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  1. Hi Anna, Are you still looking fro a beta-reader? I would be willing to read your novel. I am writing a Y.A. Christian romance. It's short (10,000 words). I have the basic outline and chapters written. The plot is kind of different with lots of twists and turns. If you're willing please email me at kristinyodock@gmail.com Thank you, Kristin

  2. God bless you and welcome keith in nanjing china

  3. Ann, I read chapter one of you book and like the chapter. There were a few things that I saw that if you don't mind I would like to help with. I went through the first third of the chapter and made some suggestions. If you would like me to I can post it on the critique side, or I can send it to you. I do like the story, it looks intriguing. Louis

    1. annaemeyer


      Feel free to post it on the site! I haven't been on this site in awhile, but am back, and I finished posting the story, as well! Thank you!

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