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  1. Brother, I'm glad you are well on your way out the door!
  2. Stories about cowboys where the seeking of justice takes a far backseat to the drama of protagonists riding shotgun over their emotions. I get that there cannot be a dichotomy, but goodness, the cold mountain cowboys need to check into Doc Holliday’s mountain sanitarium when they get Kafka-esque feelings.
  3. News from 500 years ago See the one about Martin Luther
  4. Thank you Donald! (and Jared, for the boost ) My daughters listened to DC Talk, and "Colored People" has always been my favorite. I'm concerned that many believers are politicizing belief and not leaving space for this confession in front of the world, as voiced by Andre Crouch, "Through it all . . . I've learned to trust in Jesus, I've learned to trust in God".
  5. This was an eye-opener: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dQIQrUm8xw
  6. O’dark-thirty. The earlier the better.
  7. (Psalm 119:137-144 Tsade) Before we should faint Lest we contemplate a fall When we are inclined to mere reason Lord, your promises forestall To make our gait of conscience Align with what You have declared For like gold your ways are trusted As authentic as You Are Your Promises already tested Tell us Alpha and Omega Is stronger than our ends and means So, in all sing Hallelujah! Righteous are You Lord And your laws are right Each promise first fiery-forged And holy, tested for our lives
  8. Phillip Sandifer is a multi-talented songwriter who touches on faith and secular themes--and where they intersect, too (he also wrote songs for Disney) A few years, I listened to this song, feeling the vortex of chaos sucking the life out of civility in the society I live. It speaks to me even more now:
  9. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Signed. If she only took stock in the title that the Father has given the Son--and all that it means! "Messiah"
  10. (After reading Mark 4:1-34) Do, so you can know; till a good soil to understand. Tend the Word from parables; get plain truth out of Hand. Spurn tricks that make men eager, while Mercy’s unvarnished sayings pass By the heart calling for our response again. Catch the Wind of God blowing night to day. Rise from the fast of feasting on His food in dreams. Invoke the vow to follow, the same as yesterday, Then bridge into promises carved into the forever of His Way.* __________ * Hebrews 13:8
  11. I wrote a short hymn, after reading Mark 1:40-45 from the King James Authorized Version [bold and brackets are mine], an account about Jesus healing a leper, focusing on the last verse: But he [the leper] went out, and began to publish it much, and to blaze abroad the matter, insomuch that Jesus could no more openly enter into the city, but was without in desert places: and they came to him from every quarter We blaze Thy Name abroad To every corner fill By Thy sweet grace your holy Name As people flock and yield Yield then they must to Thee, These constrained counten
  12. I am a practicing evangelical, but From my very Irish-American Catholic upbringing, I find the desire to destroy the Jesus-statues to be very disturbing. In this sense: Christians earnestly desire that God speak to the world through all means available. Statues, as reminders, can be a convicting reminder to the soul. People who want to destroy these demonstrate a disdain for the devotion of people who value the helpful art.
  13. I’m thinking of visual arts here, and I suppose the theme has been thoroughly discussed. I’m reminded of C.S. Lewis now, about how the idea of beauty from its many angles is a God-given one. It feels awkward to suggest, but there is even beauty among us during this COVID-19 pandemic. Beauty, because God is real and active. I gave the flowery opening to set up the question: Why is the graphic of a hideous virus cell (or whatever it is) so predominantly used to supplement written and visual discussion about the virus? Why can’t there be images of caring, of convalescence, o
  14. At the time, I didn't know it was the Cross, At the time, I didn't know it was the Cross, That the Lamb was made a curse, Took our punishment on earth. At the time, I didn't know it was the Cross. Over time, I heard the message of the Cross, Over time, I heart the message of the Cross, From the preaching of the Word Where holy people lived sincere. Over time, I heard the message of the Cross. Then one time, they pled, "The sinner's prayer repeat!" Then one time, they pled, "The sinner's prayer repeat!" Although it came from simple folk, I saw and heard what God's he
  15. Unfortunately the Supreme Court Chief Justice sided with the majority in a 5-4 vote to give Gov's the right to allow such a thing. Churches seem unfairly singled out in contrast to other groups. Peaceful civil disobedience may be the only way to go before long.
  16. At first I didn’t laugh when Bartholomew joked, “Let’s pull a 'zealot'* carry the packs of these blokes!”** I have been in the riots Romans harshly have quelled, I feel remnants of pain In my mind from their steel. But Yeshua HaMashiach*** commands something more, that I should surrender all angst to His power to render, in the end all things to Him to judge, yet tender my heart to forgive all whom He loves. ___________ * https://www.learnreligions.com/simon-the-zealot-mystery-apostle-701071 **http
  17. I look at my old stuff to recall what was that impetus I felt during that writing. When I rediscover it (and there are always converging reasons), I can react in different ways: consider it a matter for looking back in reflection or take some of that impetus and carry it forward. We not only quote others; we start to quote ourselves, if only internally.
  18. (after reading reading Matthew 10:32 and Matthew 10:38-42) Note: I'm excited that today I'm breaking my COVID fellowship fast to go to my church's early morning service. Excited, because there we receive, behold, gain fresh hope and transition to another phase of "out to the world in His Name". Below, I wrote this to a folk melody/song I have in my head, an imaginary hammered dulcimer clanging in the background: How lucky are we when fellowship sways When we are together While we are together We receive the Son How unlike our former n
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