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  1. @carolinamtne When you click on those three dots, are you signed into the site?
  2. LOL I'm sorry, Alley! Sometimes, we grow with these things.
  3. Oh, that, too! I've read so many headlines lately (and some articles) where the grammar is atrocious! It's like nobody edits or even reads what they've written. Ugh! I have to stop reading. Drives me nuts!
  4. Those were just examples. I couldn't think of anything specific I've heard. Could be though.
  5. Grrrr!!! Sometimes certain grammar blunders drive me cuckoo! This happens every once in awhile but I've heard it several times in the last couple of days. TAKE vs BRING It's not "bring this to your father" or "bring me home." It's TAKE! I never hear it the other way around. Using take rather than bring. Not ranting at you guys, of course. Just venting!!! GRRR!!!
  6. Mine is all too obvious: I write in obedience to the Lord's call. When I became ill 20 years ago, the Lord whispered to my heart to write for Him. I thought it was a joke. I'd only written poetry that was pretty stinky. But I obeyed and am still at it!
  7. Just wanted to be sure. 'Cause now I gotta look elsewhere. Will get back to you.
  8. That's all? Edit isn't listed beneath that?
  9. Happy birthday, Chris! Hope you enjoy a great day. Blessings to you!
  10. Carolina, sorry. It's moved. Click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner. It's there.
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