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  1. Hi Lynn,


    This is like meeting an old friend whom I haven't seen in years. Many things have happened to me, but the site looks great!

    1. lynnmosher


      Yay! David! Soooooo good to see you! Hope all things that have happened have worked out for the best in the end. Are you still writing? Are you visiting or here to stay? So glad you dropped in! :D

    2. davidbergsland


      I'm here to stay. FB is so tiresome. I'm in the process of releasing the second book of my Christian Urban Fantasy series. The tagline is:


      When's the last time a fantasy brought you to worship?


      My wife died on 12/20/2019. I've been a full-time caretaker since 2015 or so. So, I'm getting running again. I was asking the Lord about letting people know about my books and the site with you came to mind. So, here I am. It's like a breath of fresh air. I suppose there's new rules, but I'm game. It's good to see you again also.

    3. davidbergsland


      Question: I've been fairly heavily involved with this since 2016 or so. Is this an appropriate item to discuss? I can send you a free copy of the booklet if you'd like. But, I've found that rating [NOT ranking] Christian content puts some over the edge. So, I don't want to do anything unless the administrators think it would work.


      If you think it is, let me know where it should go, please.


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