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  1. Rebecca, I'm not sure why there was a change, but now I don't have a problem reading or posting. I guess something decided I was an established member after all. Maybe because I posted in other parts of the forums.
  2. I'm planning on purchasing Scrivener today. I just bought an on-line course to learn to use it, as I've heard there is a serious learning curve problem.
  3. I got Calibre last night. Fair warning to those considering it: pay attention to the ebook designation when googling it. Calibre is a word processing program costing $15000. The ebook program is free. However, although it can do dome conversion, it is primarily a book management program. I don't need that aspect, but being able to convert the kindle and Nook versions back and forth promises to be helpful.
  4. Following this post. I also get the message that I must me an established member, but there is nothing I can find which explains who is an established member. If I can't get in, I can't give critiques so that later I can receive a critique.
  5. I have it as a word.doc now, I'm in the process of trying to select the best affordable program for e-book conversion.
  6. I need to get some good software to convert my Word.doc to e book form (mobi and epub. ) I tried the freeware Icecream, but it only converts a limited number of pages. I looked at another - not cheap - but it only lets me include 10 images and I have about 20 in my current book. My funds are limited and I can't afford to buy the wrong one. Does anyone have a recommendation?
  7. With my husband being a news junkie, the TV is always on, blaring the latest repetition of "news". sound canceling headphones in the back room have helped, but I'm creating a new solution. I am refinishing a shed we brought in to be my writing studio. Now that it is starting to warm up, I can finish the interior painting and get the flooring down, then it's a matter of hauling in the bookshelves. books and other stuff. I'l move my computer over there and keep my laptop in the house for non-writing stuff. .
  8. I've been gone forever it seems - just before Christmas my computer died and the data transfer didn't include websites or e-mails. I'm slowly recovering the important ones. I finished the second edition of my book "Me, Ruby, and God" and hope to release it soon. I still have a few details to work through - updating the front matter, for one. The real change since the first edition is adding an epilogue. So I don't know if I should keep the "Praise for" reviews in the front written for the 1st edition or try to find new ones for the second edition. I love the cover for the fist, but don't know
  9. Sibermom65

    Me, Ruby, and God

    Me, Ruby, and God begins with a plea for God to strengthen the author’s faith. Not long afterwards, Linda breaks up an early morning dog fight in the kennel but in the process gets bitten on the ankle by her young sled dog, Ruby. While preparing to undergo surgery, Linda recognizes that Ruby doesn’t show gratitude for being saved and then questions how much she has shown gratitude for her own salvation. In the short anecdotes that follow, Ruby teaches Linda many things about what it means to be a Christian, and how to more truly live her faith every day. The author responds with original
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