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  1. To break the power of the hiss, all I have to do is to say, of Jesus, "His"

  2. We all err in many ways, but we are heirs in many ways.

    1. ChristAddict


      Oh oh, what a true saying! I love this!

  3. Hey, Connie. I'm a stone-throw up the road in SC. I enjoy the deeply human and candidly spiritual aspects of your writing. God bless.

    1. c taylor

      c taylor

      thanks, john. same here. God bless.

  4. Thinking about God, my country and the nations through this song . . .  [MEDIA=youtube]8BgIUU2gzVc[/MEDIA]

  5. I enjoyed watching some of the Shillington gigs. UKuleles sound great! Thank you for the 2016 Poetry Challenge.

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