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  1. Oh, no, no!!! It needs to be here on its own. I'm sorry. I didn't word that right. I'm glad you posted it. Needs to be seen. Thank you!
  2. I don't think I've ever heard anything negative about D2D. Always good. I posted about this beta a few weeks ago. It was buried in a thread. I wonder how it's doing. The beta...not the thread!
  3. Okay. Not so much a giggle but I love this one...
  4. Husband's name first for a couple. So are you keeping couples together or separating them?
  5. LOL Great Mayberry-ism, RJ! LOL Love that, Accord!
  6. Ack! I'll never believe that, Nicola. 🧡 Btw, have you ever tried LastPass?
  7. For sure! When I first started on social media years ago, I went with Twitter. I was doing okay and enjoying it somewhat. Comments on Twitter were like a puff of smoke. Gone in an instant. Then, I started on FB and I enjoyed it so much more. FB was more like a low-lying fog that hung around for a while.
  8. Amen and amen, Z. Praying in agreement with you and everyone else. Thank you!
  9. LOL Reminds me of one I just saw...
  10. Charles, I loved your thread here where it's more appropriate.
  11. I totally understand Spaulding. Twenty years ago, I got really sick and thought I'd be in a wheelchair the rest of my life. I had to have help to do most everything. I have fibromyalgia (plus an assortment of a few other things). However, I did get better. Praise the Lord! I absolutely agree! And prayer makes it three. Praying for you. And I love Teddy's need for release from cabin fever.
  12. A sense of humor is essential to coping well.
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