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  1. Update The Stress test turned out good I have a few small issues with my heart nothing terrible thank the Lord. Another issue that came up was a pol-lip in my uterus the doc wants a DNC if I get more bleeding so far just had one day and none since so I'm holding off. I still have the irritation in my side but the doc is holding off for my 3 month visit to see if some exercise he give me to do will help to get rid of this. Thanks for all of the prayers!!!! Jacks
  2. Thanks everyone the prayers are much appreciated and Gillian Bell thanks for the good tips!!!
  3. Thanks everyone I've not heard back from my stress test from the doc yet but the email they sent looks good. I have a biopsy tomorrow please pray that everything goes well and that I get good results about my body and that it won't hurt they won't be giving meds just an in office thing. Thanks!! Jacks
  4. Just a quick update. I have two apts this Friday one with the Gyno and the other a stress test. Thanks for prayers please that all goes well and that I get back good results. Thanks!!!
  5. Just checking in still waiting on my apt on the 19th to see the heart doctor. thanks again for all the prayers the pain has been a little worse the last couple of days but some better today . Thank God!!
  6. Praying for all those in need in this situation!
  7. Thanks everyone. I've been not worrying too much so far and trying not to worry now either. Been listening to a lot of praise music to help ease my mind. I'm working on getting some finical help my uncle passed this week and kind of got me off track for a few days but back to doing that today. Thanks for the prayers. Jacks
  8. I can't seem to get rid of Becky's quote box but any way Lynn no update as of yet. thanks though for the prayers I go to the doc for a test the 20th. I think I added that but if not, here it is
  9. Thanks for all of this. Love natural ways to help my body!!!
  10. Thanks everyone so much for your prayers. The doc apt is the 20th. And we are filing for finical assistance I'll mail the papers in Monday. Thanks again so much! Also yes Nano is the yearly writing contest
  11. Hi everyone not been on in a while but I normally creep in around Nano if not any other time of the year. Though I was a little late this time!! I hope you all are doing well. I have a request. I've had a pain heaviness in my chest for a while now, and I got an ekg well that is leading to a heart ultra sound some time soon please pray for good results, and that if needed we'll get some assistance from the hospital because we don't have insurance. thanks much!!
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