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  1. ...and after "Stay away from the Corona", could added: "Para que no sea un Cinco de Desmayo" ("So it's not a Cinco de Fainting")
  2. The song is like a gift to me--needed it for affirmation. For the last five years, I've experienced an onslaught of reactions to things I apparently stuffed way back in my subconscious. I've been shocked, disappointed and unnerved, as I had to learn a whole new understanding of inner self-control, that kind that pleases God. I'd say I'm phasing out of the shock and experiencing the healing of Jesus' stripes as I learn to trust our loving Father in a more childlike way.
  3. (this morning, the first thing I did after making coffee was to flip on the TV to the TBN channel and watch a few Bill Gaither Memories specials. The last one about Gospel music stuck with me, because after watching, I went hiking for an hour and a new Gospel tune with evolving lyrics popped into my random thinking. I sang this as I walked around (I'll try to figure how to record and upload the singing, later): It's never too late . . . to turn . . . to Jesus Like as the prodigals became Apostles Peter an' Paul! They fell to tough Love, Rose up from the depths o
  4. That's the ticket: works of verve, vim and vigor.
  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My at-home approach hasn't been so asymmetrical after all.
  6. ...just added Episode 5 (from Steve Bell's Vault ministry) to my first post.
  7. The good outdoors. I just noticed the discussion about national Arbor Day, and it resonated for me. These days, the most noticeable noises in my neighborhood are the rustling of tree leaves and the wind whipping through branches. The last two thunderstorms in my area felled four pines and two oaks a little ways from my home. Those crashes were almost entertainment. Merle Haggard’s “White Lightnin” is making sense. Until further notice, gone is the whir of planes flying overhead, the clipping of the Eye Witness News chopper, the booming bass and drum sounds from a nearby mega-church, an
  8. Honesty And trust in God during the scourge of the COVID-19 virus. I am reminded of Romans 5:10 (KJV): “We shall be saved by his life” Numbers are shadows; People are real. Front lines tell sorrow; My walls don’t feel. We cannot burst, There is no balloon to blow up. We are faced with a living That doesn’t celebrate us. Prayer, like an eagle, Soar far above To a caring Father Who gave us his Son. We hear your “I know!” We see empty Tomb’s stare. In hope, we shall walk out in Heaven, on earth.
  9. Lord, You had nowhere to lay Your head? These days, we covet those open-air beds, Where You relied on the softness of Abba And His peace as a pillow to drift off on. Lord, You sometimes had to flee elbows pushing on You. These days, we long for the unmasked skin, too, For when greetings once embraced life, And we shared the same air without worry or strife. Spirit of God, continue to blow where You will. We invite You for knowledge, and now more than ever for feel. These days, confined by Caesar, We're more constrained to squ
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