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  1. lol yeah, you caught my post before i hid it when i saw your post.
  2. so glad you posted an update, rebecca. i've been thinking about him. sooo glad he's improved enough to go home. he'll get more rest at home than at the hospital. and so glad your aunt's bf found a better care facility. praise the Lord for these.
  3. welcome back, samantha. glad you decided to rejoin us.
  4. oh, dear. i'm so sorry. praying for her protection and for her parents eyes and hearts to be opened. the Lord may have a ministry for her when she leaves home.
  5. yup. or could even be nonfiction. or even a devotional. if just a first line, who knows?
  6. sorry, Paul. i have no idea how to use it.
  7. we probably won't do it now unless someone wants to start it. too many prompts right now. so we'll wait.
  8. woo-hoo! that's great. congrats! hope it does well.
  9. it was a little confusing with Christian stuck in other. i didn't vote it b/c i wasn't sure. i read and write devotionals and inspirational stories/parables. i also love mysteries.
  10. cool, wes! fun to come up with just an opening line. that way, it wouldn't take up any time. thanks, wes. sw, yes, that would take time. it was really a suggestion for someone else to start it but running with wes' idea would be easy peasy. and more members could jump in. i'll bet you would have time for that way.
  11. Years ago, we did a different type of prompt. We posted a picture and wrote a story of no more than 500 words. just s thought if anyone wants to do it. it was fun.
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