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  1. Sure. If you have blog posts, then you need for others to be able to subscribe.
  2. Great job, HK. I have two suggestions: 1) you need a copyright and date in your footer, and 2) you might want to add a subscription box unless you don't plan on having subscribers just yet. Again, great job!
  3. KyG, I don't believe you have to have an account. Just your email address.
  4. Yeah. Doesn't help writers at all not having a judgment.
  5. I goggled it and found that both sides agreed to dismissal, saying, "Now that the lawsuit has been settled, it's still unclear whether the film did infringe on copyrighted material." So who knows what or if there was a monetary settlement. ???
  6. Have been praying. And I'm praying for God's best plan and purpose. His will be done. I'm sure this is all according to Scripture for end times.
  7. Subscribed and stuck in the link for you.
  8. You might want to list the link. Much better that way. But I'll go look.
  9. SW, the article stated: The case was settled before the issues could be litigated.
  10. Yes, I thought it was very interesting as well. And I think they did have an agreement of some sort.
  11. Sidebar Saturdays starts out the article on copyright for fictional characters with an infringement case of Sherlock Holmes.
  12. People may not know you. You might want to hop over to Meet and Greet and introduce yourself so everyone will know you are here and can welcome you.
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