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  1. lynnmosher

    Author Website

    And your offer is very generous!
  2. lynnmosher

    Author Website

    Rcetc, your offer is appreciated, however, would you mind posting this in Plugs & Promos? I'll leave just a link for you here. This is considered advertising. though I know it was offered as help.
  3. lynnmosher

    Do Authors Really Need To Blog?

    There is a lot related to writing that is not writing. And building your base of followers is at the top of the list. If you do not have followers, who will read what you write? Let me ask you something. How do you make friends? Do you go to any Bible studies? To church? Any craft groups or other groups? Have you made friends? This is exactly what the groups like FB and Twitter are on social media: outlets for connecting, for making friends, relationships. That's where you talk about your family or not. Share recipes if you like. Ask questions to get others involved. Yesterday n FB, I asked what everyone's favorite Christmas cookie was. When you have a blog post, you post that. You share things you've seen. I'm an introvert but I've learned how to come out of my shell, albeit somewhat. So, don't give up, RL. And besides, no one ever said you had to join multiple social media sites. If one is your limit, then that's what works for you. Keep at it. You can do it! PS Let me clarify. By groups, I meant like FB. However, there are tons of groups on FB that are well worth joining. There are Christian writing groups, prayer groups, women's groups, etc. Great places to get connected.
  4. lynnmosher

    Looking For Some Male Pov

    Michael, up at the top in the blue banner on the right, to the left of the triangle are two thought/word clouds. That's what you click on if you would like to send someone a private message.
  5. lynnmosher

    Prayers For Nicola

    Such a difficult time. And even more so at Christmas time. Surely praying for Nicola, her mother, and the rest of the family. May the Lord bless them with a special touch of His presence. 🖤
  6. lynnmosher

    Author Website

    I understand your response, Jethro. And your insight is helpful. Just not encouraging. So, I am sorry I started this. It is not my nature to be prickly. So I'm ending my conversation here.
  7. lynnmosher

    Author Website

    I apologize if I jumped in too quickly. I am just protective of members when negativity seems to come their way.
  8. lynnmosher

    Author Website

    Sorry. That just came across as deflating to one who is excited about his first book being published. Yes, I know. Few succeed. But we're not blowing sunshine up his pants leg with positive statements. We just like to encourage. If after that statement there had been an uplifting one, it would have counteracted the negative one.
  9. lynnmosher

    Author Website

    Well, we'll counteract the negativity and pray that Steve's book does succeed.
  10. lynnmosher

    Top 10 Google Search Tips & Tricks

    That quote doesn't exist in that form. Not according to Google. There is this one: Ignorance is not so much a lack of knowledge, but the inability to cope with the fear of being wrong. -SFJ
  11. lynnmosher

    Phone Apps Know Your Location And Sell Your Info

    Yup. It's really hard to hide.
  12. lynnmosher

    tech support Quotes

    Only Rebecca can answer this. I can't. Sorry.
  13. lynnmosher

    Matthew 1:17

    Nicholas, sooo love when your brain spills over with biblical and Hebrew/Jewish knowledge. As ECR said: profoundly interesting! Thank you!
  14. lynnmosher

    Phone Apps Know Your Location And Sell Your Info

    Yup. And I agree. It is a little disconcerting. They can't track me. I don't go anywhere! And I don't have a phone! If they want to track me, this is where I am! LOL

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