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  1. Thank you all. It is an absolute joy to be a part of this wonderful community.
  2. Praying for your husband and you too - he for a successful procedure and you for calming the stress of having one you love go through it.
  3. SW, I just got back from a short hiatus from CW site, and I saw this post about your series. So I watched both of the videos from the series (so far) and enjoyed them. You have a rather unique way of approaching and making your points, but it works. It is unique enough to grab attention, but genuine enough and filled with plenty of solid information to retain the viewer's interest. I hope you do well with the series.
  4. Happy Birthday @suspensewriter. I hope you had and are still having a great day.
  5. I suppose if I want to be a better writer, I guess I need to hope I use better words - I think...
  6. Hi Claire, I would be happy to read your story. Tell me at what level you want feedback and I will do my best to be good.
  7. If you are looking for well-written fantasy ("looking for inspiration") and are willing to overlook some thematic content that isn't Christian, here are a few books that I think were very well done. 1. I second @Catherine Rohsner on George MacDonald's Phantastes. The language is a little oddly worded at times (it was published in 1858), but the story and the imagination embedded in it are first rate. The story was a significant influence on C.S. Lewis and I would bet money that Tolkien read it too as there are elements that could easily lead to some of what is in the LOTR. 2. I would
  8. @EBraten, I am in the throes of figuring out how to deliver free and/or ARC copies and have been looking at both of these services and a few others. If you have a minute, I would be interested in, 1) Why use both services? and 2) Is one obviously better than the other? I do understand that StoryOrigin is free for the moment. Thanks
  9. I self-published the first book in my series a few years ago, after having it edited by a freelance editor. She did a good job, but in thinking about writing and publishing the following books in the series, I decided I wanted to get a more professional opinion. So, I looked at Reedsy to find someone to do a manuscript evaluation before I finalize the next books in the series. The process of finding the person on Reedsy was well-structured and easy to do. I specified what I wanted and a bit of info about the book. I was also able to use the search function to narrow down the candidates to
  10. It's worse than that. My wife found Pumpkin Spice Special K.
  11. Sorry, missed this yesterday. I hope you had a great day and many following.
  12. I read a book like this in the last few months and, like you, I was jarred a bit at first. But, when I analysed it, I came to the same conclusion you did. As a stylistic device, it gives the writer some additional freedom in managing scenes away from the main POV character. In the book I read, it also seemed to be that the writer was using the first person to deepen the characterization of the person telling the story. The third person bits were important to the story, but it both lessened their importance (I suspect on purpose) and gave the author a way to occasionally sketch (since the
  13. Thanks for the replies all. The quote is from C.S. Lewis in his essay On Science Fiction found in the book, C.S. Lewis On Stories and Other Essays on Literature. The point (and thereby, the question) here isn't whether the characters in a fantastical story can be "extraordinary". They certainly can, as any good hero can be - for example, Aragorn in LOTR. The question is, how deeply do you develop the character, and does a deep level of characterization detract from the wonder and awe of the fantastical setting? Is it possible to do too much character building that it detracts fro
  14. I would be interested in everyone's comments on the quote below. After folks have had time to comment. I'll let you know who the quote is from. "Every good writer knows that the more unusual the scenes and events of his story are, the slighter, the more ordinary, the more typical his persons should be. Hence Gulliver is a commonplace little man, and Alice is a commonplace little girl. If they had been more remarkable, they would have wrecked their books." What do you think?
  15. I am blessed (cursed?) with an almost insatiable curiosity, and I would be interested to see the sources for this information. The data I've seen indicate very different numbers. And, in fact, the oceans and the land biosphere appear to be at equilibrium, absorbing as much CO2 as they release See: Here and Here for examples of the science. I am no scientist, but I was trained to look at original sources for information. Why read what somebody said somebody said, somebody said, etc. when you can look at the original information and form your own conclusions? There is a t
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