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  1. I'm pulling for Auburn I guess now, or maybe Texas Tech, what about you guys and girls!
  2. We bought the you tube streaming just for this month because as far as I can tell they carry every channel that has the games on it. When it's over we'll cancel. Most of the time we just do Pureflix Hulu Netflix and we get prime because we love that two day shipping
  3. We watched the Tenn game man you are right those boys can play both teams. So close. Now I'm not sure I want out ky boys to play Purdue lol!! It will be what it is. Ky plays tonight.
  4. My aunt is a big Louisville fan but she's still watching. I'm going to watch Tn tonight because I hope Ky don't have to play them again.
  5. We're into the sweet 16 with our great team.
  6. That is a very cool dog! He looks lovable and yet wouldn't hesitate to take you down if you mess with him (or her)...

  7. God bless you and Happy Christmas Keith

  8. hello

    1. jacks girl

      jacks girl

      Hello back. Nice to meet you. I'm only on this forum about once a week but nice to meet you.

  9. Hi, nice to meet you!

  10. Hello! I see you were here yesterday.

  11. Hey I tried to join your mystery group and it wouldn't let me do you have it set on invite only... Thanks

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