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  1. Thank you for your kindness in liking what I have written the other day. Looking forward to your thoughts on what I have in my head/paper.


    In Christ alone.

    1. Love


      You're very welcome. 

  2. Believer. Dreamer. Writer. 

  3. Hi Constance, All of our private messages were deleted. So I will not be able to critique your latest chapter. Sorry. I am very discouraged about this update on Christian writers. I can't read the posts. They are too small. It was a blessing to work 

    1. Love


      with you. Sorry. Must have hit the post button. I really dislike change. Mat God bless your work for Him. Hope you get this. I have no clue what I am doing.

  4. Thanks for welcoming me to ChristianWriters.com, Love!

  5. Hello, just wishing you a good day. I saw you online, liked your icon and well, love is a great word...the greatest of these is love...love is all you need...(){:O)

    1. Love


      Hi Mark, Thanks. Love is my last name, but I also write romantic teen fiction. What do you write? The greatest of these is love is one of my many favorite verses. Hope you have a great day too!

  6. God bless you and Happy Christmas Keith

  7. Thank you for your kind response the "The Dig" - and yes, it is a true story.

  8. Lydia

    Hi Love, It looks like we got some interest in our critique group! I thought you might want to drop in.:)

  9. Lydia

    Hi Love! I got the new group going, Complete Critiques. When you take a look at it, will you let me know what you think, in case I forgot something or something needs changed? Thanks!

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