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  1. Confidence in Christ Sorry, my eyes are bothering me a bit. Above, I share a link to a poem I wrote in another website, under the alias of “Quasiblogo”. Feel free to look at other stuff I’ve written there. John
  2. duck down (hmm, might conjure up images of Daffy Duck or of ducking some Daffy’s comments)
  3. Oh God, Father, Son and Spirit, One, one in Love, bless Jared in all ways, in all needs, and please show wholeness in Jared, to and including this condition. We ask You to heal him. In the Name of our Risen Advocate and our Peace, Jesus, Messiah—Who calls us Friends. Amen.
  4. Ravi’s is a “joy unspeakable and full of glory”
  5. I miss my buddies in the service. For 18 years I witnessed that some of the most unsung heroes were the non-operations (support) people who make achieving all mission objectives possible. With their operations band of brothers and sisters, it was truly a team effort. When things kicked off in Afghanistan, I went to my nephew’s Army basic training graduation ceremony at Ft. Benning, Georgia. As the “pass in review” of the proud graduates took place, I couldn’t hold back tears. That very morning, it was announced that the total number of U.S. service members killed to-date was
  6. Thank you, MaryAnn, for listening and sharing.
  7. Thomas Jefferson was greatly influenced by Deism: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_views_of_Thomas_Jefferson One idea for you concerns Jefferson’s own “Bible”: Jefferson Bible One of your characters, say “Dave the Deist”, could be someone who is searching for God and has deist tendencies without realizing it, until he stumbles on Jefferson’s Bible. Dave experiments with adding a few verses that were stricken out by Jefferson, to see for himself what kind of impact that might have on him. Ultimately, it begins to dawn on Dave that the Scriptures are a chain o
  8. A bonus here...only because the concert acoustics in the church are fantastic and bring out Steve Bell’s music in an exquisite, pre-social distancing Way: Steve Bell 2016 Concert
  9. Would you visually dash outside your house Engage a leper from your couch? Or, put your money to where mouth is Donate to charities amidst this COVID? Defy the "stay" to build the herd Or, self impose while the essential learn? And when the Church opens its gates Will we in heart and mind embrace The kiss of peace so long restrained? Will we know God has kept His pace And been, by Spirit, hither and yon To fellowship, coax us along?
  10. The South Carolina barber shops open back up on May 18. Not sure how to react. Best sideburns I’ve had in years and hair flapping at the collar. It feels like the ‘70s. Either my new vitamins have a kicked in, or it really has been that long. My brother says he’s reached mullet threshold. I don’t think I want a photo. I’m thinking of paying my barber a double amount. Mom and Pop businesses sure can use the help.
  11. When resolve sounds like an F-Troop battle command ...
  12. ... Episode 6 added to initial post
  13. Well, that’s not the México of yore or yesterday.
  14. These things come to mind from my overexposure to U.S. TV commercials during my stay-at-home experience: Número 1: I am not William Devane. Reference the precious metals commercial that launches with his intro, “Hi, I’m William Devane, while I’m at it William, could you maybe diversify—like throw in a pitch for investing in Palladium or Bitcoins? Pharma company ads have some of the best bumper music The GEICO gecko lizard seems to have gone into hiding, too. If, as some politicians assert, we will never go back to normal: then by gum, commerci
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