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  1. Okay. This brings up a point. I'm sitting here scratching my head. What has been one recurrent suggestion that other writers have said to do to grow your email list? Give something away!!! So why does this work on one end but not the other? Why would you turn down free offerings because you had to sign up for their newsletter? Isn't that what you've thought about doing if you have or will have a site? Maybe their newsletter if full of good information. But if you don't like it, then unsubscribe. Very confused.
  2. I didn't have to do that at all. You don't have to share. Just skip it. It's a writers' site. If you don't like their newsletter, then unsubscribe.
  3. LOL I found it as well before you answered. Yes, I've seen a couple of them on Google. Strange, huh?
  4. BTW, Accord, how did you find that?
  5. LOL Yikes! I am forgetful! Thanks, Accord!
  6. Thanks for the update, Y. Glad you're safe. Stay that way!
  7. Honestly? No offense here either so warning, negative response coming. It looks like a poorly done children's book.
  8. HL, I don't remember that name. I probably missed it before. I've asked Rebecca if it's possible to add archived threads to the search function. I'll let you know. Hope someone else remembers.
  9. You're welcome, Claire! And that's so much for adding that.
  10. Here are 9 free writing books to download. You can choose as many as you like or all of them. I do not know how relevant they are. Just thought I'd share that they are free. Oh, and only for three more days.
  11. If I found an article on the internet that was of interest to me and wanted to leave a comment, and I got to the bottom of the other comments and found they were from a several year's old post, I wouldn't comment. It's old. How do I know the writer will even see my comment or comment back. Many times on this site, an old thread will have been started by someone who no longer is a member or visits the site. They probably won't receive/see your comment. So when old is old, it makes sense to close a thread. Hope that helps.
  12. That's a good question, HL. I don't know whether a trad publisher would consider it self-published or not. My guess would be yes, it's already published.
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