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  1. You're pretty safe with Pixabay. I don't think I've ever read anything bad about them.
  2. There's a little selection box on the left. If you choose oldest, you'll see the beginning of the uses. However, it will only show what has been shown. So if someone put their name on someone's image, tineye won't know the difference. It just shows what has appeared. Does that help?
  3. I think that can depend on whether or not the person who, uh, borrowed the image put their own name on it.
  4. Welcome back, Josie!
  5. Don't forget you can always use tineye.com to search. Select oldest and you'll find the uses of it starting with the first time. And you'll find out if you need to pay for it or not.
  6. I wasn't going to respond because it's something I don't really like to think about. As QS, I was close to losing my hubby last February, pneumonia and congestive heart failure. He has had some other rough health issues as well, like diabetes, two heart attacks, shingles, prostate cancer, gall bladder removal, both shoulders need replacing, arthritis, etc., etc., etc. Yet, he is relatively well. And then there's me and my issues. However, what is truly scary (which I try not to think about and leave it to the Lord to deal with) is the fact that we have no life insurance. And we're on SS and now supporting two more adults. Extremely hard. Hubby always prays that I would go first just because of no insurance and he doesn't want my life turned upside down if he went first. Just praying the rapture comes before either one of us!!!
  7. Haven't heard that in years. It was on CBN, SW. The website is still there for kids with Bible stories. Good stories.
  8. It takes a while, Zee! Hangeth thou in there! Are you promoting it on social media?
  9. Thank you. I'm curious about your site. You only have a sign up/read guidelines page. There is nothing else to your site. How does one know this is legit?
  10. Yes, the font is the same. However, I see two different images.
  11. If you decide you want to make them more cohesive for a series, you can always change the change. Done all the time.
  12. I just thought. If this is book 2, book 1 and any others should all have a similar book cover.
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