questions and sometimes not. It depends on who I am able to speak with. Other times, I have other questions that are more pressing. @lynnmosher There are a couple of conferences not outrageously priced, by the way. Taylor University Professional Writing Conference in Indiana is $99 for two full days with top Christian editors, agents, and authors. It isn't expensive to stay in the dorms. The Breathe Christian Writers' Conference in Grand Rapids is affordable, too. I think I paid $129 for two and a half days. It is in the midst of 5 Christian publishing houses. The greater expense would be travel, though. Right now, I am in a writers' group with a writing coach since my book proposal is in the last edit soon to be sent to an agent. I've been able to ask a lot of questions there as well. I do appreciate the help all of you offer. You are such a blessing!
  3. Swimkick

    When And What To Charge For Articles?

    Thank you, @MS.Serena.Fox and @suspensewriter, but I'm not phenomenal, but I do get my content out. I've written for a Christian publication for a couple of years pro bono, but it has given me practice. What happened with this case and a couple of other groups who contacted me: I blog about Christian health, fitness, and wellness, so it attracted the attention of three publications and a medical blog. Sometimes, when they want a fresh perspective, the peruse blogs. In the case of the paid offer, I turned it down for a couple of reasons: one publication this editor represented has articles with sex tips, some of the readers are teen girls and college students; the other they wanted me to write about fashion and makeup tips, not my arena. They expected me to churn out a crazy amount of content for next to nothing. I cannot put out that steady of a stream of content with my other writing responsibilities and health conditions. I just wanted to report back what happened after my initial request. I highly recommend that every writer have a blog without giving away all of your book content. Have a "Hire Me" page. Manage SEO well to have your website come up on the first two pages of Google search (mine is a work in progress). Write well on the topics of your platform. Have a couple of good editors you can call upon. Eventually, you might get an email with a writing offer.
  4. Swimkick

    Input Requested

    Several of you self-publish, so maybe you can help me out. The Predators and Editors website is no longer available. I would like to know where I can check out self-publishing companies' ratings and any concerns. I am looking into this avenue to publish when I believe it needs to be published, but publishers and agents say the market may not support the topic. Tight deadlines are difficult for me, too. Suggestions or input would be helpful. Thank you!
  5. @lynnmosher I like the new format! I will have to roam around to become acquainted with it. What is the "Store"? Sorry, I have been away for awhile.
  6. Swimkick

    When And What To Charge For Articles?

    I discovered more on this topic recently. A newer online magazine contacted me to write articles for them, but they wanted to know what I would charge. After a few exchanges, I asked a friend who is an online managing editor for a magazine (not my niche) what is considered fair and sent her a copy of the emails. She recommended to never take less than $.03 per word since I've written for magazines before. When I gave them my bottom-line price, they countered with $.01-.02 per word writing three to five articles per week! @Suspensewriter, thank you for your guideline. There really are some online publications that might ask for our charges, especially for newer magazines and blogs.
  7. Wow! I was away for a while, so when I tried to log in and got locked out! That will teach me to come back more often.:rolleyes: I missed so many of you.


    God is good. I'm still working on a treatment plan for health issues, but doing better.

  8. Swimkick

    When And What To Charge For Articles?

    Thank you. I am looking for guidelines for in the future, but am looking now.
  9. Swimkick

    When And What To Charge For Articles?

    I've overheard conversations at writers conferences about this subject and evidently, there are some that don't have clear guidelines. I would like to be able to at least cover my own expenses at some point. My husband plans to retire next year, so I want to help financially through my writing. Yes, writing is a ministry, but if we are "worth our salt" there is a reasonable consideration for modest compensation so we can spend the time needed to put out quality work that speaks to people's hearts. Right now, I am simply asking the question for in the future. The two I've written articles for their online publications were up front. I would like some sort of guidelines or suggestions.
  10. Hi! I have written some magazine articles and guest posts for blogs recently. They were done in exchange for the recognition as an expert in my field to help boost readership and Klout score. My question is this: What criteria do you use to charge for writing articles and blog posts? How much do you charge? Also, do you use a contract? I would rather ask this question before I need to request payment for my work. Thanks!
  11. Still immersed in project and blog posts. God is good!

  12. Feeling a bit overwhelmed and excited at the same time. Working on a project and re-working my website, etc. is a lot of work. Pray for the Lord to work ahead of me and I follow His lead all the way.

  13. Discouraged with the horrible winters in Michigan. Sunshine, sunshine, where art thou?

  14. Looking forward to what God has in store for 2016!

  15. I wrote out all the writing projects complete and was pleasantly surprised! Book is not done, but it is not time yet. God is good!


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