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    Below, I imagine what Mary the mother of Jesus ("Yeshua") must have thought from time to time . . . beginning with the wedding of Cana, in Galilee. What if his time had come,[a1][a2] for people to born by the water and the blood?[x] They were giving in marriage, so customary, His mysterious history would have amazed more, a little early. Everyone clamours for the Son, I’ve also another reason, as a mother should. I still long to care for him and capture the smile of Joseph in an apprentic
  2. How I wish they’d stay longer,[a] but my disciples would make good company for the One sent from the Father. What’s camel's hair to the touch of Eternity?[z] It isn’t that I haven’t seen him, I’ve known Yeshua since I was a boy. Hmmph! I remember telling Miriam,[x] “He doesn’t like carpenter toys!”[c] Goodbye my friends, go with the One grown-up, with shoulders for this world,[y] and if he speaks of how we played in the sand, tell him, our voices in the wilderness were then like a whirl.[d] I wonder
  3. Silent rocks? Then I challenge you to forty days of silent worship. If, at the end of this communion you hear the rocks,[a] you have answered Yahweh’s prayers. One Mediator between God and man[c] longs to build a bridge, landscape all the gap as our contemplations brim, thoughts pour over sightings, pool between such stones, run over the nations,[d] capture all our praise. If you read this somewhere on this planet, as this rock skips over waters of the universe,
  4. (I wrote the below this morning after listening to a web interview with Canadian singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn. The first two lines are a response Bruce gave--jumped out at me, as I think the reader will see) I’m supposed to love my neighbour but I don’t even know him. Should I wade through a barrio, traverse mountainous Samaria? Missionary offerings, from a quiet checklist: but my spirit rumbles for something more. This pew’s like a vice on my convictions; can’t wait to go, where the rubber meets on the road! Do I kno
  5. (as I imagine Saint Francis silently praying) This time I know that You are Real, this time, I'm unafraid. This time I cling to You my Lord, I've given all away. To seek your Face, to see in the flower more glory than that of Solomon, to live in your Power. To be alive in amazing Grace; this very hour I pray, in peace, give You my cares. This time I walk in your Command, to love You and love others: owe only this to neighbor, too, enabled from Above. To seek y
  6. (an upbeat, light-hearted song that I imagine St. Francis might have sung--and might have been mandatory to sing before one become a full-fledged friar! ) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brother_Sun,_Sister_Moon Birds of the air come, come to me! See how the Joy of Christ i-is Peace! Rest on my arms stretched out like a tree, for each of thee, an ark, glad company! Brother Sun may see you, but God knows your ways. Brother Moon may help you sleep while God cares.
  7. I'm thinking about [1] "Shadowlands" movie (about C.S. Lewis): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadowlands [2] the Scripture verse, ". . .but the greatest of these is love" (1 Corinthians 13:13) [3] The Rich Mullins song, "While the Nations Rage": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BgIUU2gzVc [4] and I write: Shadowland prayers in a shadowland world, our hearts are candid, word-pictures full of Who You are, Jesus, though corners are curled on ancient pages where words You fulfill. This earth seems so frie
  8. Ragamuffin_John


    I just listened to “Hold me Jesus”, sung by Rich Mullins, through this Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx6pNabBLH8 In one of the listener comments, a person wrote, “I think he is saying stop getting comfortable here on this rock! This rock is not our home, we are just passing thru.” My thoughts about this song and that comment (in English and Spanish):I thnk he is saying stop getting comfertable here on this rock! This rock is not our home, we are just passin I think he is saying stop getting comfertable here on this rock! This rock is
  9. And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me (Matthew 25:40 – KJV) And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward (Matthew 10:42 - KJV) I wrote the following, thinking about the perceptions of one who is ministered to by a follower of Jesus. Crumbs from your bread on my lonely lips. I see a Robe too str
  10. A poem about the overflow on the Feast of Pentecost (aka Festival of Weeks or Shevuot), after Peter preached to the 5,000 (Acts 2 NIV): http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Acts%202&version=NIV After the sermon I wept in the room, Hearing tongues a’babbling From streets below: “Never before “Has an army, so sure, “Conquered so quickly “The heart of a Jew!” “That Galilean, “Coarse-handed Kefa*, “Cracked calloused hearts “When he spoke of Yeshua**!”
  11. Isaiah 9:5-8 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah%209:5-8&version=KJV Quiet Zeal of Christmas Christ did not come with the fury of a snowflake, yet above the noise Abba was gentle, to let us hear the pulse of Heaven that tethers Might in the universe. Every battle has the din of confusion, but the Head of Government was sent as a child:
  12. Song of the Magi See we signs up in the sky, Prophecies have come neigh. See we the Babe in manger awake, All our hopes begin to quake. Yearning of ages, Incarnate Lord, By the Spirit in Mary born To shine in hearts of humankind, Morningstar of Grace Divine.
  13. Recently, I read John 3 from the Jubilee Bible 2000: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John+3&version=JUB I wondered what it would have been like to have been one of those baptised by Jesus at the Jordan—and not by John the Baptist. So here are my lyrics, silent folk tune on stand-by, about that: I could have gone to John but went to Jesus. Heard that if I left the louder one there’d be an increase. John said he had to go lower, but he’s a mighty man. Must be something on the inside, more
  14. I so identify with Peter--and just wrote a poem about how Jesus restores him: It may be hard for you to believe, Peter, but that fact that you denied me means nothing, now! Come walk with me down the beach, come, leave John behind. You say you’re overwhelmed, but you’ve reached the wrong conclusion. My love for John is not a dream too high. Besides, he is one brother in a family; You are, too. Ha, do you think I’m blind? Wrap your arms around this thought, my rock: you’re as solid in
  15. Romans 1:20 (NOG version) tells us something about the relationship between God, His creation and our consciences--something each person suspects: From the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly observed in what he made. I wholeheartedly rejoice in what the Scriptures say here, because I experience this confirmation time and time again, as I travel through Western North Carolina, USA. What a beautiful area; it fully attests to the glory of God and that He fully intended to call us into relationship with Him.
  16. I found the needle and it pricked my conscience. Stumbling out of the hay-hill, there was straw in my pockets. Straw in my hair, dust in my eyes and ears. Sun-baked by exposure to this world's air, less comfortable with praise than jeers. Little did I know how life-changing this find would be! Knowing Jesus has been like a city boy smeared in mud while farming. I’m not like a boy, but I am more like a child, dependent on God to call me, even annoy after telling me to run in
  17. I’m starting to talk to You, God, more than I used to. I want to talk, till I forget to “pray”.[a] I speak, think and act to form the idea-words, You have so many more ways to convey. Your presence, Word, conviction, circumstances, people of God and those not in the Way, the leaf that falls and boulders that come crashing , poetry and music: all these say, “Be praised for your greatness in the morning, “through the moments that make up every day!" The smallest “coincidence” is the mortar to hold voices th
  18. Lord, may this early mind awake to your eternal heart, gather in—as I set the table, things I just read from your Word. The just-loosened jar tops, container top snaps, coffee pot washing, a first breath near the window latch: first works while Faith talks again. I re-open the garage door and leave to go into a world of key turns, passwords prompts, desk keys and cabinet locks amidst other souls on whom the dawn of salvation is first breaking or refilling, bringing solace or teasing
  19. Our senses give us a symphony of zeal, no fences, protected in open, green fields. Should I question if You've got my back? You have gifted me to react to however You will, in my senses. Oh sight! You have branded everything set before us, helped us to gawk at the Might of the Lord, and to gaze upon trees running like needles up Appalachian slopes. Jesus, to know that You felt warmth that wool entices, to know that You tasted and smelled the ea
  20. The road through Samaria, it must be my phone line. Daily, I get people who feel cast off, ignored, misinformed, victimized. Along I come. I have healing oil and wine in my journey pack, but they do not see these. So, they complain, lash out, make snide remarks about the "goodness of man" and expect no more from me. What? Shall I, in turn, spew an insult at a fellow traveler? A soft response, or none at all, as I loosen the knot from my pack and lift a prayer
  21. These sentiments are more to the Spirit than mere compliments, we are telling a Holy God we have confidence in His everlasting Love and . . . want to . . . tell . . . Him . . . that . . . we honour Him, that with this life, breath and zeal we will carry Him, we, singing to Rock of Ages, will not relent, and . . . beyond this meeting . . . we . . . will . . . live . . . to honour Him, in these sentiments, with this confidence, and with all that is within us: bless His Name!
  22. A loved one once told me before he died, “I . . . can’t give . . .anything . . .more!” So it happened, and those who were left behind, asked, “Why ?”, our spirits perplexed and sore. Let those who suffer loss answer the question, “What are we still doing here?” It’s to give grace once more to clay’s imperfection, there’s still room if we’re willing to suffer. Iron sharpens iron and clay sticks to clay, as the wheel of God’s will turns and turns. Salvation history has one simple rule, we move in a line as a
  23. Look how the wild flowers grow! They don’t work hard to make their clothes. But I tell you that Solomon with all his wealthwasn’t as well clothed as one of these flowers (Luke 12:27 CEV) Is it any wonder that the flower made God ponder, that the Son would say Another has b’yond petals, all power and thunder (such the glory of the Father!), that He clothes us in the summer, in all seasons, i
  24. Ragamuffin_John


    Moves to his other side, but this dream will not end. Lies upon silk, still haunts the foul darkness. Moods mean nothing, though possessing his own, for deep down, another's possessed by his moan. "Come, Exorcist, "cast me out to myself, "for my spirit is in me, "where You long to dwell! "Three times I am captive--to sin, self "and--this thing! "Open our mouths "to give praise to Thee!" Jerking, tepid waters engulf to the neck, "One more displeasure
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    Based on the account of the two thieves who were crucified alongside Messiah Jesus, Luke 23:32-43 (NIV): Luke 23:32-43 NIV - Two other men, both criminals, were - Bible Gateway Two thieves around that Cross, One of them Had been to the Jordan and . . . through pain He could hear the Immerser shout, “Show fruit that you have repented, “Come now, time is suspended. “Have all . . . your sins washed away” Twisted left, saw the Son The One On Whom fell a Dove a
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