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  1. Please note....there are a few pinned items on the first page that remain constant and new material posts after them. Many topic links on left sidebar.....
  2. A taste of FAITH, a touch of LAUGHTER. Sharing my life and faith, my writing and poetry, my thoughts about many topics, my journey with God through trials, and other various interests. I hope to brighten your day or bless and encourage you somehow.
  3. Disappointed that I can no longer find old content here...... :(


  4. Thank you. I will try again I will try to find my own old posts once I can access things here..... They no longer show as links on my profile.....
  5. Looks like I may have lost all my content here AGAIN!!!!

    I had my own poetry and comments in critique forum. 

    Everything seems to be gone....

  6. I'm newly back on site after a year or more, and trying to enter into writing critique area, but I cannot open anything there. This message appears. Please advise! Ann "Sorry, there is a problem We're sorry, the topic or section you are trying to access is unavailable at this time due to one of the reasons below. 1) You are a guest or new member. In order to protect the work of our members, the critique forum is only available to established users. 2) You are attempting to access an archived post. If you believe you have received this message in error, please let us know in the Support Forum. Error code: 2F173/H"
  7. I have found my way back, at last!

  8. Found Balderdash, and the comment threads I had received emails for but was unable to access. Success!

  9. Had 8 alerts when I signed in. All disappeared.....

  10. Lost my thread to poem Balderdash. Wonder if it is with the loss of name annj49?

  11. Seem to have lost status here and points. Good to be back anyway, after all the trouble to do so, so I will just be happy to be here ;)

  12. Wow. I just managed to get signed back in here after ALL kinds of trouble with passwords and such! PHEW!!!!!!!!

  13. Just over a year later, and I am back again :)

  14. Made it back in here. I could not get in for a while, because of changes made to site. Glad to be here again :)

  15. I have been very busy at WordPress, working on a blog I made last year. If you want to look, it's here: www.annofgg.com

  16. I have been gone, forever, it seems, but I am back, with a little short story I did not expect to write ;)

  17. What are trophy points?

  18. I lost my points on the writer's workshop! Did I lose them with the site changes?

  19. Thank you for your comment on my entry into poetry challenge :)

  20. Coming back after a long absence is like meeting an old friend. There are some glitches, like having to have a new name, a new account, but it still feels like HOME :)

    1. Peter(IC)Michael76


      Especially when you have group of friends who encourage you every step of the way...welcome back and God bless

    2. Ann Justin
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