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  1. Oh, for sure remember that one! That was the genius of the ad agency. "The catchphrase was a sharp jab at competitors Burger King and McDonald’s, allowing Wendy’s to trumpet the fact that their burgers had more beef than the Whopper or Big Mac." Amen to that, Carolina!
  2. Chloe, I moved your thread here where it's more appropriate. I hope you'll hop back over to Meet and Greet and tell us a little bit about yourself and what you like to write.
  3. Regina, I removed your email address as it's not a good idea to post it. Bots roam the site and love to gobble up email addresses!
  4. LOLOL 🤣 Kids, they cause gray hair and brain damage in severe cases. LOL Oh, so true! On both counts! ~ Love that phone app!
  5. Awesome, Bob! The first thing I would say is: don't listen to others who tell you to write. They may be right. But be sure it is the Lord's leading first and foremost. I loooooove digging into the Word's definitions, especially the Hebrew. We miss so much without knowing the full meaning of so many words. So glad you joined us. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. I know you'll find the Lord's leading for your writing..or not writing.
  6. I agree. However, I believe there is a difference between being beaten for being a Christian and commanded to reject Christ and being beaten just because someone wants to harm you.
  7. LOL Bob, I agree! Thanks so much, Chuck and Carolina!
  8. Oh, Z! I loooooooove your new avatar! Looks just like you!
  9. Thank you all for the great birthday greetings! Love 'em all! 🧡
  10. LOL Oh, so fun! Love the Snoopys and greetings. Thank you! 🧡
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